It’s Too Early for This Shit [DOT 4/5/22]

...or perhaps it's too late?

It appears I didn’t do my job well enough to ensure your regularly scheduled DOT was taken care of this morning. Luckily – or unluckily – I am staying home from work today as a result of being too damn exhausted after another dance with Covid so I have time to whip this together, at least…but it’s too damn early for this shit.

Speaking of it’s-too-early-for-this-shit Roe is already overturned. The authoritarian state in the US isn’t supposed to start until after the midterms and then the 2024 “election”.

I suppose this means that it is too late?

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    • I just can’t believe – perhaps someone smarter than me can explain it – that there is nothing in place to hold supreme court justices to account for lying under oath during the senate confirmation hearings (as well as literally anything else because they can apparently judge themselves and let themselves off the hook for everything – no matter what they…or their brainwashed, crazy Karen-wives…do – for the rest of their lives). They all said they considered Roe precedent and settled law. All of them. Susan Collins wasn’t the only one who was duped (I don’t believe she was duped because she doesn’t give the first fuck about any human’s rights but her own).

      • I’m not sure if I’m smarter per se, but the answer is that once you have power in America, the only way you can lose it is if you piss off people with even more power than you have (See Cawthorn, Madison for more on this).

        Everyone knew they were lying at the time. But nobody is going to hold them accountable because Democrats either don’t understand or don’t want to understand the naked use of power in that way. To a point, I get it: They are, for better or mostly worse, the party of norm-based functional government, and they would see their version of Benghazi hearings as being a waste of time and money. They also, weirdly, know that the GOP isn’t even going to bother caring … but can never make the leap to actually use power against them. So they’re stuck in the endless feedback loop of not trying to force the issue but not actually having an endgame as to when the other side might come around and try to also aim for functional government. (To use Alito’s dumb arguments against him: There sure as shit ain’t the words “nine justices” in the Constitution either; Biden could pack that shit until the fire marshal cried uncle but of course, that would be uncouth.)

        The last problem is that even though a blanket ban on abortion is quite unpopular, the GOP is betting — and probably correctly — that most people aren’t going to flip their vote on it. If women weren’t turned off by 40 years of sexism culminating in Trump shrugging off sexual assault, they’re certainly not going to wake up in November and be like “My rights are being violated!”

        • Yep, it’s simple math. Roughly 60% of the country is in favor of abortion, leaving 40% against (there are no undecideds — that’s fucking bullshit that spineless conservatives use to hide the fact that they believe in forced birth and know they’re vastly outnumbered and don’t want to own their fuckery).

          But if only half of the people who realize abortion is frequently necessary vote, then the rabid 40% that are against it will win every election. The issue is unparalleled in its ability to unite disparate voters. Even “moderates” who sort of believe in progressive programs will vote to “save the babies” right along with the spit-flecked lunatic who screamed at my wife because my wife tole her she couldn’t park her anti-abortion bus covered in pictures of bloody fetuses in the library parking lot during story time.

          Sorry. I need to take a breath. It’s come down to the issue that blue dogcollar and I raised in yesterday’s thread. You won’t break that 40% — they are never going to change and they’re always going to vote. There’s a small chance this might motivate more of the 60% to step up. I wouldn’t count on it, though.

          • Abortion by itself is not enough, but expanding the framework to the broader right wing radical invasion of personal freedom can be.

            The messaging has to be about radicals taking aim at freedom across the board, and warning people all over they’re getting targets drawn on their backs too.

            • WHY IS THAT NOT THE MESSAGING?????

              It drives me fucking NUTS!

              We’re about to have an election for Ontarian government and the only news outlet writing anything about the cuts to employment services, healthcare, and the public school system for the sake of privatisation, including health care in schools for children with disabilities, by the current CON government is Press Progress.

              The NDP & Liberal Party should be SCREAMING FROM THE FUCKING ROOFTOPS!!!!

              …but they’re too busy attack-ad-ing each other in attempts to steal votes when they should be…


              The typical Conservative voters who don’t follow along actually embrace left-leaning ideals…they’re just too dumb to know that the CON party doesn’t bring what they think they do. Most CON voters would be against everything the CONs are doing but none of them are aware of what they’re doing because of our “unbiased” media and all too fucking selfish Liberal & New Democratic parties.

              • I think the biggest question is do those people really care about government intrusion if it’s people they like doing it, and generally the answer in America is a big fat “Nope!”

                Mango was able to split the difference by saying, basically, that good people (white, straight, Christian) should get government benefits and bad people (everyone else) shouldn’t … and that message is gonna be fine with a majority of Americans.

                • That is a very broad question because it is obviously white cis males and their female counterparts they like doing it, BUT if you asked most of them (I say most of them because I am referring to the lifelong CON party voters who don’t pay attention to what the party does as much as what their leaders say?) if they are for public health care, public schools, etc. being funded they’d all say “YES!”

                  Then they bitch about how everything is going wrong because of the “bleeding heart” libs. That everything has gone to shit…the health care system, the public school system, etc….because the “libs” don’t fix anything that the CONs did. They are that dumb.

