It’s Halloween! [NOT 31/10/21]


What do you do for Halloween? In the before times, did you attend parties? Did/do you decorate your home/yard? Feed candy to trick or treaters? Do you have a spooky story about something paranormal, creepy, or crawly which you or someone you know experienced? Share with us, scare us, and make us shiver!

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  1. The only trick or treaters we’ve had is a huge group of older teenagers – which is scary in itself.

  2. We did not get many trick-or-treaters this year but the cutest were too little Mini Mouses (probably 3 and 4 years old)!

    Also one of my neighbors forgot to buy candy so he came over with a six pack and a bunch of us filled up his bowl and had a beer. #winning!

    • Aw. My former flatmate used to take her pup to that dog costume gathering! She and her doggie wound up in the ultra-local paper one year.

  3. We had around 160 kids. Most of our neighbors didn’t participate, it was sad. A lot of people are still worried about Covid, or just don’t have it in them because of the stress of the last couple weeks of years. I hope things will eventually go back to the way it was before when all the houses were decorated, and everyone sat outside to pass out candy. It was such a great way to meet or catch up with neighbors, and foster a sense of community.

    • She looks wonderful!

      • Thanks, Hannibal!



        She’s always been a people pleaser–especially for me, since I’m her hooman😉, and when there are treats involved, she’ll put up with pretty much anything-even things she hates, like that headband🤣


        A friend from yeaaaars ago was the first one to put her in a skirt (from the dollarstore, back when she still technically belonged to my then-roommate. That was how we learned that she was the sort of dog who’d pretty happily play dress-up (she pranced with her tail just a wagging, whenever you put her in a skirt!🤣🤣🤣), and I haven’t dressed her up nearly as often as I ought to have in the last few years… so I’m hoping to get a few more pictures of her in silly stuff before the end of the year (for example, I have a dirndl-y Christmas dress that I want to get some pics with, once we have snow on the ground😉🤗).

        • I look forward to seeing Christmas pics. Fanny is not fond of costumes. But she did pretty good last night, tolerated her bat wings.

    • She is beautiful!

    • That guy dressed like God has a great costume!  Looks just like him!

  4. 1 doggone trick or treater. Pitiful.

    Also, absolutely no love for Houston, but man, FUCK the braves.

  5. I’m the party pooper in the family. Never was a big Halloween fan.

  6. Just got dark here about 45 mins ago but no trick or treaters yet & doubt we will get any if not by now.  I’ve got a few ghost stories but will save them for another time when the time is right.

  7. You people are lightweights. We had about 15,000 trick or treaters. Four solid hours of handing out candy as fast as we could go. I’m drinking right now, and I’ve got work in the morning. Trunk or treat was Scooby themed, and the main booth was Studio Ghibli. I made all the decorations. Well, not the balloons. 



    • Wow, great job!

    • @bryanlsplinter, they may have been an utter PITA to create, but daaaaaaayyyyyuuummm are those some AWESOME-looking pieces & pumpkins!!!


      Excellent job, and you madethat place look magical & awesome!😉😁🤗

  8. no trick or treaters here yet….which was kind of expected…halloween hasnt taken off here yet

    probably lucky in last nights case too….had enough rain that my driveway turned into a stream for a couple hours

    poor little ghoulies wouldnt have stood a chance and would have drowned before reaching my porch….

  9. We wrapped up our Halloween by sitting in the ER, waiting for BabySmacks to get x-rays on his elbow. We now have an answer to the old “if your friends jumped off a [blank], would you?” And that answer is, yes. Yes, he did jump off a low wall when his friend did. Teenage boys are something else.

    He cracked the radius just below the elbow joint. It’s stable, just a crack, not twisted or anything, and healing should be pretty straightforward, but, obviously, it hurts like hell. He’s got a temporary cast and will have to see the ortho this week.

    Never a dull moment around here!

    • Oh my. As someone who happily followed my friends down dangerous paths I can’t judge him. But I hope he learned a lesson.

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