January Advice [NOT 1/1/23]

Hi, friends!

Happy arbitrary date holiday!

I hope your weekend went well, and that any hangovers are mild.

Any advice for the month of January?

Here’s what I got:

  • If you go to an actual gym, skip the next 2 weeks. Everyone will be all up on their “omg I will lose 20 pounds in a month!!!” spazzy workouts and all the machines will be busy.
  • Don’t ask anyone to do anything that costs money. December is expensive, we’re all catching up still.
  • Retailers do everything possible to make you feel bad about yourself in January to sell you on wellness crap and diet food.
  • Eat and drink whatever the fuck you want, rest assured the folks on the super restricting diet high horses will fall off those wagons by the end of the month.
  • Don’t forget you’re awesome and a fucking delight to this community.



    • Yeah. I’ve never been able to deal with resolutions. I reach a certain point, something triggers me, and I get back in shape. Could be a photo, a pair of jeans that don’t fit, a random comment from somebody, but when it happens, it’s like a switch gets thrown and I start exercising (which I should do regularly anyway but life, what can I say).

      But it never happens Jan. 1. Nope.

  1. Early February is a good time to start looking for used exercise equipment and put off  burning serious calories until then. Often people will be giving stuff away by then. Plopping an exercise bike in front of the TV was easily the easiest way for me to keep on top of it in a regular way.

    • Same. I’ve been trying to ride my stationary bike for an hour a day for the last month or so. It’s also parked in front of my TV. Way back before my daughter was born, I was a gym rat — worked out two hours a day. I would get frustrated because people were on my machines. So I bought my own and that worked really well, but I stopped regularly working out about three years ago when I thought I needed to spend more time working at the job that fired me.

      Bad decision. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get back to a regular schedule.

      Oh! Used exercise equipment. We had a chain called Play It Again Sports, and I used to buy all my stationary bikes there. They would resell used exercise gear. People just unload barely used equipment. Treadmills, bikes, all kinds of stuff that they bought and let collect dust. So you could get really good equipment for a fraction of the price of new. I’m not sure if they’re still in business here, but it was a pretty smart business model.

      • Not sure if they’re still there, but Play it Again is definitely still around!

        They’ve still got stores all over MN (they were started in Uptown, after all!😉), and Winmark–their parent company also has Once Upon a Child, Plato’s Closet, Music Go Round, and Style Encore…

        Disc-go-round and Computer Renaissance used to be part of them, too, but got shuttered/sold off years ago.

  2. I’m going to disagree with several folks here — resolutions can be helpful. That’s been my experience.

    I don’t see “failing” to reach a particular goal as a failure — it’s most likely a scheduling or opportunity issue. So I set goals to kind of guide my focus and help use them to battle the malaise from depression that strips me of motivation.

    Basically, if I have plans, I’m much more likely to get shit done. Not accomplishing every goal is not a big deal.

    • I think it’s a thing of making sure resolutions are sustainable.

      I’m going to fix my diet and lose the weight! – not sustainable

      I’m going to eat leftovers instead of Taco Bell! – sustainable

      I’ve been so guilty of having these resolutions that are not sustainable after some sort of scheduling snafu etc like you said.

  3. Bit of advice #1–for any Lane Bryant & especially Cacique shoppers, this is the semi-annual sale!!!

    Aside from the  halftime sale for the Superb Owl? THIS is one of the other two times of year to get bras at a “mostly reasonable” price!!!

    Go, get them, SUPPORT YOURSELVES PROPERLY, at half (or less!!!) the regular price!😉😁💖🤗


    Also, January is an EXCELLENT time to buy Jeans, winter coats, boots, and other cold-weather gear!

    Places like Fleet Farm, Cabelas, and other “outdoors” stores typically heavily discount stuff in early-to-mid January, in preparation for the spring season items’ arrival…

    January a decade ago was when I got my Columbia jacket that’s still in almost-new condition at Fleet Farm, for about $60.00 (about 1/3 the original price!😉)… it’s also when I got the North Face Men’s fleece jacket I wear under that Columbia jacket (something like one of these), for $29.99 at Cabela’s on clearance!😁

    Lots of stores want to clear out “seasonal” merchandise (this is the BEST time to get Flannel sheets, too!), and some of them discount wildly because they have early-year Inventory counts coming up!😁

    So, if you aren’t broke in January, it’s an EXCELLENT time to renew your household goods or refresh a wardrobe💖


  4. Don’t ask anyone to do anything that costs money. December is expensive, we’re all catching up still.

    someone should tell the gubment here that…january is big annual bill month

    awww shucks…broke after crimbo…thats a bummer…. welp.. heres your water bill..and your trash collection bill…and your sewer filtration bill… and your property tax bill… why the fuck am i paying that as a renter btw? shouldnt that be on the landlord?… oh i bet you the gubment charges both of us

    aaand theres a few more that are escaping me right now…but dont worry…they’ll turn up on my doormat

    also coz its the gubment….some get automatically withdrawn, others need to be paid in full immediately…or in 2 or 10 installments…coz you know…wouldnt want different branches of gubment to use the same system now would we

    • The one that annoys me the most is the personal property tax.

      I just love paying Missouri $400 this year on a car I bought and paid sales tax on when I bought it in 2019. And then the annual personal property tax. Also, it’s a goddamn Ford Focus, $398 is ridiculous, that property tax should be like $150.

      • Whaaaaaat?!?!???

        What is this “Personal Property Tax” bs?!?

        You PAID taxes on the item when you bought it… presumably, you pay an annual “License & Registration” fee on it too…

        WHY ON EARTH is there *another* tax, on a NON-business, depreciating asset?!?

        WTF is THAT crap???

        Property taxes are for LAND… PROPERTY that one owns–land, buildings, etc…

        Stuff that *doesn’t* MOVE…

        Sometimes it boggles my brains, what “low tax” states will absolutely gouge their residents over, in order to “keep taxes low”🙄🙄🙄


        I’m sorry Brighter, that SUCKS!

        Ngl, living in a “high tax” state sucks sometimes, too… but we DO have good services & usually pretty decent roads, thanks to all those taxes–and the way ours are charged *feels* a bit more equitable, too (i.e. “low value” vehicles pay a Registration Fee of about 40 bucks yearly, most cold/cook-at-home food isn’t taxed, and we have multiple (although NOT enough at the higher income levels!) Income Tax tiers/rates.)

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