It’s a Sitch [DOT 28/8/20]

Gosh, remember back in February when I introduced you to one of my favorite phrases: What’s the sitch?

The general sitch is so much worse now! I know some of you doomsayers have everything that is going on stamped on your bingo cards. I won’t name names but they rhyme with Tip and Byo.

I’ve tried to put some good stuff at the end of the DOT, so please hang in there.

What’s your sitch? How’s your Friday?

The more I read about this kid the more infuriated I become.

17-year-old charged with homicide after shooting during Kenosha protests, authorities say

Teen charged in killings of BLM protesters considered himself a militia member

Ummm, where do they think he’s going to go?

Jacob Blake, who remains hospitalized after sustaining multiple injuries, is now handcuffed to his bed, his family said.
Blake’s uncle told CNN on Thursday that Blake’s father visited the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin hospital where his son is recovering from at least one surgery.

Boys will be boys…

The Progressive New Face of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Aaron Coleman committed revenge porn at age 12. Now he’s 19, and wants a second chance.

Remember just over 2 weeks ago (Aug. 11) when I made a crack about “Dying to see [checks notes] Smashmouth? Oh hell no”?

I expect to make a similar comment about 2 weeks from now, given the mask-less MAGAs sitting on top of each other at Trump’s speech.

Those who attended first lady Melania Trump’s speech in the White House Rose Garden that capped the second night of the Republican National Convention were not required to get tested for coronavirus, a person who attended the speech told CNN.


Tour de France in doubt after Covid red alert issued before Grand Départ in Nice

The walls are closing in on Daniel Snyder, and his tone-deaf response made things worse

NBA players set a new standard of civil disobedience. Now there’s no going back.

Is it dusty in here or is it just me?

A couple was shamed for their aging house. Hundreds of people stepped in to help spruce it up.

Or maybe someone is chopping onions?

Have a great Friday everyone!



  1. awww…i was kinda looking forward to the tour…i dont exactly follow it…but i always have it on..its kinda soothing as background noise
    guess it wont be too surprising if it does get cancelled tho…seems like everyday more places get added to code orange or have mandatory quarantine for travelers lately….gonna be a fun flu season at this rate

    • You mean the Tour de France and not Smash Mouth, right? JK! When did the dude from Smash Mouth turn into Guy Fieri? I can’t tell if they’re gonna play music or take us to Flavortown.

        • I don’t know which comedian it was, but they remarked on the fact that tons of people seemed to hate Guy Fieri for no other reason than the fact that he’s living his dream.
          I like Guy Fieri. If I still had cable I’d be watching the hell out of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

          • Guy Fieri recently revealed on TMZ Live that he has raised $20 million for a relief fund that will aid restaurant workers. He explained that he was able to do so by joining forces with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Together, they were able to form the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund…

  2. I don’t even think the Republicans wanted anyone to watch Trump speak.
    The speech started at like 10:30 and then droned on for approximately 100 hundred years, as Trump desperately clung to the podium. Anyone who tuned in waiting to be riled up and horrified probably got bored by minute 45, as Trump rehashed the same tired ass talking points he always has. I pointed out how dead Trump seemed when he is forced to read off a teleprompter and this proved it. 
    I’ma guess the ratings for last night started off good and then fell off a fucking cliff as people realized it was damn near midnight and Trump still hadn’t gotten around to whatever the fuck his point was supposed to be.

  3. “The Progressive New Face of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Aaron Coleman committed revenge porn at age 12. Now he’s 19, and wants a second chance.”
    Well, he is from Kansas.  The only real Liberal there is the city.

    • Yeah, I saw that and thought it was funny to say at age 19, “At 14 I was young and stupid.”  Give it a few more years, kid.  Looking back, I was young and stupid until I hit about 30.

      • I remember being in my early 20’s and hearing a friend who was probably in her 30’s saying that you couldn’t pay her to be younger than 25 again.  At the time it made no sense to me.  By the time I was in my mid-30’s it made perfect sense.

        • My friend Jake told me at work one day when I was…maybe 21-ish?… that I should start working out and eating right because it all goes downhill when you hit 25. I think I just laughed it off and ignored it, in the same way that I ignored Jake telling me how great Bobby Brown and New Edition were.
          He was right on both counts, and I now pass at least the “you can’t eat a 20 Piece McNugget and French Fries and a Large Coke and stay skinny forever” talking points to everyone younger than me.
          By the way, here’s Jake’s band.


          • …for me it was the show red dwarf…an episode of which included the following 

            When you’re younger you can eat what you like, drink what you like and still climb into your 26 inch waist trousers and zip them closed. Then you reach that age — 24, 25 — your muscles give up they wave a little white flag and then without any warning at all, you’re suddenly a fat bastard.

            …although a lot of people just thought it came from the intro to a song by a band who called themselves carter & the unstoppable sex machine

  4. re: kyle rittenhouse
    look at that pic taken after he shot 3 people. he was next to 3 police cars, having his big ar15 strapped on his chest:

    again, that pic was taken after he shot 3 people. he was next to 3 police cars, having his big ar15 strapped on his chest. how many bullets would the police have implanted on him if he was black? I’ll go with 50.

    EDIT: oh yes, he was allowed to leave the scene, leave the state, and was arrested only after he got back home in IL
    you can see a detailed 90 second breakdown of his actions from a cnn reporter at the 6:30 point:

  5. a month?

    Extradition hearing for Antioch teen charged in Kenosha shootings delayed a month

    An extradition hearing for the teenager charged in connection with two fatal shootings and the wounding of another man during the Kenosha protests has been postponed for a month so his family can hire a private attorney.

    Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, is due back in court at 9 a.m. Sept. 25. …

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