                  They’re not entirely wrong, either. The Liberal party doesn’t fix anything the conservatives do. They have a way, much like the democratic party in the US, to maintain the status quo even after the status quo moves further and further to the “right”.

                  That said, it’s hard to equate our parliamentary government to that of a republic, but if you were to ask most Conservative voters in Canada about how the government functions they’d explain it in a way that more closely resembles the US…even though they have a very limited-to-no understanding of how the US government functions. You’d be surprised how many Canadians HATE the GOP and especially Trump and don’t comprehend the fact that the GOP is the “conservative” party in the US.

                  @TragicallyChic might recall me explaining that last bit to a couple of conservative voters in Canada?

              • That’s been the message from Biden, but the press is chasing its tail. They have never wanted to cover what the right is doing, to the point of literally put the lives of the press in danger. They won’t start yet.

              • @myopicprophet, are you me?😉😆😂💖

                It’s infuriating me, that seemingly everyone is getting allllll het-up over Roe, when we KNEW that was the plan, ALL ALONG!!!

                The former-guy SAID so, back when he put his noms on the damn Court, ffs!!!

                We ALL knew (if we were listening to the lawyer-spesk and side-stepping!), that asshats like Collins were being willfully obtuse!!!

                And we KNEW (because the ALEC-affiliated motherfuckers SAID IT OUT LOUD!!!) that they were gunning to take down Roe first, then, depending on how it went, inserting their perma-governing Christo-Fascist slate of rulers-for-life.

                And then there’s that guy (Aka ‘ol You-Know-Who, who tried to sink the old Pirate Ship***😒😡🤬), who said the quiet parts out loud more than a decade ago (emphasis mine, of course!);

                “I remain committed to the faith of my teenage years: to authentic human freedom as a precondition for the highest good. I stand against confiscatory taxes, totalitarian collectives, and the ideology of the inevitability of the death of every individual. For all these reasons, I still call myself “libertarian.”

                But I must confess that over the last two decades, I have changed radically on the question of how to achieve these goals. Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.

                ***and of course, the obligatory:

                YES, Denton was a bag-o-dicks, and never should’ve outed ANYONE!

                But Thiel is the worst sort of trash-human possible (and he *also* must never be “eviled” out of his personhood, because that would give the trash-human the sort of power he’s *trying* to obtain!!! He’s not evil as much as loathsome, miserly, conniving, scheming, miserable, misanthropic, PATHETIC excuse of a person!)


                This is pretty much how I feel, about the fact that everyone is only focusing on Rowe, and not on the evisceration of the rights of everyone who is *not* a wealthy, white, cisgendered, straight, landowning Man…

                  • I feel ya, on that here since the 90’s thing my friend, I soooooo feel ya!💞💖💗💓

                    The one thing that I have to admit probably makes me the maddest/saddest/most frustrated about *everything* right now, though (and it kiiiinda makes me disappointed in myself-for feeling disappointed, if I’m honest, as someone who is a part of Gen-X!🙃), is that i honestly thought folks would care, and get mad, and *not* just roll over or ignore it all, like they have the last few years.


                    I’m out here yelling like a dumbass on the interwebs, and telling the few folks I’m close to irl to call their Congresscritters, “tell them we want the ERA certified & PUBLISHED!” and it all just feels SO goddamn FUTILE, because I’m just one short person with a quiet irl voice, no position of authority, just a metric shit-ton of stubbornness, and an obnoxious autism-y tendency to notice patterns & links in things well before the neurotypical crowd catches on🙃

                    Because I grew up masking my oddities, I learned to read microexpressions, and I learned to “listen in lawyerspeak” to the things that were said, but also the things left unsaid

                    and it really does boggle my mind, how many folks in Meatspace simply take politicians at their (spoken!) word!😕

                    None of the bullshit in Alito’s decision is “new” or unsurprising…

                    Hell, we always knew that the “Strict Textualist Interpretation!” crowd intended to take away the rights of  *everyone* except the Rich, White, Male *We* in “We the People”…

                    But that folks are so blind to what’s happening, because they’re getting so damn distracted, thinking this is *just about Roe,* is gutting…

                    And, as someone who grew up around anti-abortion, anti-choice, & anti-women’s independence pamphlets laying around allllll the time during my childhood (Chick Tracts and the Abortion-specific pamphlets of that same size & shape, but with the gory pics of fetal parts that had been separated due to D&C’s, D&E’s, & suction)…

                    Those “anti-abortion” pamphlets, and the text that I read in them–which was incredibly one-sided, and didn’t ever address things like fetal anomalies which are severe, compound, & incompatible with life, or the instances when the mother’s** life was endangered (i.e. in the case of implantation outside the uuterus-whether in the fallopian tubes, or elsewhere in the abdomen!)…

                    And those studiously unanswered questions were what made me into the unequivocally pro-choice person I am now…

                    Because I saw the BS & hypocrisy–even as a 4 year old!🤨🤨🤨

                    **back when my mom had all those little pamphlets lying around, the only people who were widely known to carry a pregnancy were afab people.

