It’s June?! [DOT 1/6/22]

Hey look it’s already Wednesday!

Hopefully the rest of this week will just fly by [LOL no because now I have 3 days to do a week’s worth of work].


US Memorial Day weekend marked by even more mass shootings

Ukraine Update:

Russia cuts gas supplies to Netherlands and firms in Denmark and Germany

U.S. will send advanced rocket systems to Ukraine, Biden says

Curious if he’s offering 20% in pay raises? Guessing not.

Owner of Massachusetts ice-cream parlor says customers waited in a 45-minute line because he didn’t have enough staff — and that’s a month ahead of the busy summer season

Noooo don’t do it.

Egypt unearths trove of artifacts, 250 mummies in ancient necropolis

Posting my own tweet of the solar light my friend painted for me:

Have a great day!



  1. Bill Barr’s handpicked prosecutor fails to create conspiracy:

    John Durham was named to create a case that the deep state and Hillary were out to get Trump. Despite having gone on longer than the Mueller investigation, it’s fired blanks.

    It’s a remarkably incompetent team. The jury had already decided on the first day of deliberations that there was no case. They spent a few hours the next day just wrapping up final questions before handing in their not guilty vote.

  2. I got my booster yesterday. My local health department started texting reminders so I did it. I got my first Moderna because that’s what the closest pharmacy had. There’s a bit of soreness but otherwise no side effects.

    • Something was odd about Alfa Bank, but one thing that has become clear from the Sussman trial is that the FBI really blew the investigation into Trump’s Russia ties in 2016, of which Alfa was just a small part.

      They piddled away a lot of leads and opportunities and seem to have clued in the dark side to a lot of what they were doing — or failing to do — through sloppiness and sometimes flat out antagonism to Clinton. We don’t know what was going on with Alfa  and thanks to the FBI they had plenty of time to cover their tracks.

    • Charles Booker will be getting my vote. But I worry that this ad will only convince some of my more racist fellow Kentuckians to vote for Rand Paul, not against him.

      • I wondered about that in your state & hoped you would chime in.  Let’s hope that is NOT the case but you would know better.  I think he might have wanted to push the Russia owns his ass dynamic w/ that McCain quote.

  3. Oh, and in reality TV “star” “news” — USA Network “stars” Todd and Julie Chrisley are on trial for fraud and tax evasion.

    In one twist, a former employee who admitted assisting the trial testified:

    Todd Chrisley’s former business partner testified in his federal fraud trial Tuesday that they paid a blackmailer $38,000 in cash after the anonymous person threatened to expose their intimate relationship.

    Mark Braddock, who turned Chrisley and his wife Julie into the FBI, told an Atlanta jury that he had an affair with Chrisley for about a year in the early 2000s. After their intimate relationship ended, they had formed a “brotherhood” and were close friends until 2012, he testified.

    They ran a deeply sketchy real estate company in Georgia that vacuumed up properties from people who lost their homes in the real estate crash. And of course USA Network portrayed them as good people — since indictment, they’ve been renewed.

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