…just another manic monday [DOT 8/6/20]

wish it was someday...

…I don’t know if it qualifies as a confession on account of I suspect it’s somewhat obvious to anyone who might have been paying any sort of attention to these…but even on the days that someone else isn’t kind enough to check the box for the DOT my ability to put even a semblance of order into such things is variable…& it is, in a characteristically unavoidable way…Monday…& ain’t nothing over but the weekend



…apparently the post really wanted to be super clear about the national guard thing


…because any fool can read these streets




…& that’s no small thing to say…not least when you look at the budgets

…sounds a little less radical, then…does to me, anyway


Other Protests Flare and Fade. Why This Movement Already Seems Different.

…one difference being that things seem unusually contagious under present circumstances





George Floyd death: “People cannot be silent in the face of racism”

…I mean, they have been in a lot of ways or none of this shit would have been necessary in the first place…but you know what the lady means

Bird’s Eye View of Protests Across the U.S. and Around the World

…& at the risk of sounding like a broken record

Reopening States Are Blindsided by Protests
The F.D.A. is warning against reusing some masks made in China.


As the protests against police brutality continue, public officials are warily watching for signs that mass demonstrations are leading to virus outbreaks.

…those who have the most invested in there being some sort of positive outcome from all this protest seem to be plenty capable of making their point without stooping to violent reprisal

In New York Protests, a Night Without Curfew or Conflict

…which might make it seem odd that so many remain convinced that things are out of hand


…unless of course the concerns you’d like to see brought under control are prompted more by this sort of thing

…now, to be fair



…this is why I try to avoid linking to things on twitter as a rule & spend all that time cluttering these up with links to the NYT or WaPo or somthing else that’s more that some online rando boasting dubious credentials

uh huh…that’s what’s unfair…bet many people are saying it…not as many as the bots but there’s more than one consipcuous fucking moron at large to be sure…

…if that’s all I aimed for you to find here I wouldn’t need any links at all


…there’d just be wall after wall of text that I wouldn’t blame any of you for never reading

A rip in the fabric of the economy won’t be healed easily, and denial of the severity of the crisis won’t solve it.



…because it’s appealing to think that the things this movement will drag along in its wake will be positive

The economist who could save the world

Student Editor Honored for Investigating Racial Disparities in Suspensions


[…& with thanks to our esteemed bluedogcollar for pointing this out yesterday there’s one kind of plucking cotton that I think we can all get on board?]

Inside the Revolts Erupting in America’s Big Newsrooms


A. G. Sulzberger noted “a significant breakdown in our editing processes” before the publication of an Op-Ed by a United States senator calling for a military response to civic unrest.
Is This the Trump Tipping Point?

…& I know I want that to be true…but underneath it I know not all of it will be









…I wouldn’t be too sanguine about the chances that effect is confined to stuff we actually define as a crime, mind

Minority Workers Who Lagged in a Boom Are Hit Hard in a Bust


Fear of the coronavirus is speeding up efforts to allow voting from home, but some of them pose security risks and may make it easier for Vladimir V. Putin, or others, to hack the vote.





As the administration sends up to $16 billion in additional subsidies, critics are concerned that the funds could be used to ensure that the president maintains the backing of one of his key voting blocs.

…just a reminder…not all threats are lethal

Many white people have been moved by the current movement, but how will they respond when true equality threatens their privilege?




…so some things are nothing more than one might expect


…I mean, we all knew it was coming…don’t anybody act surprised or anything


…& many of the points being made are obvious to the point of being unimpeachable


…but some are arguably more telling than others


…so while you struggle with the whole root & branch deal…try not to wind up out of your tree?

…help is out there…& this might tide you over between DUANs?

Awash in the ghastly video mosaic shot by black people’s cameraphones, I found myself doubled over the kitchen sink. Then a lyric gave me strength.


  1. Another day, another Karen. Arrested twice in one day for assault. She probably would only have gotten a slap on the wrist for spitting on a Black teen, but kneeing the officer in the groin is gonna be trouble, lol.
    Countdown to “the video was taken out of context, this doesn’t represent who I am as a person, I don’t have a racist bone in my body, people who know me know what’s in my heart, I’m very sorry if I hurt anyone.”


    • “When [white women] sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    • Speaking of Karens, my daughters best friend (a black 17 year old immigrant) got into a battle on social media with a Karen in our area. He is the nicest, most well spoken young man I have ever met & this woman said the most vile racist shit I have ever heard. It exploded around our community to the point of the mayor yelling at this woman online. They speakers at last nights rally in our city even read her comments to let people know it exists in our small community too. When they read that, my daughter and many other teens that knew who the comments were about broke social distancing and had to give him a hug. Now most of the students are trying to doxx her but funny how brave racists online are good at hiding who they really are and where they live.

    • The article briefly mentions it, but I wish they had been blunt about how anti-Soros talk is an antisemitic dog whistle. The reference is as deeply ingrained in the white supremacist culture as references to “inner city thugs.”

      • People of limited education and/or financial means tend to have a lot of trouble understanding large sums of money. It’s particularly obvious when they receive windfalls:

        But the other side of that coin is that they can’t grasp what “rich” means. So you get things like MAGAs who think Trump has vast, limitless wealth, or also assume that George Soros could indefinitely fund a vast group of protestors (or immigrants, or whatever). They don’t understand the difference between a million dollars and a billion dollars, or grasp that a $250,000 inheritance can actually be spent in a few days if you don’t understand money (that last example is from my in-laws — infuriated me).

        On a smaller scale they can’t understand compound interest, how check-cashing stores work, how loans and credit cards work, or even super-simple things like budgeting. Financial literacy in the US is utterly dismal.

        • Makes me think of this joke I just read: “I was in a check out line at the store. In front of me was ragged looking older guy wearing a maga hat. The guy behind me asked if he could barrow five bucks. The hat wearing the hat looks at him in disgust and says no. The man behind me says there are only two kinds of people that support tRump, billionaires and stupid people, I now know which kind you are.”

        • According to Wikipedia he had $8b in 2018. So, if he spent one million dollars a day, it would take him 24 years to spend it all, interest and dividends notwithstanding.

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