It’s Freaking DECEMBER? [DOT 1/12/2021]

I’m sorry, how is that even possible? Apparently I’m not the only one.

UGH ‘merica why you gotta ‘merica so hard?

Michigan school shooting leaves three students dead and eight wounded


CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely

Good job NYC!

This is – I don’t even know a strong enough word for this – Disgusting. Appalling.

They trusted a coach with their girls and Ivy League ambitions. Now he’s accused of sex abuse.

Things could be getting interesting in Maryland.

Ew, no.

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz set to run for US Senate as Republican

Birb Content!

Which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder? A massive data analysis reveals the answer.

This guy is so cute!

Hope you have a great day!



  1. I wonder what Chris Cuomo’s wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, thinks about all this. Losing a $6 million no-heavy-lifting gig and for what? A sane person would have kept a polite and vaguely supportive distance from one of the most despised men in New York State, like sister Maria (Mrs. Kenneth Cole.) But oh no, Chris had to go all-in.

    Cristina must be especially aggrieved because she herself has been working a long con for decades. When Chris and Cris got married 20 years ago she was the editor of Gotham Magazine, an upscale compendium of advertorials delivered free to every apartment in certain Manhattan zip codes (we used to get it when we lived downtown.) It is a Jason Binn production, but he need not concern us here, speaking of grifters on the make. I don’t think it still prints but it’s still online.

    Since her marriage and now with three kids, including a son imaginatively named Mario, Cris now describes herself on her insta as:

    Cristina Cuomo. Editor. mother of 3 | wife | wellness worshiper |founder of health+wellness platform PURIST #thepurist @thepurist

    Uh huh. Her parents Rainer and Regina were spotted over the summer at a Hamptons fundraiser for Lee Zeldin, the probable Republican candidate for Governor, who announced his run before Handsy was run out of Albany on a rail. So the Greevens are supporters of the person who wanted to send their daughter’s brother-in-law packing before the Attorney General got there first.

    Now all I need to know is where everyone in this extended clan was for Thanksgiving.

    • I’ve never been all that sure what a Chris Cuomo brings to the table. A genial white guy with good connections, sure, but those are a dime a dozen on cable — Cuomo isn’t even as old money as Anderson Cooper or Tucker Carlson — and he routinely got routed in the ratings. Now he’s a flat-out embarrassment for the network and at the same time is replaceable by literally anyone halfway decent at TV. And yet: Suspended!

      Oh to have the power to get unlimited chances in life!

      • I think with Big Brother out of the Executive Mansion life just tore up his winning Powerball ticket. I’m willing to believe his unpaid suspension will last as long as his and CNN’s lawyers take to come up with a number to pay him to go away. I think Chris recently signed a multiyear (or at least 2- or 3-year) contract. Ooops.

        • For sure, it’s a holding pattern. At the same time: CNN likes to keep up the pretense that it’s “journalism” and any journalist anywhere — even on TV — would tell you that Cuomo should have been shitcanned a long time ago for violating any number of basic ethical rules before all this even came out. So why wouldn’t CNN just pay him to go away now that he’s a full-on pariah?

          The other thing is: Does CNN spend a lot of time talking NY politics? I feel like the answer is probably no, outside of Pandemic Times, which again re-raises my “Why Chris Cuomo?” question.

          • I think it’s becoming clear that Cuomo’s (Handsy’s, not Fredo’s) influence was seemingly everywhere in New York, especially with de Blasio neutered practically the day he took office. Alphonso David owed his job to Andrew Cuomo, who seems to have rung up the Human Rights Campaign and said, “Pick him.” I’m sure Dani Lever at Facebook owes her job to Cuomo, Facebook’s thinking being, “So many government officials hate us, maybe we can hold her hostage and at least Cuomo won’t turn his wrath on us.” Who knows what tax abatements, incentives, whatever, CNN relies on to have their setup at Columbus Circle. With Cuomo as the Supreme Leader, he’s the one you don’t want to piss off, and his petty vindictiveness seems to have been on a scale not measurable by human science.

            • Both Cuomos are also really well plugged into the NYC media world, which is a weirdly insular self-reinforcing world. CNN head Jeff Zucker is a part of that world going back to his days as a producer of The Today Show and through his disasterous run heading up NBC.

              Before Zucker covered up Chris Cuomo’s violations he launched The Apprentice for Trump and ran cover for Matt Lauer on Today, later claiming he had no idea there was even a hint of trouble at either show, which if it was somehow true speaks a different kind of evil about Zucker. Lauer and Zucker appear to have remained friends even after:


              I think once these people reach a certain level of awfulness they all cover for one another, and the cover becomes its own form of compromise. It would be nice if for once the pressure forced a real accounting for Zucker, although I suspect he’s not at a Cuomo level of corporate embarassment yet.

