It’s The Weekend [NOT 11/1/2020]

We kicked myopicprophet off of the NOT tonight so he has time to calm down before he says “death to America!” And here I thought Canadians were agreeable sorts. C’est la vie.

The birds know what is up. According to WAPO, hero vultures are shitting all over a Customs and Border Control tower:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a problem with vultures — specifically, roughly 300 of them that are defecating and urinating all over a radio tower that the agency needs to communicate.
The excretion is coating the entire 320-foot tower in southern Texas, including the interior part that workers need to touch, according to a request for information that the agency sent to vendors. The government is seeking a “Vulture Deterrence Netting System” to be installed in August before the birds’ roosting season.

Washington Post

The kids are alright.

Wolf Cukier, 17, of Scarsdale, N.Y., had wrapped up his junior year of high school when he headed off to intern in the summer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., where he discovered a planet orbiting two stars.
The planet, now known as TOI 1338 b, is nearly seven times as large as Earth and has two stars — one that’s about 10 percent more massive than our sun and another only a third of the sun’s mass and less bright, according to NASA.”

Washington Post

Personally, I think that if you discover a planet you should get to name it, especially if your name is Wolf.

Wedding bells for sprotsball men. I don’t know who these guys are but they look so cute and happy – mazel tov! [Rick is the president of the Golden State Warriors, who are good at basketball.]

Some other things are going on, but save them for later as we don’t want to ruin your Saturday night…

Iran admits to downing airliner amid calls for justice, transparency

Trump: Pelosi Has Become A “Crazed Lunatic,” Will Go Down As The Worst Speaker In History

Storms kill 8 as extreme weather hits eastern US



  1. We’re overrun with vultures in my small city. And they’re behaving unusually aggressively. They will run at you and hiss if you happen to walk past them. My daughter was tossing her garbage in the dumpster behind her building and a vulture flew out and squawked at her.

  2. Great news, schadenfreude-wise (if you like to see me suffer). I had my phone in my bra a lot of the day and texted a lot of people some nonsense. Nothing stupid on its face, but also these are not people I wish to have a nonsense text from me.

    So congratulations to all of you for this schadenfreude.

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