It’s The Weekend!! [DOT 27/6/20]

I hear you, Dame Maggie Smith.

Remember doing stuff and going places and looking forward to things? Crazy!
There still seems to be a lot going on in the world though. Let’s see, shall we?

I’m sorry but what is up with these absolute dumbfucks???

Walters, 53, a diabetic who has had mini-strokes, said he went to a hospital emergency room Monday and was diagnosed with the virus.
“Here I am months after not wearing a mask at rallies, churches and so on, and so it’s funny how capricious this thing is,” he said in a Facebook video.

Co-founder of ReOpen Maryland says he has tested positive for coronavirus

Baa baa! Just call me a sheep.

‘Don’t be a sheep’: Sheriffs rebel against new statewide mask requirements

The US had just hit a single-day record for new coronavirus cases. More than half the states were seeing increases in the rate of new cases. Multiple states were dealing with record numbers of coronavirus hospitalizations. Texas had announced hours earlier that it had to shut down in-person service at its bars again. And Vice President Mike Pence told Americans that things were going well.

Florida ends drinking at bars, shatters record spike in new coronavirus cases


Dow drops 700 points to end the week as coronavirus spike raises concern over the economy


Facebook policy changes fail to quell advertiser revolt as Coca-Cola pulls ads

This seems like kinda a big deal…

Report: Russia Offered Bounties For Taliban Militants To Kill U.S. Soldiers And Other Allies

In other news, my heart!

Family buys all of a Chicago paletero’s ice pops on Father’s Day, collects nearly $40K for him: ‘He refuses to stop working’

The human body is a wondrous nightmare:

‘One in a 50m chance’: woman with two wombs carrying a twin in each

I’ll just leave you with this…

Have a great weekend!



  1. Anyone else expecting Dr fauci to get canned anyday now?
    Dude just keeps saying the most inconvenient things
    Also the bars reclosed in Florida?
    I bet Florida man is losing his shit right about now

    • Heavens, no! The bars are not closed. We are in phase 2 of our glorious reopening and we are not backtracking, nossir. Our brilliant Republican Trump-bootlicking governor decided that rather than close the bars, he will forbid them to sell alcohol. So you can go there and … I dunno, what would you do? But closure, no, no. 
      This is the level of cleverness that our Republican legislature is reduced to,

  2. Sure, capricious. The ReOpen Maryland dude courted disaster for months, tempted fate, going to rallies and church services, and probably many other gatherings, maskless and with no social distancing. And out of nowhere he contracts the virus! Who would have thought ignoring all medical advice in order to own the libs could end up badly?

    • There are some worrisome signs about a connection between the virus and diabetes, which could make things even worse for the guy, with all of the usual caveats about how limited the evidence is right now.
      The thing I wish reporters would ask in these stories is where they got their information about how the virus was really no big deal. We need to start identifying the specific sources of bad information and treating them like an infection.

    • The excuse being that in These Uncertain Times people haven’t been having the large private gatherings the sheet cakes are really meant for, but I wonder if the sales stats really bear this out? Those sheet cakes, if you refrigerate them, have a pretty long life. Not that I would know from personal experience. In any event, they’re still offering smaller, round ones, which probably cost more per pound of incipient diabetes.
      As a side note, I was trolling my neighborhood supermarket one day years ago and what to my wondering eyes did appear but this Carvel-branded stand-alone freezer kind of wedged at the end of an aisle. I hadn’t had a Carvel ice cream cake in decades and thought the business went away when Tom Carvel died. So I bought one, of course (not Fudgie the Whale, sadly) and ran home with it. We started calling people and hosted an impromptu dinner party the following Saturday. I brought out the Carvel cake and everyone’s eyes lit up. 
      A week later I returned to that supermarket and the Carvel stand-alone freezer was gone. It was like Brigadoon. There was a guy stocking shelves near where it was and I asked him what happened. “Sorry, I don’t work here, I work for [the company whose products he was stocking.]” I went to the nearby seafood counter to find a person who was an actual employee. “Couldn’t tell ya. Not my department.”
      Though I’m a man I am white and middle-aged and I wish I had known what a Karen was so I could have demanded to speak to the manager. But I chalked it up to The Vicissitudes of Life.

  3. …the Russian bounty thing is plenty fucked up but that he was still giving it the “it’s great I’m so friendly with Uncle Vlad” thing *after* being told about it seems like yet another box ticked on the evidence-his-brain-is-atrophied checklist

    …& on the facebook thing…after Unilever pulled their ad buy for the next 6months & Coke dropped them, too…I think I read the stock dropped something like 8%?

    …which reminded me of something it probably shouldn’t have & I can’t find a clip for…but it was a Ben Elton bit about how nobody understands the financial segment on the news & generally uses that time to put the kettle on

    …it was around the time they called Black Monday in the late 80s & he talked about hearing the newsreader say £X million was lost & responds along the lines of “that’s a hell of a lot of money…should be easy enough to spot…I’ll help you look for it, even…have you tried checking down the back of the sofa?”

    …so if I’m reading this right

    …zuck looks to have temporarily misplaced something like $50billion by some estimates?

    …which sounds like it ought to be a big deal…& yet probably isn’t…& I’m starting to think Ben had a point because that’s all a little hard to wrap my head around…losing significantly more money than it seems reasonable to accrue in even a fortunate lifetime & shrugging it off in favor of peddling his standard line of “aw shucks I’m just a kid who did a bit of coding once but none of this is up to me & it’s definitely not our fault all we ever say is we’ll do better before going on accelerating in the other direction”

    …basically what I guess I’m saying is that the next person to tell me everything would be fine if we just “let the market decide” had better have their social distance game on point?

  4. The Russia story SHOULD be huge. “Traitortrump” is trending on twitter, and I did see someone directly “@” Dan Crenshaw. Anyone who ever served in the military should be absolutely outraged at this.

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