            • That high school rowing coach isn’t the only recent case in the sport — the US national team dumped head coach Mike Teti this summer for abusive behavior.


              He’s been a disaster for a long time, but US Olympic teams have a long, troubled history of coddling and retaining abusive coaches and other employees, so it’s not surprising that he’s lasted so long.

              In some ways he’s a lot like Andrew and Chris Cuomo — he’s a guy who was successful at a lower level against mediocre competition but against Olympic level competition he wasn’t particularly good. But the power structure is more interested in a guy who meets their baseline sense of what a leader should be than someone who is a breakout success against top flight competitors.

    • … she was the editor of Gotham Magazine, an upscale compendium of advertorials delivered free to every apartment in certain Manhattan zip codes (we used to get it when we lived downtown.)

      Hehehe. I used to receive it when I lived near Astor Place. Adverts galore + boring-looking party photos with the latest socialites du jour and, for some reason, tons of appearances by Blaine Trump.

  2. It’s still April in my heart.

  3. Ugh. How many times do we have to watch this Shipley scenario play out? “Winning coach takes advantage of athletes.” Repeat ad nauseum. And while the behavior is horrific, the ongoing pattern of people being ignored for years is the true root of the problem.

  4. Biden has made massive cuts in drone strikes, bombing raids and artillery attacks:

    Scroll through these charts and you see something right away — the number of attacks jumped in place after place from Obama to Trump, and have dropped to almost nothing in Biden’s first year.

    On top of ending the war in Afghanistan, Biden has made a night and day change in US military policy, but none of the supposedly savvy US press has seen a trend that is right in front of them. They can only see what their sources tell them to see.

    • And post-left deadenders are still like “ACTUALLY TRUMP WAS THE PEACE CANDIDATE” … god, Greenwald is such a piece of shit.

  5. Sometimes you just got to leave an honest review…

    and who knew even Newsmax can tell the truth once in awhile?

    December couldn’t come fast enough for the PNW after the wettest November ever.

  6. Today in play stupid games, win stupid prizes:

    “Marcus Lamb, founder of the large Christian network Daystar, died Tuesday after contracting the coronavirus. Lamb’s network during the pandemic has made the virus a huge focus, calling it a satanic attack that should not be treated with vaccines. He was 64 years old.

  7. I have to side-eye that birb article a little. Yes, turkeys and hummingbirds are aggressive, but they don’t typically eat from the same bird feeder. My dad has a regular feeder, a thistle feeder, a suet cake, a in the summer a hummingbird feeder. The thistle attracts goldfinch, the suet attracts all the woodpeckers and eat upside down types. I *only* have regular seed and a hummingbird feeder and get no goldfinch or woodpeckers. And the ducks that show up have never been interested in birdseed, and the doves don’t eat from the feeder so they aren’t competing with the same birds.

    • I had a similar reaction to it, but I think it’s worth it for that first graphic chart. It very much confirms my own observations with regard to who’s the feeder bully. But you are right about that 5-page ranking chart.

      It also had what I want to call the biology quote of the year.

      “If it’s the middle of the winter and you’re a little chickadee barely scraping by — you’re smaller than a couple fingers balled up and it’s 10 degrees outside — the last thing you want is to get blasted by a woodpecker with its bill,” Miller said. “It’s just gonna suck.”

    • We never have crows try to go to our feeders but they definitely bully all the other birds, especially raptors in my area.  While hummingbirds use a different feeder, they give no fucks about chasing bigger birds out of the area.  They will even hover in my face to intimidate me if I am near the feeders even though I am filling the feeders you ungrateful bastards!  My wife had a turkey chase her into her car at a farm we were visiting, scary for her but hilarious for me and the daughters.  The finch/junco dynamic was right on though.

      • When I briefly lived in the country my neighbors turkeys would come over to our yard to chase us. But my toddler daughter loved seeing them anyway.

        • the kiddie farm near my house used to have an ostrich

          every morning when i cycled past it would run up to the fence and hiss and snap at me…..i ofcourse happily hissed and snapped back and never got too close to the fence i was very happy to have between us

          that was one big angry birb

          • ostriches are terrifying!


            • kinda making me think ostriches do not like bicycles…always kinda figured it was the noise from my gears that set it off….well that and me coming past early enough to wake it

      • Yeah I’ve seen hummingbirds chase birds away from the feeder they don’t even eat from 😂😂

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