It’s Worth The Calories [NOT 2/10/21]

The family owned company I work for was just bought by a multi-national. They are doing an entire company inventory. Counting every nut, bolt, and widget. I was asked to pop in for an hour today to double check how it was going in my division. Ellie being the wise person she is said it will most likely be about 4 hours. Needless to say it turned into 5 1/2. Need to make a good impression. I finally get finished and give Ellie a call letting her know I will be home soon.

When I get home there is an assortment of goodies waiting. The raspberry vodka with homemade blueberry simple syrup in the frig chilling. Cinnamon apple white bread (future fyce post) still warm from the oven. Then there is the savory cheddar crackers (also a future fyce) being made while I sip my second cocktail. Every single one of them was worth every single calorie.

What is worth every calorie to you?



  1. I guess I don’t need to tell you what a wonderful wife you have.

    I’m pretty disciplined with food, but I can’t resist the pistachio cannoli  and cake from my favorite local bakery.


    • A bowl of olives. A few slices of good sharp cheese. A few almonds. A nice little glass of sherry. A few slices of apple or pear or figs. Maybe a couple of sardines.  A little plate of roasted potatoes. Some roasted peppers in olive oil. A few more olives. A little more sherry. Maybe a bit of sausage and some good bread… Oh man I want a good tapas place.

  2. This isn’t even high calorie, but I had grilled branzino yesterday and that reminded me how much I love whole grilled fish. Unfortunately I’m not so good at grilling it myself and it’s a bit of a hike to get good whole fish, and half my family doesn’t like it, so it’s a rare treat.

  3. inventory days are why i try to always keep a couple days holiday time on hand..

    wierdly enough every year when inventory dates start getting mentioned i find myself suddenly needing days off….theres few things i hate more than just counting stuff all day only to then end up with an inventory that still isnt remotely accurate coz half the counters guesstimated the amounts and the rest cant count past 10 without losing count twice..

    anyways..fried fishy from the fishy van is always worth the calories to me…that and bitterballen

  4. Chiz. Real Chiz (not that terrible Norwegian excuse for Chiz made out of whey… Gjetost), is something that’s nearly always worth it!


    Especially if your night cheese is served up with some great, briny, olives… some thinly-sliced apples, a bit of fig jam, some pickled herring or other dried/smoked and/or tinned fish, and some various types of paper-thin cured meats.

    Add in various crackers, some toasted/dried garlic bread (nearly crouton-like in texture), and some veggies to crunch on (carrot, snap peas, grape/cherry/pear tomatoes, and celery sticks), and you nearly have heaven on a plate😉💖😁




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