…it’s a whole thing [DOT 3/8/20]

what'cha gonna do...

…somehow it’s monday, already


…I mean


…it may not always be seven days since last wednesday [steel] but it’s the regular time for a monday to turn up…I mean more in the sense of “hey – enough, already”

Why Did Hong Kong Delay Its Election — by a Year?


Millions of dollars of Paycheck Protection Program loans went to China-backed businesses in critical sectors, a study found.





…case in point

Kayleigh McEnany Heckles the Press. Is That All?

…since you ask…no…no it fucking isn’t…”all” is not in your remit…”all” is not a thing that can be covered in the WHite House press briefing room without so much as nominal president in attendance…& these days even the one of those that’s still festering on the shelf couldn’t begin to cover the barest outline sketch of “all” if a roomful of GOP Senators & Bill Barr burrowed their way right up his ass & worked his sorry carcass like a marionette



States like Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin are riding a frustrating seesaw during the pandemic, with new coronavirus cases rising again after apparent progress.
Birx Says U.S. Epidemic Is in a ‘New Phase’


…for about three & some years in fact the briefings given by this “tough cookie™” & her infamous predecessors have astonished primarily by dint of their complete & slavish adherance to the principle that as little of “all” be so much as referenced as can be contrived…however shamelessly such contrivance may appear to involve repeatedly showing their ass


The coronavirus had entrenched itself in communities from Pensacola to Key West, killing more than 7,000 Floridians. Then came Tropical Storm Isaias.


What Back to School Might Look Like in the Age of Covid-19



Pollution Is Killing Black Americans. This Community Fought Back.
Corruption scandals in Ohio and Illinois reveal an unsavory underside to the politics of energy.
The polarizing former sheriff of Maricopa County, a stylistic doppelgänger to President Trump, is running for his old office in a state where approval of both men has slid.


…& just think…if you can figure out all this from some beehives & one burnt old building

Paris Beehives Trace Notre-Dame’s Toxic Fallout

…how many of those cathedrals could you fit in *checks notes* 20,000 acres, do you think?

The wildfire, near the San Bernardino National Forest east of Los Angeles, was burning out of control on Sunday morning.


…what’s the betting you can learn a lot about WASPs from their honey, too[…yes, I know…not a Protestant…but maybe in my head that’s not what the P stands for?]

Deutsche Bank Opens Review Into Personal Banker to Trump and Kushner

…& while we’re on the subject of foreign seeds of dubious origin

U.S. Identifies Some of the Mysterious Seeds Mailed From China

…it’s probably a tenuous link from botany to biology & thus from “made in china seeds to arguably the scion of “the modern synthesis” but…& I’d argue don’t be put off reading the thing on account of it…only…you don’t come across the phrase “a horse splashes” often…& even less so in the sense Haldane intended it

British biologist J. B. S. Haldane. In England, Haldane was a scientific celebrity as famous as Einstein. One of his contemporaries called him “the last man who might know all there was to be known.” But he lived a life of epic suffering, much of it self-inflicted, and the political dimension of his story speaks to the pain that we are living through now.

…mind you this might make up for that line about horses…sort of

How do prey animals stay safe in a world out to get them? And how would I?

…& anyway that inheritance business can be tricky

Elizabeth Warren’s Journey on Race Is a Preview of Her Party’s

…although arguably this might be just as much on the lady’s mind

100 Years of Voting Hasn’t Done What We Thought It Would

…some things are hard to follow but ultimately for some they remain harder still to avoid









…& you know what…this one they most likely won’t get to call anytime quick

We may not know the results for days, and maybe weeks. So it’s time to rethink “election night.”

…so while we wait…let’s practice the chorus line…”fuck you, Bill Barr…& the horse’s ass you rode in on”


…because if anyone missed the memo on this one…just to be clear


…& I quote

“Barr would fire Barr if he were any other Justice Department lawyer”

…seriously…fuck that dude…& not in an everybody’s-having-a-nice-time kind of a way…still…that’s enough “doom-scrolling”


…so I guess now we know what they call the end result of me trawling for links among the headlines…not to mention there’s more’n one kind of doom-scrollin’ to be done in the shiftless bounty of the internets

…wait…shit…monday…right…monday…to early to be down & out…need to be ready for the lovely ruby (…& now I want to go watch larry miller do that 5 levels of drinking bit…weekdays are so inconvenient)

…sigh…I guess maybe I am a grown up…because I certainly feel old some days [with thanks to EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme]

…do read the whole thread…there’s a fair chance it’ll make you feel better than anything that came before it?


  1. Jennifer Rubin fails to grasp that she was part of the cause that lead to the Trump Administration (effect /fart noise, Price is Right Loser Horn/).
    Her constant denials of reality and shitting on Obama/Clinton based the lie of Benghazi (as opposed to other genuine reasons which she is actually supportive of) makes her much of an accomplice/enabler as ONAN or Faux.
    This is where my issues with Never Trumpers begin.  They fucking created this hell and now they’re trying to avoid the cruel fate of history’s judgement.
    They own Trump as much as any true believer/moron does.

    • Yuuuuuup they’re in it to save some heroic Republican Party that’s a complete figment of their imagination.

      It’s gonna be a real fun cognitive surprise for them when they launch a three-year campaign to get some “respectable” ghoul on the ballot in 2024 and Tucker Carlson wins Iowa with 87% of the vote on his “Send Them Back to Africa” platform.

      • With Biden as president, reaching across what is left of the “aisle”, “send them back to Africa” might be the centrist platform the Republicans have been dragging the Dems toward for the past three decades by the time 2024 rolls around.

        “Reparations? A free boat ride home! Vote DNC.”

        • …if Dolt45 is the natural product of the GOP project combined with a fucked up reaction to the election of Obama twice then it’s true that I dread to think what their reaction to the Dem reaction…even if the latter is as arguably inoffensive as Biden

    • …which was why I thought I ought to admit that I only found it because it was kindly dropped off on yesterday’s DOT

      …always nice to think the kids are alright…particularly if you’re old enough to think that’s a reference to the who & not some sort of TV thing?

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