ain't even meta...

…some people think they’re right funny bastards, I can tell ya

…it’s a fair cop…but society’s to blame?

…so there’s really only one possible response

…well, that’s what merriam-webster says, anyway

…although you may prefer wikipedia

…mind you…some people also think they’re not so good with english…but they just need to find the kind of lessons that suit them, really

…so…the question is…have we learned our lesson?

Have We Learned Our Lesson?
16 votes · 16 answers


  1. I have no idea what’s going on here.

    Do people still want a NOT post tonight or shall we congregate here?

    • …didn’t mean to displace the NOT but when myo did that This Is A Post post it turned into a .gif testbed & this is sort of my idea of a logical conclusion to that little bit of parody

      …so…whatever suits you, honestly?

        • You go girl, you deserve a 4 day weekend!  

    • Our friends, Jake and Myo, have a friendly rivalry.  So, they are just trading jabs.  As for the NOT, I leave that decision to you.

  2. This is a perfectly cromulent post. 

  3. …also…for the record…I had to get myo to actually do the poll thing…supposedly it has to do with plug-ins & stuff I don’t have access to…but I’m not entirely certain it’s not that I can’t be trusted not to add approximately a million options & we’d be back to scrolling for ages…which would sort of defeat the object of the exercise?

    • Well, what’s the intention of your polls?

      If you want to get a quorum on a decision, then yes we probably need a small number of mutually exclusive answers.

      If you want to get feedback on what people think or are just generally curious, then a ton of options is the way to go.

      • …very true…although in this case claiming there was an intention might be overstating things…unless imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all, I guess?

      • The poll should be:

        Should @splinterrip spend less time on the DOTs & more time WRITING POSTS IN OTHER CATEGORIES?

        A). Yes

        B). Yes

        C). Fuck off, myo!

        D). All of the above

        • Even I’d vote D. Less myo, more Splinterrip on here…

          …& even if I did know English, I’d feel that way.


          • …other categories, you say?

            …seems like I heard that somewhere before…gimme a minute…it’ll come to me…maybe I need a clue?


              • As long as EVERYONE still agrees that we always get to punch the Nazis, everything’ll be copacetic.**
                (**using this one, since we appear to be bringing out the “whole fifty cents!” words, rather than our regular two-centers tonight!😉😁🤣)

                  • This is an excellent gif. Watched it loop probably 10 times, still enjoying it. 

                • Got a new(ish) employee late last year, and was working with them at one point before I really knew much about them.  Mentioned in passing: “I heard that guy running the nazi demonstration this weekend got his teeth knocked out” And without missing a beat, new employee immediately responded “Good.”, so I was pretty sure they were ok.

          • I thought you were Canadian? That’s mostly English.

  4. Obviously I voted for A…& when I say I voted for “A” I mean as in the first letter of the alphabet even though it is what “A” actually is in the grandest of scheming it’s perhaps not in this case which, to me, & by “me”, of course, the reference to whom I am making a reference is myself, it’s merely the first answer, but…& also…because it’s the ‘correct’ answer.

    …the hardest part, for me (again with the reference bit), of course, was adding the poll…& I think, as in ‘assume’, that that is the point?

    …if one, as in ‘you’…& feel free to refer to the above mentioned references on that front…were to write more of these ‘easy-to-write’ posts, I’d be very much happy – & even elated – to help you out with some of the things that would save you time…&/or grant you more sleep?

    …then again…& again…& again…it’s completely up to you…as in not me, unfortunately.

  5. voted D…never getting tired of that option 🙂
    anyways the lead pic reminded me theres a little over a week to go till i have to watch football again
    eurocup…its a legal requirement to watch those matches and become a footie expert for as long as the locals are in it….i give it 4 matches before they flunk out and i can go back to not giving a fuck about footie
    hmmm…better dig up my orange lion shirt and find whatever medication i need to survive all the orange food dye

    • Go Nederland!

      I’m ready to be disappointed (I think they’ll win their group – at least they should)…I’m a Leafs fan.

      • they should…..lol… feels like it was a long time ago we had a good team tho…we tend to have good players who put the i in team

  6. I think the Splinter-Myo slap-fight is a metaphor….


    • …hmm…well…that escalated quickly?

    • Warriors…. *clink clink clink*

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