…it is what it is [DOT 12/7/20]

by which I mean abysmally outrageous...

…so…for those who are interested…there both is & was a host of other shit out there in the world that are/were varying degrees of outrageous &/or concerning




…meanwhile…back at the haus of maus


…so…you know…there’s some unpleasant reading








A reader calls on the infectious disease expert to speak up and to resign from the president’s task force.


The Most Dangerous Phase of Trump’s Rule


Mail Carrier in West Virginia Pleads Guilty to Attempted Election Fraud












Zuckerberg Never Fails to Disappoint


Executives with companies including Target, Apple, Google and Facebook warned the president that any actions related to DACA would disrupt the economy and affect the battle against the coronavirus.

…if you look around a bit you might even find that you could find some bits that sound pretty good, even


Will older, socially conservative voters care so much about culture-war issues in the midst of a pandemic?



The Republicans Who Want to Destroy Trump


The Left Is Remaking the World



[…well, it’s good news so long as you’re not #teamasteroid, anyway…it’s not going to take us out]

…& for fucker failson [really? you sure? could have sworn that’s how its made name is spelled] it might just feel like it did…or so one can hope

“guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism” – George Washington

…but let’s face it…there’s a couple of avenues that have got someone’s diaper wadded all the way up…well, maybe three if you include this fifth

…which…to be fair…is hard to miss

…but mainly two wherein a demonstrably criminal enterprise at the heart of which lies the serving president of the continental united states of america continues to assault the systemic components of the machinery of justice & the very concept thereof from all sides in a manner that would likely be impossible were that sagging faced ghoul not choking the very life out of the Senate as a functional compnent of governance & the AG had tasted anything but evidence that he’s been misinterpreting the phrase “kiss the ring” since before he was installed in post

…sadly, not…but also…goddamn right they’re fucking kidding with this shit


…so…fair warning

Doling out victories to both sides, the court led by Chief Justice John Roberts seemed to strive to avoid charges of partisanship.

…this could go on a bit & if you’ve had enough of the roger stone bullshit & (as at least one of you other than me was as recently as yesterday) still trying to wrap your head around the tax returns/supremem court thing…you might prefer to skip it & do something less onerous…like listen to the latest episode of the opening arguments podcast in which they do a much better job of going through the rulings related to that last thing…& if you do you’ll probably notice at least a couple of the things I might get around to mentioning below


The president’s decision to commute Mr. Stone’s sentence continues a pattern of his presidency: granting clemency to friends whose cases resonate with him personally.


…why even call it the law if this bullshit walks?
In Commuting Stone’s Sentence, Trump Goes Where Nixon Would Not
Senator Mitt Romney called the commutation an act of “unprecedented, historic corruption.”







…not that it’s all that new, really

presidents have been handing out pardons & commuting sentences since there have been presidents to produce presidential pardons

…so this isn’t exactly different...but it sure as shit ain’t the same fucking thing, either

For 125 years, the key adviser to the president on clemency has been the Department of Justice’s Office of the Pardon Attorney (PARDON) which normally reviews all requests for pardons.

Based on government data, lawyers, advocates for criminal justice advocates, and former officials from both the White House and the OPA, President Trump has bypassed the OPA, according to a 2020 investigation by The Washington Post. Unlike previous Presidents, President Trump has granted clemency to “well-connected offenders who had not filed petitions with the pardon office or did not meet its requirements.” On February 19, 2020, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy requested information on the process used by President Trump’s in deciding to grant clemency to 11 people on February 18. In response to criticism that he has bypassed the DOJ’s Office of Pardon Attorney, Trump said that he is the “chief law enforcement officer of the country.” Legal experts raised concerns that President Trump was “relying on his personal connections rather than the Justice Department’s established review process for finding convicts deserving of clemency.”[9]


…it’s literally staring us in the fucking face


…so…we know some of this shit


…boy is it ever

…but even so it bears repeating

Americans Must Know if Their President Is a Crook


…& why is it that his financial records are such a big fucking deal…well, lots of reasons…but here’s one to try on for size


