It’s Almost Friday! [NOT 13/1/22]

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? Anything you want to chat about here?

My brain is toast. There was a car driving the wrong way on the highway exit when I was coming home so that was fun to play frogger around. Ahh, Missouri.



  1. My street ends at a one way road, and it’s not uncommon over the years to see cars turn the wrong way, wait a few beats, and then hear frantic honking, then wait a bit longer and see the wrong way car finally steam down the road going the right way.

    The one way sign is obvious, from the way cars are parked it’s clear which direction the road goes, and there is of course no yellow line down the middle which there would be if it was a two way road. But people still do it. Fortunately it’s a tiny percentage.

  2. Well, it could’ve been worse. You could’ve been down in Franklin County and gotten hit by that wrong-way drunk driver who was about to plead to a misdemeanor for being at the Capitol and sporting Nancy Pelosi’s broken name sign. (Man, the details there just go from bad to worse, don’t they?)

    • Right!

      In this case, it looked to be an old person who should not still be driving. Not a whackjob insurrectionist drunk driver.

      • This seems a bit ageist. The ability to drive should be based on ability, not age…not to mention the fact that a lot of the whackjob insurrectionist drunk drivers into peaceful protesters are old as fuck.

        • You say that, but definitely have seen super old people driving horribly while chewing on some of their fingers before. Just sayin.

          • Dermatophagia typically begins at a very young age and/or after a tragic event…don’t ask me how I know…and does not affect one’s ability to drive…some even as fast as they can whilst screaming internally at everyone else (who are NOT normal) who in no way deserve to be on the road because they are idiots…not old…it just turns out that most people are idiots and a lot of people are old.

          • Man, it’s Florida day here on Deadsplinter. We have a serious problem with elderly drivers who have vision and hearing loss. Enforcement is woefully lax, and largely falls to adult children who have to confront elderly parents and take keys and car away (I did it to my mom — thanks, siblings!)

            The problem is exacerbated by the utter lack of public transportation. That means the old person must move into some sort of elder living facility or have family/resources to make arrangements for grocery store and doctor trips.

            In a practical sense, you find 1. medical professionals who won’t address the problem and 2. children who won’t address the problem and 3. elderly who have had licenses removed but still drive and 4. dead people. Anecdotally, the dead people are typically the younger ones involved in the accident because old people drive REALLY BIG BIG CARS.

            An old woman near here plowed into a car sitting at a stoplight at nearly 60 mph with an monster Pontiac and murdered a family of four some years ago. Never saw them, never saw the stoplight, didn’t even attempt to stop or slow down. I told my mom that story when I took her keys away. She tried to tell me “I don’t care if I get killed” and I told her that wasn’t the point. The point was the family of four who got slaughtered. She handed me the keys.

            We’re about to go through it with my mother-in-law. She and my late father-in-law never made any sort of retirement plans or arrangements, she’s still driving, and her eye doctor has put her on notice that he’s going to pull her license if she can’t pass a vision test this month. She refuses to move to adult living because “everybody there is old” (she’s 87 and older than all of them) and swears “she’ll just drive anyway.” She also doesn’t have money to pay for senior living for more than a few months.

            No, we don’t have a plan yet.

  3. I’m more interested in the excerpt…but perhaps it was the Kansas GOP Senate Majority Leader playing Wizard of Oz and trying to get back to Kansas?

  4. Got the booster.  Was hoping to win the jackpot (whatever that is) with 3 Pfizers, but ended up with the Moderna booster shot instead.

    Dragging ass now.  Very sleepy and my arm is sore.

    • Congrats on being triple vaxxed!

    • I’m due for my tetanus booster which I’ve been putting off, technically to avoid conflicting with Covid and flu shots, but I’ve got those crossed off so I guess I’ve run out of excuses.

      • If you get a TDAP booster instead of just the tetanus one, it made my arm hurt for a few days. Luckily it’s every 10 years so I will not remember how painful it was in 7 years when I’m due for the next booster. Also no where near as painful as the HPV vaccine shots, which were holy fuck the most painful shots I’ve had.

        • I’m pretty sure there’s cold tar in the HPV shots. I got lightheaded after the 2nd one.

          • Right?

            I had a sore fucking knot in my arm for 3 weeks after the third shot.

  5. I was told we would have self driving cars by now & I could just pass out in the back seat & have SiRI wake me in my driveway!  I want a fucking refund!!!!

  6. day went fine…i have a special needs co worker that really really loves his job….so much so that when he learnt his housing facility went on lock down coz of a rona outbreak he broke out to get to work lol

    he lasted 2 hours before getting told he cant stay…tho..he is now in lockdown at his parents home instead of the home…which i assume is an improvement…

    i do feel for the dude tho…i think we are his social outlet and this is his second time getting locked up coz other people have rona

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