I heard on the radio that this month is ‘JanuHairy’, the month women get to let it all proverbially hang out and not shave.

Men have ‘No Shave November’, so why not a ‘JanuHairy’ for women? It certainly is considerate timing, dead of winter and all, for those of us in colder climates. Upshot: A little extra fuzz on the legs helps keep you warm; downshot: anything longer becomes impossible (for me, imho) under leggings/tights/long underwear; what about the everywhere else? (Dudes generally only have to worry about hair north of their collar.)

The thought of not shaving my armpits for five days, let alone thirty-one, undoes me, so brava to any of my sisters willing to go the entire month without doing it.

Ladies, what are your plans for JanuHairy?

Men, opinions? And are you a participant in No Shave November?



  1. I don’t like it, and I especially don’t like that expressing that opinion apparently makes me a woman-hating misogynist now.

    I’m sorry, but we do things to our bodies to make ourselves attractive to whomever it is we are attracted to. And I personally am not attracted to armpit hair on women.

    We all draw lines somewhere. Every single one of us. For example, I’d say at least 99.9% of us would not be attracted to a man or woman who never bathes, or bathes ONLY in ranch dressing. Most of us would not be attracted to someone who never cuts his or her toenails.

    Armpit hair is smelly and gross and I don’t even like it on men. (I’m probably only about a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale, but still.)

    With all of that said, yeah, sure, if you want to rebel against what you perceive to be patriarchal norms around the grooming of your body, I fully support you! I honestly do! I just think that shaving your armpits is closer to “hair washing” than it is to “strap yourself into this ridiculous corset,” and I don’t want to be ostracized by my feminist friends, to whom I try to be the best ally I can be, because I personally am unattracted by it.

    • Well it falls into the corset category and out of the hygiene category when we don’t apply the same standard to men. I see you mention that but society largely doesn’t. So that’s kind of what makes it A Thing.

      • …no offense intended – or indeed any claim that concessions should or could be made for such things – but based upon those of my own acquaintance…

        with possibly one or two unusually-well-groomed examples…a fair proportion of men struggle to remember to shave their face before leaving the house & consider the term regular to be incompatible with haircuts not because they like to get them shortly before events for maximum impact but because how urgent the idea seems is largely a matter of whether they find it’s getting in their eyes?

        …I might be wrong but I think it’s a bit like high heels…sure maybe exercising that option can make for a more attractive appearance under some circumstances but not only is it not essential it’s maybe a bit ludicrous to consider it in the light of a demand or requirement if it’s one you clearly seem liable to fail should it be demanded of you in turn?

        • Well I also think that there are generally a lot of oppressive dress codes that affect both genders. I guess I’m just like…but who is telling men they have to shave in order to be accepted in society? It’s not women. Women might have a personal preference toward a shaved man (and I’m not going to criticize anyone’s personal preferences), but it’s not a great biproduct of the matriarchy that some men are sometimes expected to shave their faces and get their hair cut.

  2. Any month is JanuHairy if you dream big!

    I’m real lax about shaving these days, and now my hair doesn’t grow near as fast. When I shaved a lot, half a day would pass and I would see stubble. Now it takes days.

    I don’t really want to go a month hahaha.

  3. As a Caucasian-as-fuck woman with non-coarse hair in most places and living in the far dark north, I am ABSOLUTELY for this. Of course, all those caveats mean that basically my hairiness is a meaningless protest since I already don’t really have to shave my legs much and my armpit hair needs you to get up close and look hard for it, so I’d have done JanuHairy without noticing I was protesting.

    Having said that, hair on women in general is growing on me. The more time you spend in southern Europe, the more things you didn’t expect to be sexy are suddenly SUPER HOT. I’d recommend any girl who feels insecure about her oxters should peruse some Italian street & beach fashion (or travel, if you can).

    • I know a lot of women in my life who choose not to shave and it took me a minute to get used to that but now I don’t even notice. They get laid just fine haha. Not that that’s the main point but clearly they aren’t repulsing everyone.

  4. I don’t remember the last time I shaved or waxed my armpits. Maybe ten years ago? Maybe five? Either way, they’re au naturel, and not only is it not smelly (jesus, just y’know wash them and use deodorant, it’s not a big deal), it’s way more comfortable. I love my punk rock pits. It took me a while to feel comfortable going out to clubs with the fur showing, but I’m over 40 and give no fucks.

    As for the legs, I met someone new last year and before our first time together, I shaved my legs. And he actually seemed disappointed! I’m keeping him, if he’ll let me 😉

    The pubes, I’ll always trim. “Welcome To The Jungle” is an attitude, not a theme song.

  5. Live in a colder clime so it really has no bearing for January when everything is covered. In warmer weather, can’t get beyond not cleaning up the pits. Have gone as far as laser removal to keep stubble from getting itchy and uncomfortable. It’s not perfect, but makes the hair much smoother and thinner = no itching.

  6. I guess I’m very old school, but…nah.

    Yes, you can do (or not do) whatever you want to your own body as you see fit, but this look doesn’t do it for me. (Does that make a misogynist? Whatever. Shoot me.) I find my own body hair revolting, frankly.

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