It Me…[DOT 27/12/21]

…confused, and full of cheese.

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Tomorrow is my Monday, so I can ease back into a few days of work before the next long weekend.

I put Christmas away at my house on December 26th. I also watched a fair amount of British mysteries. How about you guys?


Fauci says Omicron surge will continue and Americans must not be complacent


Cruise passengers on holiday trip deal with outbreaks: ‘We’re sailing on a petri dish’


Injuries reported in 20-car pileup during whiteout conditions in Nevada

Wants to go viral.
Goes viral.
Internet comes for you… Oh no!

‘Let’s go Brandon’ Santa Tracker caller insists he meant no disrespect to Biden


Desmond Tutu, exuberant apostle of racial justice in South Africa, dies at 90


Have a great day, don’t work too hard.



  1. The photo of the woman with the look-alike doll (her Doppelgänger, and since it is a doll, that would be her Puppedoppelgänger in German) reminds me of a game we could play.

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? In the 90s and early 00s I used to work near the British Consulate and if a nearby newsstand guy saw me he used to get all excited because he thought I was John Major. Why John Major would be walking alone along Third Avenue near the Consulate and not wearing a suit I don’t know.

    John Major is old enough to be my father so I thought this was funny/insulting, but in hindsight, this is, in fact, what I grew to look like, 80% at least, when I got to be in my 40s.

    Since I am a man who’s given up I now most closely resemble Santa Claus, or maybe a dissolute Victorian, chiefly due to pandemic/lessened-mobility weight gain and the fact that shaving fills me with ennui and my ungroomed beard is white.

    • I once dressed up in a bowler hat and tux which fit being a short stocky Asian male with a fu Manchu while my friend dressed as a fat German fellow carrying a gold bar for Halloween .

      I got recognized as Austin Power’s Random Task.

      Sigh. Kids.

    • My mother used to describe the way I look to people as a cross between Leif Garrett and David Lee Roth – thanks Mom!

      Also, people have said I look like Reese Witherspoon – which I don’t.


    • I read this whole story as “John Mayer” and was very confused when I got to this part “John Mayer is old enough to be my father.”

      I’ve been told I look like Mira Sorvino. Maybe in the 90s when she had dark hair (I’m a brunette).

    • I actually met Archbishop Tutu once, and completely by accident. I used to live near the General Theological Seminary. The Seminary is very groovy and ecumenical and vaguely Episcopalian (that’s what it was founded for but like St. John the Divine it’s become a sort of well-meaning sort of spiritual thought center.)

      So within the seminary I had friends. They allowed couples, children (they had a playground on the grounds) dogs, whatever, and my friends were the dog havers. I was walking my dog at the time near the main gates and ran into one of those friends. She told me that Archbishop Desmond Tutu was on the grounds, attending some conference.

      Suddenly there was commotion and my friend said, “Quick, get out of the way!” And there appeared the Archbishop in the most stunning scarlet raiment, surrounded by worthies from the seminary.

      He happened to see my dog and asked me, “And who is this beautiful creature?” all smiles, that smile could have lit the whole seminary. I was struck dumb. So I reflexively bowed a little and said, and I don’t even think this is appropriate, “Your Grace, this is an honor! This is my dog X. She’s very friendly…” He gave her a little sacerdotal pat and the pedestrian caravan moved on.

      • Interestingly enough, the former Desmond Tutu Centre in New York was located just round the corner on 10th Ave. I attended an event there once and later was dismayed to learn it became a hotel tied to the High Line renovation. Yes, I’m a fan of Intelligentsia coffee, but not the MPD-ification of the West Side into Chelsea.

        • In hindsight I think that’s what he might have been there for, actually, the dedication. The seminary had been hemorrhaging money for decades so that hotel was supposed to be for conference-goers but I’m almost sure it was open to the general public. Later, on the 9th Avenue side, they developed a small slice of land and built super-luxe market-rate condominiums. This did not go down well in the neighborhood.

          Oh well, everyone’s gotta hustle to get that coin, even The Very Rev. Michael W. DeLashmutt, Ph.D., Dean and President of the General Theological Seminary.

