It Might Be Monday… [DOT 20/6/22]

…but I have the day off so it’ll feel like Sunday. Just gotta keep the Sunday Scaries away.

I had a lovely birthday weekend and I hope you all had a great weekend as well. Amazing weather here in the DMV.

Not sure what is going on in the outside world, but I’ll do my best…


Sounds about right.

GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming

The Stonk Market is closed today.

Fed’s interest rate hikes may mark start of tough new economic climate

Relief for parents of littles on the way…

Children as young as 6 months eligible for Covid shots in U.S., vaccinations to begin Tuesday

Thanks I love it.

An anonymous letter called her yard ‘relentlessly gay.’ She raised $28,000 to be even more relentless.

Have a great day!



  1. In Dancin’ Dad’s defense, that song is awfully hard to dance to. His companions on the dancefloor aren’t making a much better go of it. I think the only way you could “dance” to it is to be squeezed in a large crowd and kind of hop up and down to the beat.

    Here is some interesting news out of Frantz:

    ‘Murica won’t be the only country dealing with executive/legislative gridlock. And of the three Parliamentary parties, the far-right, the center-right, and the left, the left is itself a coalition of three parties/movements, to add to the fun.

  2. On the rec of several people on Brain Drain, I watched Ms. Marvel and agree that it’s huge fun. Which is why it scared enough people to be the subject of stupid troll attacks. Rotten Tomatoes reacted by deleting 50,000 negative reviews.

    Racists and sexists are commonly cited, and I’m sure that’s true. I’m also wondering, though, if people in the Modi orbit are also a big factor. Positive Pakistani and Muslim vibes must strike a nerve.

    At any rate, watch it. It’s only had two episodes and could end up in a CGI sludge final battle like Marvel tends to do, but so far the direction and writing have been a joy, and the lead actress Iman Vellani is tremendously winning.


    • …I’m not sure…& likely only have a rudimentary sense of how to ascertain…if the modi connection is something that’s played a part in the attempts to astroturf an appearance of ms marvel being poorly received by audiences

      …but the method & at least some of the sources of those coordinated bad reviews are very much a repurposed/redirected playbook that has cycled through other attempts to deride a collection of other properties in what can only be described as a serial fashion…so I think its roots are like in the detestable tradition of gamergate &/or the sad puppies thing with the hugo awards one year

      …in any case they mostly seem to be the same assholes that didn’t like girls & people who aren’t pale enough being in star wars…or anything-at-all about captain marvel…or frankly too long a list of things they’ve pulled the same shit over with depressing & predictable regularity…so I hadn’t thought about whether they might have got a boost from the indian establishment this time around?

      • I am making the Modi connection on a guess, but it’s the kind of thing that his people have done a lot. It’s a basic part of their toolkit and it’s gotten so streamlined that 50,000 bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes might involve nothing more than $10,000 to an IT operation in Mumbai.

        One thing that’s interesting to me is that Marvel is marketing in Pakistan — they’re putting together a version of the TV episodes of Ms. Marvel for theaters there, presumably for people who can’t stream to big screen TVs. That seems like the kind of thing that would get the fundies in India upset. But who knows what part they’re playing.

        It’s possible that Muslim fundies are involved — the stuff in the show about discrimination against women and organizing for change could raise hackles. But it’s also possible that’s an area where Christian, Muslim and Hindu fundies decide to make common cause — anything which suggests even a moderate message of empowered women organizing for peaceful change is something they all agree is a huge problem.

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