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    • In my Nortel Days, I was at a meeting and I overhead a director from Wireline (landline group) mutter almost exactly that to a colleague (it was about mobile internet).

      Then folks wonder why we went bankrupt.

  1. I’ve also heard mastodon.social is a good alternative. I’m not sure I understand the differences.

    But I never signed up for Twitter, so I have nothing to lose either way.

    • …mastodon seems to have got considerable mileage out of twitter’s tailspin but…while post seems infuriatingly opaque if one’s preferences run to lurking rather than account-having…mastodon seems to remain pretty opaque even from the perspective of the account-have-er?

      …in kinja terms you’d create an account on a specific sub-blog…which would determine your “local” feed…but can follow people on any blog that your sub-blog doesn’t actively refuse to have anything to do with…which would be where your non-local feed looks for things…& you’d be able to interact without shifting your “home” to wherever the comment you want to reply to lives…but it’s intentionally hard to “quote” someone the way that’s become pretty standard on twitter…& the search function seems like the cause of a good deal of frustration?

      …I suspect that some of the problems with mastodon might stem from a lack of standardized hardware since people can host their own instances rather than that being an in-house deal…but they & post presumably have a sudden need for things to scale a lot faster than anticipated…which I assume is where the waitlist comes into play

      …my guess is that the actual account creation process is no slower than for most things…but they’re trying to trickle-feed the extra users at a rate that doesn’t log-jam the existing traffic…like the stop lights at slip roads for freeways during rush hour?

  2. but seriously a waiting list?

    its a fucking online messenger

    as i said in my about you box

    go fuck yourself

    im sorry myo…i like you

    but not enough to put up with this bullshit

    as they say in france……fuck this shit i am out

    • @myopicprohet my apologies for being somewhat ruder than was really necessary

      I was a little further down the bottle than I should have been….makes me swear like a fucking trooper….uhh well more so than usual like

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