It’s Groundhog Day! [DOT 02/02/2020]

I had to ask a friend who used to work at the Punxsutawney Spirit whether or not it was really called ‘Gobblers Knob’. #TrueStory
“Once again, the eyes of the nation have turned here to this… tiny village in western Pennsylvania. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

I learned a lot here:
Did you know Groundhog Day ‘rhymes with’:
If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Come, Winter, have another flight;
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Go Winter, and come not again.

But the Germans added the rodent aspect and then brought it to the knobs *hills* of Pennsylvania.


It’s Palindrome Day!
“It’s the only date this century that reads the same backward and forward around the world…”

What time is the Super Bowl?

You want a prediction about the weather? You’re asking the wrong Phil. I’m going to give you a prediction about this winter? It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be dark and it’s going to last you for the rest of your lives!

Phil, in Groundhog Day

It’s going to be cold:

It’s going to be dark:

It’s going to last you for the rest of your lives:

Lastly, is this what qualifies as NSFW these days?



  1. …it says a lot that one of the more ironic aspects of Boris’ bloody stupid “speech” that guardian piece quotes is that while obviously being characteristically full of shit it’s more accurately one of those rare occasions when the cliche version would be closer to the truth…Brexit isn’t done

    …but it is indeed the end of the beginning…& based on the rest of the shit he’s talking there very possibly the beginning of the end & all

    …perhaps the greater betrayal of that electorate though may be that apparently so many of them were denied access to the means of understanding how far from the truth the rhetoric lies…& thus believe him…& they’re likely to regret it

    “Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

    • ive resigned meself to just watching it all burn
      maybe cackling occasionally

      im a brit abroad…missus n daughter got their brexit letters yesterday..clocks ticking to apply for permanent residency (ive already got mine..grew up between the netherlands and uk..has its perks turns out)

  2. Hi! I’m alive. Mardi Gras floats are done and now I’m a human again. There is a car outside my house making a noise not unlike the Little Miss Sunshine van that keeps doing a week, weird honk. So anyway, that’s pretty great.

    I’ve been relieved to be so distracted during the past week where I’m pretty sure we are watching the fall of liberal democracy before our very eyes – our Senators doing the thing we knew they’d do but it still hurts to watch it come to pass, and Brexit finally happening (which…so…now….what??). I’m trying to stay focused on the upcoming elections, but it’s difficult to do that knowing they are now going to be more tampered with than we ever imagined. It’s going to be a colossal effort to counter that. I’m going to try to take a moment to grieve and enjoy Mardi Gras, then evaluate how I’m going to fight to unfuck us. I think this is our last chance. We’re going to have to take “good enough” if that’s all we have available to us come November. We have to perform triage.

    • …England’s going to paying for this thing in all sorts of ways for a long, long time – even if Ireland re-unifies its way back into the EU & Scotland gains independence & joins in its own right – & the lying on the leave side of things is absolutely going to shift to saying it’s not because of brexit

      …even while the EU gets to keep the better terms these idiots want to ditch for WTO baselines when they finally force the place to crash out without a deal by masterfully “negotiating” themselves into the worst possible scenario to satisfy a demographic they can’t get to back away from the kool aid they forced down their throats for nigh on 50 years…

  3. Something that literally no one is talking about over here yet, although I KNOW at least three of us have the game (because I’m friends with y’all!😉🤣):

    It’s a Special Research Day in PoGo!🤗

    I dunno if these pics are too large or not (they are, sorry!), so I’m also going to link to the blog:

    As always, feel free to share your trainer #’s (mine is 4470 8878 3620), and then we can send each other gifts.
    Mine will typically come from all around the western/northwestern side of the MSP-metro region, and up into west-central Minnesota.😉

    ETA–the Minccino research runs from 2-5pm, in whatever *your* particular time zone is, on TODAY, Palindrome/Groundhog/SuperbOwl day.

  4. My mind can not stop returning to the fact that the DNC is, and always has been, scummy as hell. On Friday, they paved the way for Mike Bloomberg to enter the debates. Because that is what we need right now: another Republican running on the Democratic ticket.

    The DNC hasn’t been shy about trying to screw Bernie over and they’ve even called upon their gal Hillary to muddy the waters (I doubt she needs much prompting though). I don’t feel this is “tin foil hat” stuff either, it’s just what is happening right in front of my salad. I’m not under the impression that Bernie “deserves” to win or that he would 100% be the victor if it weren’t for the DNCs machinations. But it’s clear to me, at least, that the DNC wants to keep losing.

    • I just hate watched This Week (I know, I need to stop) & they basically pushed that Bernie could easily win the nomination but will cause Dems to lose. The fucking assclown duo of Chris Christie & Rahm Emanuel shouting down the only true Dem (of course a woman of color)& the blonde bimbo Faux News wannabee made me almost lose my breakfast! They also mentioned Socialism & he is not really a Dem bullshit. They also had Mayor Pete on who spoke very well & tried to embarrass Yang by pushing the “you have no chance, where will you push your voters to go?” Fuck ABC! Fuck mainstream media! Also, I hate AB/Budweiser but the PC police just banned their video from the Super Bowl? I find this much less offensive than ANYTHING that comes out of Orange Hitler’s mouth!

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