It’s All A Blur [DOT 14/5/20]

I went into my office yesterday for the second time in two months. I have a couple of takeaways from my venture outside the parapets:

  1. Everyone has forgotten how to drive, myself included
  2. My plants hate me, and they all are THRIVING without me there
  3. I am waaaay more productive at the office than at home, boo

My state is opening up more, but my county is not yet, so I’ll be working unproductively from home for the time being. It was nice to get out today, but weird.

Since I was working so hard yesterday, I’m not entirely sure what is going on in the world, but I’ll try and give you the big picture below.

Am I supposed to be payiing attention to this?

Trump deepens ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy theory with Biden unmasking move

Mr. McGee wants to move to Wisconsin; I refuse.

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down governor’s extension of stay-at-home order

President Donald Trump voiced frustration Wednesday at the nation’s top infectious disease specialist after he warned a day earlier against reopening schools and businesses too quickly.

I’m sure Rip already mentioned this somewhere, but seriously?

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort released to home confinement amid coronavirus concerns

Re: Stonks

Cramer’s a hack. Don’t listen to anything he says.

Other market news:

Stock futures rise as Wall Street tries to curb the latest wave of selling

The Irish are repaying a favor from 173 years ago in Native Americans’ fight against coronavirus

Here’s a few good Tweets:

Put the goats in charge!

This made me laugh a lot; ladies you know what I’m talking about. Highly recommend you check out the entire thread.

Have a great Blursday!



  1. “Obamagate” isn’t a conspiracy theory, and I wish everybody would stop using that term. A “conspiracy theory” is an alternative, nefarious explanation for something that actually happened, e.g., the CIA assassinated JFK because reasons. “Obamagate” is a complete fabrication, which is why Trump “has struggled to articulate” it, per the Guardian article.

  2. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said: “I am greatly disturbed by the shocking information my office received today that gives a window into possible abuses of power motivated by political decisions …

    Thank you for never turning a blind eye and taking abuses of power motivated by political decisions seriously, senator. Your true colours escape the event horizon of the black hole that is corruption and shine through to enlighten us mere mortals every day.

  3. I was doing pretty well on at-home productivity until this last week. I vastly prefer going to work, but I was making it work. My company announced layoffs last week and even though I’m not in the crosshairs, I’m finding it harder to focus. Our office isn’t reopening until June, so I have to suck it up.

  4. Yesterday I listened to 4 hours of insanity at the county commissioner level during a streamed meeting. Keep in mind that as per Johns Hopkins, compared to the nation our state is 6.3 higher and our county is 10.4 higher re virus deaths and our Democratic governor is keeping stuff closed.
    1) The two Republican county commissioners broke ranks with the Democrat and sent the governor a letter saying they were going to open the county tomorrow, you can’t stop us, na na nananana.
    2) They have a plan for testing and masks . . . but have NOT ordered either yet. Opening tomorrow, yes?
    3) I understand that people want/need to work. But they also need safe childcare and working conditions? Hmmm no plan for that.
    4) Elderly folks are vulnerable as are those in healthcare settings – hmmm – no plan for that, or line item for that in the budget.
    Oh wait – not a budget, more of a guide, can’t hold us accountable.
    5) Democrat’s head kept exploding, that was fun.
    6) Best lines from the Democrat regarding the campaign to announce local business loans: 1.”I don’t think we need to spend $100,000 in swag, pens, mugs, and pins to announce the loan”, and 2.”I don’t think the photos of anyone running for re-election should be on the marketing items, flyers, etc.” Both were met with Republican consternation.
    Strange world we live in. Very local politics is wild.

  5. “Mr. McGee wants to move to Wisconsin; I refuse.”

    Come to MN! We have all the cheese and lakes, with trees, and better governance!😉😁

    (Just don’t tell him about our taxes in comparison… but DO remember–better services, because of those higher taxes, *AND* better governance!)

  6. I think I could live in Minnesota. I like a good fish fry and having read about “hot dish” over the last three or four years I would make one three or four times a week. Our dog would love it. He’s a black Lab with no undercoat but the colder it is the more he likes it. My husband is skeptical. “But there are no black people in MN.” “Nonsense. Prince was from there. Ilhan Omar–” “She was a Somali refugee. Her family didn’t exactly show up 150 years ago like ‘Little House on the Prairie’.”

    “Think about it. ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ For what this apartment is worth we could buy the whole Victorian and…” “You know that was fiction, right?”

    “Bob Dylan is from Minnesota. He’s Jewish, did you know that? His real name is Bob Zimmerman.”

    “We’re not Jewish.”

    “We could root for the Vikings!”

    “What are the Vikings?”

    “I’m not sure. A baseball team I think. Or maybe football.”

    “Why don’t we focus on today and think about MN later, huh?”

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