…if you have assets & you submit their value to someone for the purposes of obtaining insurance (say on a property) at a suspiciously low price…& then go on to submit a valuation of that same property at more-or-less the same time (i.e. where an actual fluctuation in value is not credible) at a vastly inflated price…that is fraudlent behaviour & straightforwardly illegal whoever the fuck does it


…& as recently as last week even the dubfuck “justice” (who a quarter-century ago argued the exact fucking opposite when he thought it might put bill clinton in the crosshairs) who thought that Congress might be empowered to issue subpoenas but oddly enough was somehow powerless to invoke the things in the expectation that those subpoenaed might answer that summons…even that fucking moron wouldn’t get on board offering up blanket immunity from prosecution to a serving (let alone ex-) president…not when he’s staring down the probable lack of one on his team in the medium-to-longer-than-he’s-got term


…& although they aren’t especially likely to reach us mere mortals this side of November the information Mazars has in that regard should be in the hands of the offices (or at least one officer of) the SDNY…& ultimately Congress several times over…& in the long run that damn well ought to mean he & a godd few of his “associates” should be well & truly fucked in some much deserved ways…so this may not always sound like it doesn’t mean what it should


just like his bail-me-out buddy is now & will be an impeached president well beyond any possible timeframe in which he remains in office…so I’m just gonna leave these here for anyone who missed ’em way back when…or finds that this stuff slipped their mind in the intervening enternity since they dropped

Donald J. Trump with his father, Fred C. Trump, in 1988. An investigation by The Times uncovered dubious financial maneuvers that increased the president’s inherited wealth.


President Trump received today’s equivalent of over $400 million from the real estate empire of his father, Fred C. Trump, whose photograph sits behind him in the Oval Office.


…& honestly between trying to extract some sense from the whole thing & just railing on about the myriad manifestations of motherfuckery involved in every strand of the shoddily-woven fabric of that would-be emperor’s new clothes I could keep going all day & all night & we’d still be here this time tomorrow with everyone that much more sick & tired of listening to me bitch & moan on top of the heaping mountains of bullshit we’re all already navigating…which is potentially the sort of thing that consitutes cruel & unusual punishemnt…so…to put it another way



  1. over 70k cases in a day….starting to look like fauci will be right about his 100k cases per day soon…
    also german research is showing that andibodies kinda go away after a couple months….that doesnt bode well for a vaccine…
    i really shouldnt check the news on a sunday…its not very relaxing…

  2. There are certain things that voters now take for granted that are actually pretty new. Party presidential primaries, for example. In 1960 precisely 10 states had a Democratic primary. It will not surprise New Yorkers that New York was one that didn’t. That same year there were 11 Republican presidential primaries. Again, New York declined.
    Same with releasing Presidential tax returns. This is not to apologize for Trump, who is criminally corrupt and vile, but the first President to release a tax return was Richard Nixon. Suppose, going back to the early 1960s, that Kennedy had. The Kennedy family finances have been…murky, let’s say…since the introduction of the federal income tax in 1913.
    I’m bored and I happen to know a lot of presidential trivia so I can’t help but share.

    • …all of that is not only true but interesting, too

      …of course if I was myo this is the part where I’d suggest to you that if you had some time on your hands there might be a few posts you could spin out of that sort of cloth that might be quite fetching?

      • Maybe! Maybe in the run-up to the conventions, should they be held, I could do something convention-related. The first televised ones were in 1952. I’ve seen parts of the Democratic one. A young Walter Cronkite (he was 35) covered both of them. They were both held in Chicago during a hot, sweaty summer. You can see it in the footage.
        But those were relatively tame affairs. 1952, like 2008 and again in 2016, was odd because no President was up for re-election and no sitting Vice President wanted the job. They went with Eisenhower, who could say no, for the R and IL favorite son Stevenson for the D (finally; that took a while).
        Some of the earlier ones were absolutely brutal and went through a dozen or (many) more ballots, always in the summer, no practicable a/c even after it came to exist. Wacky characters throwing their hat in the ring. Maybe I will do a couple of conventions of the past, one for each party.
        If I did one, do I submit it to someone to get it published as a post, rather than a comment?