    • He was the rare social justice warrior who tried to live by what he said, didn’t take himself too seriously and–most importantly–didn’t exclude anyone.  He took a lot of heat for his support for the LGBT community and his criticism of Mbeki for ignoring the AIDS crisis in South Africa, but he didn’t care because taking that road often means getting shit on by your own allies.

  2. “He also insisted: “I love him just like I love any other brother or sister.”



    Why do they get away with this dog shit?

    My family is full of them, fake nice people that think they mask their bullshit with religion.

    I have a gay uncle, except he isn’t gay because…religion….at Thanksgiving he starts going on a rant about the government and masks and fear, and I questioned his religion and the place fear holds, and he completely dismissed it and said his religion is love and understanding (the same religion that won’t let him be him.” It’s just incredibly crazy what religion either does to people, or allows them to do to themselves.

  3. Other than the festive part, I am that cartoon.  Ate way too much cheese & cheese curds, drank too much wine and have been on an all turkey leftover diet for 2 days.  We know some people that went on a cruise over this holiday and my first comment was “fucking idiots!”  Sure enough, they are stranded off the coast of Mexico and nobody will let them off since the Covid outbreaks are out of hand on the ship.  He bragged about free booze on Facebook.  Fucking morons!  It is 16 degrees here and 6″ on snow on the ground and no sign of snowplows, I am not going too far.  I may try to snowboard down some hills but other than that it is just watching the bird wars at the feeders.  I had to put out an emergency backup feeder since we had 6 to 10 birds fighting to get in all day yesterday.

  4. I am sure I am not alone in thinking the Madison Cawthorn divorce story had more to it.  Now we are finding out his “how I met my wife” story is complete bullshit.  I encourage you to read a bunch of these tweets, it sound like he is a fucking Russian asset!


    • …damn…I don’t know which seems worse…that he is in fact paid & was trained…or that they got so good at this that the wannabe-fascist asshole trained himself for free & they didn’t need to do either?

      …also…one of the other threads linked to from that one collates a bunch of stuff about peter thiel & palantir (along with rudy guiliani & the manhattan institute that produced the whole “broken windows” thing) that…well, I don’t really need extra reasons to loathe thiel…but collected together that way…I think it may have managed to make me loathe him more?

    • They’ve gone all in thinking they’re not wrong.

      My sister witnessed some rural anti-mask/anti-vax motherfuckers mounting some Canadian style protest (hint: very passive aggressive) daring anyone to say something about them not wearing masks at a grocery store.


  5. Friends, I almost completely lost my shit at Aldi an hour ago. I left work early because it was so slow and stopped for some groceries for the food pantry.

    This woman has a 5-6 year old kid in a cart screaming fucking bloody murder AND SNEEZING and screaming and SNEEZING and screaming and you bet your fucking asses that kid wasn’t wearing a mask. And I know there are some kiddos and adults that have situations where they simply cannot wear a mask, but guess what, mother also wasn’t masked. Meanwhile another dude an aisle over had a super deep hacking cough situation happening, but at least he had a mask on. Although he had quite a bushy beard, sooooo unsure what all that mask was actually doing.

    I just…. I know this isn’t unique behavior for the last 2 years here. But I have 2 friends waiting test results from breakthrough infections thanks to family bringing sick kids to Christmas celebrations and then admitting the next day when the test results came back that the kid has covid. And I have 3 work friends who are currently miserable but at least almost over the covid they came down with before Christmas.

    Arhghghghghgh this is why we can’t have nice things. This is going to be a huge spreading week and I know I’m just hypersensitive right now because I’m worried about friends.

    • I try not to be racist but today made me hate Russians!  I ran into multiple nonmask wearing, entitled fuckheads.  These two ladies were letting their kids touch all the vegetables & nobody wearing a mask or giving a shit.  Then another Russian dude being an asshole at the gas station. Fuck these people! I have not met any Russians that were not abrasive assholes.  I feel bad saying & feeling this way but maybe they just don’t make it to our area?

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