It’s OK Not To Watch The Debate

Don't sacrifice your own sanity to watch two old guys drool on podiums

No, really, it’s fine.


Just don’t watch if you feel like you’re going to bang your head into a wall or your blood pressure is going to spike or you’re going to be queasy or you are just so fucking tired right now.

A day after I said I was a news junkie — and as a former journalist, I’m about as badly hooked as they come — I’m here to just tell you it’s totally OK, fine like cherry wine, not to watch the shitshow spectacle.

That’s all it is: TV spectacle. No news will be broken. Nothing important will be covered. Nothing interesting will come out of it. Trump will brazenly lie. Biden will make a gaffe. These will be treated as equally grave afterwards by Very Serious People.

In the spin room, the Republicans will say Trump did an amazing job despite spending half his time discussion Hillary Clinton’s emails. The Democrats will say Biden did an amazing job despite saying that actually Cedric Lamar is the greatest living rapper.

So, again, if you need to sit this one out for your own sanity, don’t feel bad. You’ll get to read all about it tomorrow! (puke emoji)

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    • Strongly agree. I’ve said it before, but Trump’s nasally whining voice sets my teeth on edge. And I can scrape my nails along a chalk board without flinching. So my nausea at the sound of his voice is purely psychological. 

  1. These will be treated as equally grave afterwards by Very Serious People.

    Also a former journalist here. This bit drives me crazy. So yeah, no, I won’t be watching the debate. It’s not like it’s going change my mind. I’m going to preserve my mind by electing to ignore that shit-show.
    Oh, and “Cedric Lamar”.

    • Hah! Also a former journalist. My career as a reporter only lasted 9 months during graduate school, but it’s really something that you can’t ever quite shake. I have a couple of other former journalists that work with me right now, and there’s just a certain skeptical and sarcastic mindset that we all develop that’s easy to recognize (some might call us jaded). 
      Plus I learned more about writing in those 9 months than I did all throughout college and graduate school. It’s served me well in the years since.

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