                    Thomas Beatie was the first man to carry a child and be legally recognized *as* a man as he was the gestational carrier… others had apparently done so before him–but he was the first to do so as a person who had the legal documentation of being a man fully completed before his first pregnancy occurred.


                    • @emmerdoesnotrepresentme I cannot claim to have experienced all of which you so vividly depicted here, for obvious reasons, but i can relate – or at least try – to where you’re coming from?

                      That said, yes. I think I am you lol. I have been screaming from the rooftops, to almost no avail (including you Splinter commenters!), to anyone who’d listen since the 90’s.

                      I’m no English knower or anything but *almost* was a key word I used there. I have gotten through to some, even if just a few, and I feel that makes it worth it? So, for that, I think you’re selling yourself short in regards to your “little ol’ me” bit. Unlike me, perhaps lol, you’re a well respected person. A beautiful person who more than just several people follow in various places. Please don’t think you’re not doing enough. And please don’t stop doing what you’re doing by sharing your voice. Your voice matters and I’m certain it is heard by more people than you might think?

                      …and it’s only midnight where @loveshaq is so why not drag them into this with their favourite band so they, too, like us, can embark upon this journey?

          • We need to do an End Run on the play here…

            And there *IS* one!!!!


            Everyone here (and everyone you know, who you can convince to call *THEIR* Congressperson!) NEEDS to call their Congresscritters (all Three of them!) and request that their Congressperson press the “Archivist of the United States David Ferriero, urging him to carry out his statutory duty to certify and publish the ERA as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.”

            The ERA was ratified by the 38th state (Virginia), in January of 2020!!!!!

            Trumpty-Dumpty’s OLC issued a decision/ruling/memo, claiming that the Ratification wasn’t “real,” but Biden’s OLC found–this past January–that the Trump administration ruling was wrongbecause amending the Constitution falls under the duties of the Congress, *not* the Executive Branchtherefore, the TrumpCo OLC ruling was invalid, because it came from the *Executive* Branch!!!😈😁🤗

            From that linked Oversight Committee page;

            “On January 26, 2022, Chairwoman Maloney joined Senators Richard Blumenthal, Amy Klobuchar, and Catherine Cortez Masto and Representative Jackie Speier in sending a letter calling on OLC to withdraw the Trump Administration’s OLC opinion.


            The following day, on January 27, 2022, OLC issued a new opinion acknowledging flaws in the Trump-era memo and clarifying that Congress—not the executive branch—is in control of amending the Constitution. ”

            More here;



            And for the Naysayers:

            1. The House already passed the bill that declared the ERA’S Ratification Timeline null & void, eliminating any & all objections about the Ratification being “Invalid due to the passage of time.”

            2. Senator Ben Cardin has introduced the accompanying Senate Bill, but it’s not through yet.

            3. When we can get the Senate to Pass Cardin’s bill, the timeline “block” of the ERA is ELIMINATED!

            4. The Archivist PUBLISHING THE ERA will then enshrine it as The 28th Amendment to the US CONSTITUTION.

            Creating an impermeable end-run *AROUND* the Federalist Society’s dickbaggery, and ENSURING that **EVERYONE** in the United States has the same rights, and cannot be discriminated against on the basis of Sex.


            Making Scalito’s “there IS NO LANGUAGE in the Document, guaranteeing these ‘supposed rights'” argument 100% null & void!


            We NEED to press our Congressfolk, End Run these aasholes, and nuke them all from orbit, with the goddamn TEXT!!!

            They won’t stop, until the document contains the language.




            We need to beat these Fulkerson at their OWN “Original Text Only!” game.


      • The radical judges are already starting to cross the line into Executive Branch authority and I fully expect them to be provoking a genuine crisis before long.

        The leak moan and groan campaign is serving as test case for how easily they can control the press narrative, and I’m sure they’re happy with how it’s gone. The press is going to give the radicals the benefit of the doubt by default and accuse Biden of violating norms when he upholds his constitutional authority.

  1. The story of torture psychologist James Elmer Mitchell drags on.

    Mitchell was one of the psychologists who accepted a contract from the CIA to create forms of torture that he would declare were magically not torture, opening the door to creepshow broken brains like Cheney, Rumsfeld and John Yoo to violate years of established US policy against torture.

    The American Psychiatric Association refused to sanction torture, so the Bush mob turned to psychologists who were moral-free bottom feeders. And now for at least the second time Mitchell has been called on to testify in court about the freakish torture he designed, committed and witnessed.

    Years later the American Psychological Association finally adopted a no-torture stance approaching the ethical strictness of the American Psychiatric Association. But they still haven’t made a full accounting of their role in torture that violated their supposed core values.

  2. Just an FYI because I’m this fucking close to losing my shit over it.


    Check the fucking fine print in the abortion bans that states have already ready to blow once Roe v Wade is overruled.

    In Missouri, they’ve redefined pregnancy as starting at fertilization. So any hormonal birth control that works by preventing implantation will now be considered abortions.

    Like my IUD.

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