Just Chillin’ [DOT 11/12/21]

Happy Saturday everyone! Brain Drain will be by in a minute – I’m hoping someone will fill me in on the reboot of THAT show so I don’t have to watch it.

Also, I am currently visiting some friends so I’m definitely phoning (tweeting) it in today.

What else you got for me Deadsplinterati? BTW, this is, randomly, my 435th post for Deadsplinter. Thanks for hanging out with me for so long!

Guillotine? Guillotine.

I kinda forgot about this whole thing. Fox News is eating it up of course.



This is my favorite brand of Tweet:

Have a great weekend!



  1. When I arise in the pre-dawn hours, nothing gets my blood pumping faster and my energy level higher than yet another story about how awful the Fratelli Cuomo really are:


    But moving on, the news about Mike Nesmith was indeed sad. Entrepreneurship ran in that family. His mother famously invented Wite-Out, but less well-known is Nesmith’s invention of MTV:

    During this time, Nesmith created a video clip for “Rio”, which helped spur Nesmith’s creation of a television program called PopClips for the Nickelodeoncable network. In 1980, PopClips was sold to the Time Warner/Amex consortium. Time Warner/Amex developed PopClips into the MTV network.

    He was also, among many, many other things, the Executive Producer of “Repo Man”.

    Coincidentally last weekend, bored, I fell into a YouTube Rabbit Hole of short documentaries. I watched a really good one about the Monkees:

  2. You should read that Post link. Fredo wasn’t just carping about a rival network’s employee. Dean lost both her parents-in-law to Covid because Handsy decreed that nursing homes had to take in hospital patients, Covid-infected or not, and when those nursing home patients became infected and were then sent to hospitals, where many, many died, they weren’t counted as nursing home deaths. That’s what happened to Janice Dean’s in-laws.

    Fredo’s response, in conspiracy with Handsy and his Ghislaine, was to portray Dean as a right-wing nutjob/airheaded “meteorologist.” Well, Janice Dean was not only vindicated in the first Attorney General report (the second report was the one that documented Handsy’s sexually abusive crimes against his staff and other women), she still has a job.

    Oh, and have I mentioned this?


    The other report, the one undertaken by the State Assembly, documented how much staff time was spent ghostwriting/editing/etc. Handsy’s historical fiction page turner, How to Cure a Pandemic in 7 Easy Steps. The State Ethics Board (try not to laugh imagining New York even has one) didn’t exactly give its approval in the first place, some underling slid it out the door without the members voting on it. They would have voted for it anyway, they were all in Handsy’s (back, not front) pocket anyway, but this provides retroactive cover. They’ve had second thoughts, as they say, because Handsy’s lawyer pinkie-swore that no state resources would be used, when in fact some people seemed to do nothing but work on the book. I think there are something like 4,000 emails/texts about the book generated by Ghislaine (Melissa DeRosa) alone, and she wasn’t writing notes to herself.

    • At this time of year? Not at all. We’ve got warnings until 9 am, the western part of the state was hit hard, they’re estimating the casualties to be between 70 and 100 people. A state of emergency has been declared and the National Guard has been deployed.
      Tornados in this part of the country aren’t very common but there were a couple a week ago near my daughter’s place.

    • Yep, pretty normal. Bad storm systems can be huge and move fast. Though this is an uncommon time of year. I’m outside Chicago and we had thunderstorms last night. No measurable snow yet and it’s going to be in the 50s next week. It’s all part of weather getting weirder.

  3. I have to say, I haven’t been over to The Root in a while, where once it was daily reading for me. As it shifted away from Black culture to entertainment, it held less and less interest for me. I still check Gizmodo and the AV Club occasionally, but I can’t remember the last time I bothered to comment.

    It’s almost like the Herbs want to purge the entire site of anything controversial, even though it’s costing them clicks. Seems counter-productive, unless you’re trying to deprive certain segments of society, like women, people of color, or (gasp) liberals, of information.

    But that couldn’t be it, could it? Nah.

    • They still post a lot more “relevant to our interests” news than say, Jez. But yes the increase in pop fluff in noticeable. It’s sad because i really feel like reading The Root has made me a better, or at least more informed, white person. I will put Michael Harriot’s book on my list to buy.

    • I know Damon left VSB, and Yesha has long since moved on. As long as Michael Harriot was still contributing, I would occasionally visit The Root. But now that he’s written his goodbye letter and taken it off his Twitter bio, that really does sound the death knell for the site. Pity, because for years it was the one property on Get/Out Media that showed growth and remained profitable. I should note that Harriot now writes for The Guardian and seems to have a gig on The Amber Ruffin Show (which, yes! What a good fit!).

  4. File this under “Fuck around and find out.”

    Hundreds of people are fired, online learning set to return amid vaccine resistance at nation’s second-largest school district

    Quotes: “Parting ways with individuals who choose not to be vaccinated is an extremely difficult, but necessary decision to ensure the safety of all in our school communities.”

    “Students have the choice of vaccinating or being removed from their friends, robotics classes, sports teams, clubs, plays, other extracurriculars and their magnet programs,” one parent told board members. “This is coercion.”

    Why, yes, yes, it is coercion. Since you’re clearly too stupid to take appropriate action on your own, someone of greater intelligence has to step in and force you to care for yourself and your children. It’s like when I “coerced” my daughter not to run into traffic by holding her hand. 

    • …he is/was a big deal for skaters & he’s been around a long time…but if I had to guess it might be more on account of the video game(s) with his name in the title…which I’m pretty sure have been around since the days of at least the playstation2 & are still being released now?

      …pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize him, either…but I’m not much for the gaming…so that’s my guess

      • Thanks for checking @Hannibal! I just finished the show – it was a little crazy – not really bad crazy just constantly annoying crazy. I interviewed for another one and thought it was in the bag – but I guess my planets are misaligned – since I didn’t get it. Oh well – the millennials in my department have convinced me that I need at least one side hustle – they seem to have many – so now I’ll have time to figure that out.

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