It’s the Little Things [NOT 23/6/22]

Hi, friends!

How’d your day go? Anything good happen?

Any small victories you’re enjoying lately?

I killed 3 squash bugs, found a leaf with squash bug eggs (squished that fucker right quick), and killed 4 cucumber beetles. 2 of which were smooshed mid-sex, so I guess a decent way to go?

Anyways, I try to limit what I treat my veggies with so typically it’s a matter of killing bugs as I find them. I felt bad about disturbing several lightning bugs, those I apologized to.

I’m ridiculously proud of finding the squash bug eggs, because I lead a boring life.



  1. My Covid test was negative, I’m relieved and feeling much better today. I was very productive today, made mulberry and black raspberry syrups, cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, and did laundry. Small achievements but it makes me happy because I am also very boring.

  2. I didn’t do well adjusting back to PST after our return from east coast,  I think I’m almost there.  I got some yard work & chores done before getting sucked into hearings.  We are about to have our first heatwave & I finally have a window for deck cleaning before staining.  Big honey do lists before our best friends come for the yearly 4th of July craziness.

    • Good luck with the side effects. I haven’t heard how they go with the kiddos. I’m glad my latest booster was was NBD.

      Even if they don’t complain, load them up with the ice cream, grapes, Pokeman stickers, or whatever the best reward is.

    • Glad you got that taken care of.  I love Golden Gardens & the Ballard Locks.  Always on my tour guide list with the troll & all the breweries close by.

      • Have you eaten at Miri’s snack shack? I tried their carnitas torta today. It was huge and delicious. Now that I know it exists, I don’t mind the drive to Golden Gardens.

        • No, but I will now!  I never pay attention to other places down there since I always have my go to places in mind before I do that.  Usually it is Bongos by Green Lake or Serious Pie by the breweries.  I need to spend more time eating down there!

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