It’s Official: We’re Fucked

A brief peek into our future.
This is the image of a man who is just now realizing that this country will never do the right thing.

Here’s the money section–edited for clarity:

But Mr. Sanders stirred deep unease among party leaders, and as he ascended to the top of the field in February, establishment Democrats scrambled to block his path, convinced his far-reaching proposals would alienate great swaths of the electorate and make him an easy target for Mr. Trump put a stop to their corporate money train and thus eliminate their stranglehold on the Party.

Time for us to start preparing ourselves for four more years of Trump. Unless the economic fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic throws us into a deep, hard and long recession (some are even floating the word “depression”), there ain’t no way Uncle Joe beats Trump. Even with a major economic crisis running through election day, it will probably still be close–maybe even close enough for well-known Republican fuckery to screw the election in favor of their boy.

Strap in.

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  1. I just don’t see Biden winning. Will I vote for him? Yes, because I have to. But if people didn’t want to pull the lever for Hillary, they won’t for Joe because he will continue to not offer anything meaningful.

    The media will continue to publish Trump’s lies and play Trump’s game. There’s nothing Trump can do at this point that will lose him supporters if a goddamn fucking pandemic and economic crash and thousands of personal tragedies won’t do it.

    If I drank, I’d be drinking all of the time. I hate this timeline.

  2. pretty sure that recession is unavoidable now… im also pretty sure ill end up paying for the bazillion dollars used to keep businesses afloat now… (only the big ones mind…the little businesses are pretty much fucked)… gubment money is never free if you arent rich…
    fuck it…might as well throw in another 4 years of trump…see if i care

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  4. The Dems want to give us crumbs, the GOP wants to sell us crumbs. But both parties are saving the best parts of the pie for themselves and their billionaire friends.

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