        • …if you ask myo he can probably hook you up with the ability to if you happen to lack it but the rough answer is you ought to be able to click the “new post” option (looks like a + sign on a phone screen but would advise doing it on something with a proper keyboard & then it should read “new/new post”

          …if you have any issues uploading images or anything message one of us & we’ll help figure it out but I think at least to begin with you get to push the finished thing to a “pending” category & someone can give it a once over to make sure myo won’t panic because you tagged the categories wrong or anything?

    • The only reason Donald Trump’s tax returns are such a big deal is because Trump made them a big deal but refusing to release them.
      Given how absolutely impervious to political scandal he’s been until literally this fucking year, if he has just released them, whatever blowback he would have seen would be over by now. His steadfast refusal to show them is the only thing keeping it in the news cycle.
      And honestly, I think about the only thing that they’ll reveal that we don’t already know (i.e we all know he’s a craven fraudster who’s in massive debt to Russian oligarchs) is that Trump is nowhere near as rich as he claims. I think that would damage Donald’s pride more than anything criminal that could be revealed, because the only thing keeping the cash flow coming in is stupid idiots giving Donald Trump money in the hopes he can somehow not waste it all.

      • I believe the only reason President Nixon released a tax return (thereby setting a precedent) was this aura of corruption and sleaze that clung to him almost from the moment he entered public life when he ran for Congress. He had to go on TV when it was in its infancy to bat away charges of his wife inappropriately having mink coats via a shady slush fund, the famous “good Republican cloth coat” Checkers speech. 
        Nixon was a lot of things but he wasn’t in it for the money. After he lost the 1960 Presidential election he moved to New York and made a good living as a name partner in a Manhattan law firm. He also spent time plotting his comeback. He was very Trump-y: paranoid, thin-skinned, power-mad, pitting Americans against each other for political purposes, but he never displayed the avarice and naked greed that Trump does with the regularity of the tides. 

        • …strangely enough (in that it’s intrinsically strange rather than because it’s in any way odd that it should be true) pretty much any time you delve in to precedents for the nearest available analogue for any of the plethora of wrongdoings by the alleged administration it turns out uniformly that the wost stuff you can dig up from past presidents still set precedents by which the current exponent of the brand would be adjudged (ironically enough given his dog-whistle antics) beyond the pale?

          • mate…. sometimes…i swear you make your comments difficult to read on purpose ( i mean…i get it…if you got it flaunt it..but damn)
            anyhoo…i do believe what you are saying is that the current regime…is out worsening the previous ones…and thats impressive…

            • …untapped reserves of righteous indignation multiplied by the ravages of a sleep-deprived mind can lead some pretty strange places

              …but…that’s a fair cop guv’?

              …not the purposely difficult to read thing…but yes, they may turn out that way sometimes & I don’t always do a very good job of reeling them back in…sorry about that

      • …I think I saw this previously & thought it deserved a fuller response than I had time to give it…but then I didn’t have time…so I’m inclined to borrow it for tomorrow’s DOT (or at any rate part of it) instead?

  3. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my garage wood working*.
    *I mean building guillotines. How many do you all think we need? Is the symbolism of one enough, or should we roll several heads to get the point across?
    Eat the rich. 

    • I’ve been thinking, maybe we should update the design to include hydraulics, or maybe even make a compact spring-powered version.
      But, that’s a lot more work and resources, it adds complications, makes more points of failure, etc.
      Plus, why mess with a classic?
      And, even if we get some details wrong, or have to go through a few iterations to get a solid working design, I’m okay with that.  The suffering it would cause the billionaires is insignificant compared to the suffering they inflicted on the world.

  4. Someone wrote a song about folks like Tucker 48+ years ago.  Seems appropriate.
    If Tucker can hump every day 10 klicks with a 35 kg rucksack while carrying his freedom stick (AR-15) then he can diss folks who did.

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