Justice Breyer to retire

I wonder how Manchin and Sinema will screw this up.

Let the games begin.



  1. what…a new judge?

    no no no….its far too close to a presidential election for that…we should hold off till we know who wins it

  2. If Biden was smart (Jesus Christ, listen to me), he’d have a nominee all lined up and tell the public, “We want to make sure that the Supreme Court is at full strength before the next Republican-led insurrection attempt.”

  3. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  4. Can Mitch McConnell mumble his way into preventing a Biden appointment? And although I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want it, I think the Dems should leak that Michelle Obama is going to be the nominee.

  5. The answer, of course, is to nominate someone even more milquetoast and older than Breyer for the court. Dianne Feinstein, come on down! 

  6. So, the Fox News Douchey is floating the theory that Kamala is going to get the nomination.  What a fucking idiot!  This is going to be the most disgusting display of racism when these idiots line up to try to disparage a black woman and take shots that she is not qualified.  I’m pretty sure it will be Ketanji Brown Jackson since she did a clerkship with Breyer and that probably was how they convinced him to retire.

  7. Joe Manchin already “has concerns” with every possible nominee.

  8. had to go over to GT & find Rooo, because we talked (on the original GT) yeeeeears ago, about the “What Ifs” of Wilhelmina Wright being a nominee snd an excellent potential Associate Justice on the USSC.

    Then, when I googled Judge Wright, I realized that there’s probably not a snowballs chance in Hell of her even making the *lists* of possible noms, because she’s 58 now, and Biden most likely needs a nominee who’s in her early 50’s *at the oldest* if we want ANY chance of countering Brett-Likes-Beer or ACB in the long run😕

    My other personal dream picks would be Sherillyn Ifill or The former FLOTUS…

    Michelle, in particular would be a favorite nominee of mine, because Barack always said she was the better lawyer & legal mind!!! Even though he was the Constitutional Law professor.


    And I’ve said for literally years now, that I’d honestly adore it, if we saw both Michelle *and* Barack serving as Justices at the same time–both for the “R-side heads would implode!!!” factor (🤣🤣🤣), *and* because–thanks to Harding’s nomination of Taft–there is precedence for a former POTUS to serve on the USSC!😉😁😈

    • I love all the Michelle love, but I think she’s more or less done with federal government. And good on her, she doesn’t owe anyone anything. I think she’s used her power to find a nice niche where she can be influential and make that coin.

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