just a little bit of history*… [DOT 10/1/20]

…so – just real quick before I go back to mainlining coffee & praying for the arrival of the ever fabulous Fur Face Friday back in the land of Kinja – here’s some neat-o hi-jinks from the most recent round of procedural at bats
…or at any rate most recent as I write this which is a few hours before it ought to post & therefore quite possibly hopelessly out-dated though they may be by whatever superseding skullfuckery today might bring



…don’t look now – no literally, don’t bother because you can’t anyway


…but hey – that isn’t what you’re supposed to be looking at, as a certain group are very keen indeed to remind us all?


…something-something-emails-something-hillary-something-corruption-something-hoax-something-bidens-something-something mutter, mutter *snorts adderall*
…oh, yeah – that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it?

[*p.s. the phrase swings & roundabouts is more properly “what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts” or conversely “what you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabouts” & it’s probably very deep & clever & not at all a lazy headline/header combo at all…]



    • …wait – she’s meant to be our friend?

      • Stacking the courts with ultra conservative judges has been Mitch McConnell’s biggest accomplishment. Klobuchar has helped him achieve his goals. She doesn’t deserve the Dem nomination for president.

    • So he response is that she had to support these judges but that it elected she’d do her best to…nominate people to offset them….what?

      • Talk about closing the barn door after the horse is out!

      • Apologies for typos. Phone + no glasses on + no coffee yet.

    • I don’t like her.

  1. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-thursday-edition-1.5420966/its-exceptionally-unlikely-iran-shot-down-airliner-on-purpose-says-defence-reporter-1.5420975

    A defence reporter says we can “rule out the possibility” that Iran shot down a Ukrainian commercial jetliner carrying its own citizens intentionally.

    Shashank Joshi, defence editor at the Economist, says Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is the most likely culprit, and the country’s elected officials may have been unaware of the deadly error.

    • Yeah, it really wouldn’t make sense for them to shoot down their own people. If it had been a flight full of Americans, and they called a “whoops!” after like the US did with the airbus in the 80s (stay tuned for the next BSH, where that comes up), then I could see that being a pretty obvious tit-for-tat.

      This interview (https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/10/politics/iranian-ambassador-un-missile-strike-not-kill-americans-cnntv/index.html) is interesting, in that the ambassador seems to be clearly saying, “Look, we smacked you in the nose to show you we can fuck you up if we want to, but don’t push us.” But as a Canadian, I want to know, if you didn’t mean to kill Americans with the strikes on the base, did you _mean_ to kill Canadians when you took down that flight? And if you did, WTF dude? You couldn’t try talking to us first?

      • So it sounds like the base housing (without casualties) was targeted to show accuracy, and make a point; and the Canadian flight was (or is being made) a separate area of responsibility, done by ‘others’, is that about it?

        (I’m in sore need of coffee.)

        • possibly, but iran’s elected officials are still saying it was not a missile, but a mechanical issue and USA and Canada need to share their intelligence with the world before saying it was a missile.

          • …meanwhile the clip that looks like a video of a missile hitting something that then burns & drops out of the sky does make the missile theory seem more credible than Iran’s version of events?

    • That is 100% his fault.

      • …& how

        …god damn it, herb – stop herbin’ the joint up already – you already broke that shit & it’s clear you have zero interest in fixing it

    • Thanks for the update shakedangle! Herbs are gonna herb.

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