It’s The Weekend! [DOT 5/2/21]

Hi gang – I told you we’d make it and we did. Good job guys!

I hope you are all looking forward to a nice weekend, even if it’s cold at least (hopefully) you don’t have to work.

I’m leaving you with Rip for two days in a row, so I’ll go ahead and keep this short and sweet.

This is next level petty, even for Trump. Also, I know he knows who Gabrielle Carteris is. Yes, that Gabrielle Carteris!


The Senate Finance Committee is gearing up to take on billionaires and dark money groups, Wyden says

House ejects Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees over extremist remarks

I mean, it could have just been Ellie driving around…

Pet-loving sleuths hailed after tracking down stolen van with 12 dogs inside

This is a good thread!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Alright peeps, as a dinosaur who still purchases music I’m sick of Amazon’s shit.  What’s a good platform for buying digital music:  selection, ease of download, etc.  Go:

    • I hate them all. I hate Tidal the least. I regret that Neil Young’s attempt at a hifi digital player and mp3 store failed, even though the Ponos player was good and came in a kick-ass wooden box.

      • I was not aware that he did that.  Surprising, because he was a major disparager of digital when it took off, and it seems like he’s been vindicated with vinyl making such a big comeback.  Still digital suits my purposes just fine.  I’ve found Bandcamp to be kind of a pain in the ass.

        • I still buy CDs and just import them.  The main reason is because the digital downloads are only allowing users to purchase a “license” to play the music, not the music itself.  So, if your download service of choice gets in a pissing match with Warner Bros, and the label decides to pull their catalog, then all the music which belongs to that label becomes unplayable, or pulled from your device completely.

          • I pretty much burn everything I download.  CDs are overpriced, even on the used market.  If I buy used, it’s usually from Amazon, so that sort of defeats the purpose. I’m not sure there’s an easy solution.  I signed up for something called Discogs awhile back, but never really pursued it.  May have to take another look.

            • Discogs is cool because they have release information for albums (or cassettes or CDs – or, hell, even 8-tracks!) along with pictures of the liner notes and the physical media themselves, so you can see the little differences in the products released in certain territories.
              For example, I was just on there this morning and was astonished to discover that the new Psychedelic Furs album, their first since the early ’90s, was recorded right here in my city.

          • I still buy CDs too. Except my iPod and my new computer have decided they will no longer communicate. I don’t know what the problem is because I’m a luddite so I don’t know if shelling out for a new iPod will solve the problem. 
            RIP iPod Classic (it still works, I just can’t put music on it anymore) 🙁

              • Apple still makes iPods just not THIS one. It’s the sort of thing that makes me hate all technology. I have all my music in iTunes and I’m not savvy enough to know how to move it over to another (thing that supports mp3s, or what my options would even be, or if my music would even work any more since apple is a proprietary dickhead).

    • I wish I had a good answer for this. I go between the artists (some sell on their sites), Bandcamp, and Amazon. I buy almost strictly MP3s, except if I’m looking for an old release that no one has bothered to convert. Then I’ll buy the used CD to rip. Ebay still works for that.
      This article lists a few alternatives that pique my curiosity. I might have to give a couple of them a shot this year.
      Please let us know what you try and how it works, or doesn’t work, for you.

    • I still buy mostly cds & vinyl. Then I rip the cds to digital, and records often come with download codes if it’s newer music. I buy from iTunes if I want the convenience of iCloud, I buy Amazon digital only if I can’t find it elsewhere.

  2. That resignation letter is comedic gold. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME
    It’s all about me. Reminds me of a professor I had who complained that his girlfriend dumped him and he was mad because he didn’t see it coming so he could dump her first. lol That’s love, y’all.

  3. @MegMegMcGee, it can’t have been me – the city has a five dog limit, and I am up to four doggos. Also, if I had done it I would have worn a werewolf or mummy or witch costume so that you never could have suspected that it was really me. 

    • I think it was @EllieCoo driving the puppers around before they were dognapped. she’s a rescuer of pups, not an exploiter of them. And god help the person who tried making off with her sweeties when caught up with them!

      • @Hannibal, right you are. The rescue I support has a closed social media group, and my oh my – they are militant about rescues, appropriate care, etc. Their adoption application is really long, they require a home visit, a fully fenced yard, etc. On the other hand these dogs are all broken from years of abuse and pain in puppy mills, and have many (and unique) mental and physical problems. Many people wouldn’t want a dog that doesn’t know how to play, cowers at any touch, is food aggressive, isn’t house trained…so the rescue has to be fussy about appropriate homes. Anyway, I want all the dogs!

  4. Eleven Republicans voted in favor of ejecting MTG from her committees.  Interestingly, all 11 are in competitive districts which tells me they are more afraid of having their seats flipped, than losing the next primary. 

  5. …so…I don’t know as it’s enough to push me into optimistic territory but I was listening to something the other day where the point was made that at least some of the votes the other day about dismissing the impeachment proceedings on the grounds that it isn’t constitutional were from people who wanted that issue debated rather than because they thought it had merit

    …that combined with the fact that when they didn’t have to do it in the open the majority of the GOP votes on the liz cheney thing went in her favor at least suggests the possibility that underneath it all the verdict might not be as foregone a conclusion as I’ve more or less resigned myself to?

    • Like when I had 2 dogs and 1 was alphatothemax, when alpha dog passed all of a sudden dog 2 was revealed to be an awesome dog, super smart, fast learner, obedient. I took him everywhere and he was fine with it all.  I forgot where I was going with this, damn multitasking, oh yeah cheeto is the dead alpha so that the good dogs can live.

  6. i finally found a large shopping mall like place where everyone was masked correctly….it was nice… the shop selection left a bit to be desired tho
    really…i could only get coffee….hospitals kinda suck for shopping..
    (also wooo… almost made 5 weeks before my first trip to the hospital of the year!)

    • @farscythe – Covid-19 test results yet? (Asked in an internet friend way, not a weird stupid HR way.) Also, how are you feeling? I have the seven dwarfs cold, Sneezey, Sleepy,Snotty, Grumpy. Snotty, etc, – hoping that it is the same with you and not the alternative…

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