Kamala Harris’ Race: A White Person’s Guide

Dearest Karen and Chet,

Kamala Harris is a black woman.

I know white people are deeply confused over whether or not people from Jamaica or who are of mixed race are black, but Kamala Harris is a black woman. She was born a black woman, (God-or-whatever-deity-you-do-or-do-not-worship willing) she’ll be the first black vice president and the first black woman to hold major office. She identifies as black.

I don’t know why (white) people had to be way too online about whether or not Kamala Harris is a black woman or not. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t fit into some easily defined box. Maybe it’s because (white) people are deeply uncomfortable with voting for a black woman and looking for an excuse to make her less black. Maybe it’s because white conservatives are trying to undermine Harris’ blackness in an effort to get other black people to go temporarily blind and deaf and not listen to what the woman is saying. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t really care.

It’s the same reason that Barack Obama is black even if his Dad is African and his mom is white. Why y’all always gotta make it more complicated?

Obama and Harris ain’t out here Tiger Woodsing it over their racial identity. (By the way; Tiger is still black.) They told you what they are. Why is this even a thing?

Kamala Harris is a black woman. She’s also an Indian-American woman. She can be both. I know this one is straight and to the point, Karen, but I don’t need to go on for another 2000 words about this topic. It’s an open and shut case.

Pass it along to your friends who are still somehow arguing over this shit on Twitter.

Your truly,

Your black friend.

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  1.  She’s also an Indian-American woman. She can be both.
    im actually a little surprised that concept seems to be an issue over there as i frequently see american white people identify as 7% irish/native/marsbar whatever
    (most of the rest of the world just goes with half as really it just gets silly once you start counting ancient relatives)
    (i realize im a little askew of the point as always…but that shits been bothering me for a while now)

  2. A lot of white people seem to quite easily forget the “one drop rule” whenever it is convenient for them…
    (white person here, I just sometimes manage to notice and remember how fellow white people react to mixed-race people…)

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