Last Gasp [DOT 2/1/22]

Welcome to the last Sunday before you have to go back to work; the holidaze are over!

Take it easy, mentally prepare for tomorrow, maybe do a face mask… I’m gonna watch some movies and relax. I cleaned and rearranged my basement on Friday so I already feel semi-productive for the weekend.

What’s your plan?

Flying right now sounds awful.

Flight cancellations top 2,500 in another chaotic day for air travel

How does this feel like both last month and 10 years ago?

Prosecutors break down charges, convictions for 725 arrested so far in Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol

I bet if we showed them an AR-15 they’d be horrified… What do you think would do the trick?

My kind of resolutions:

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying

Hang in there with the Sunday Night Blues…



  1. After reading about those folks stranded for hours on the Sandia Peak Tramway my mind turned instantly to that great cinematic triumph, 1981’s “Nighthawks.” In this clip we see passengers being held hostage by Rutger Hauer on New York City’s very own Roosevelt Island tram. Who should pop in for a visit but Sylvester Stallone?

    • Fun fact: the Sandia Peak Tramway is the longest in the world. When I was a kid I always wanted to take it.  Now not so much.

  2. my plan for today was swapping a lightbulb…which in this house is always fun…as every light in the house has a different fitting…first i gets to find out what kind of bulb it needs..then i get to try and find it in the shop…unless its one of the discontinued types…those are really fun and involve hunting around in the cheapo junk shops which arent open coz lockdown…so its lucky this one was a normal one

    other than that i guess my plan is to watch the cops and the antimaskers beat eachother up in amsterdam again

    starting the new year as they mean to go on i guess

    • Well, they aren’t shooting them yet. So that’s more restraint that US cops typically have.

      • they have to account for every bullet spent with a significant ammount of paperwork here…..suspect thats a detterant

        anyways…i imagine hitting antimaskers with a stick is good stress relief

        • Ooh that would definitely help my stress levels.

  3. 35 Eat salted butter (life’s too short for unsalted).

    Good to know that I’m already living my best life.

  4. I think i might take down the tree today.

  5. the holidaze are over

    Does this mean I have to stop spiking my morning coffee?

    • …depends…christmas & NYE were both on the weekend(s)…& if at all possible I think the days that separate them ought to be a holiday in their own right…some people like to call it ‘twixtmas…which means you could argue that you’re owed three days in lieu for christmas/boxing day/new year’s day

      …so arguably you’re fine through to this wednesday?

      • I like the way you think.

    • It’s for the best. Amateur pharmacology 101 is don’t mix your meds.

      • I’ll ask my doctor.

        snake oil

        • Never take Dr. Driscoll’s Homeopathic Elixir and Compound of Coca, Laudanum and Wormwood while you are also taking Priestess Mysteria’s Patented Chiropractic Medicinal Herbal Potion Derived From Ancient Scriptural Receipts And Scientific Principles Of Fungal Derivatives. That’s just common sense.

    • Absolutely not!

      Epiphany is January 6th and that’s the end of the holiday season.

      • Excellent point!

          • As a good Catholic should!😉😈😁💖

            (The ONE advantage to having grown up Catholic, is knowing when all the good Drinking/Party excuses land throughout the year!😉💖)

    • Nope, not at all–just claim you’re Catholic!😉😁🤣💖


      Then you can say you’re “Celebrating “The whole TWELVE DAYS of CHRISTMAS!” and keep drinking it that way until, debatably, January 5th or 6th.

      The 6th is Epiphany, and the end of the Christmas season…

      And then you can switch over to using Mardi Gras as a reason😉😁😈

      Although once Fat Tuesday is over & Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, you’re screwed…

      (But HEY, I found you a good excuse for at least 6-or-so more weeks!😉💖)

      Eta–MOST Americans–especially  non-Catholics mistakenly believe “The 12 Days of Christmas” are the days before Christmas, ending with Christmas Eve/Christmas Day…

      They don’t realize that that’s actually when “The 12 Days of Christmas” begin!😁

  6. How does this feel like both last month and 10 years ago?

    I think that applies to anything that’s happened within the last two years. Time has gotten really, really weird. I feel like my life has been in a holding pattern, waiting for who knows what at this point because I don’t think covid is ever going away. I suspect I’m not alone in that feeling. My kid has grown from a 2 to a 4 year old during the pandemic. He doesn’t even really remember how it was before.

    • …I’d be inclined to agree that it’s been one of the difficult things about the last couple of years that a lot of stuff sort of felt like it was on pause but also wasn’t

      …some kids seem to have rolled with it better for whatever reason but I know a few who as you describe don’t really remember things being any other way…which seems to be a mixed bag…in some ways it’s been helpful in that they’re less likely to be freaked out about things being different…but in other ways their worlds have kind of shrunk at a time when ordinarily they’d have been getting bigger…& it’s hard not to feel like that isn’t great in the grand scheme of things?

      …it’s a long time since I was a kid & I don’t feel like I’ve necessarily done a great job of adjusting to a world that encourages what might previously have been seen as anti-social tendencies

      …by which I mean literally averse-to-socialisation rather than likely-to-piss-off-others…though as someone else pointed out recently it does seem like a lot of people have taken the excuse to just not think about others so there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of the latter to contend with?

      • in some ways it’s been helpful in that they’re less likely to be freaked out about things being different…but in other ways their worlds have kind of shrunk at a time when ordinarily they’d have been getting bigger…

        Yes yes, this is absolutely the case. Lil already had some social hiccups before this whole mess, and they’ve only gotten worse. Really, I guess the same statement applies to me.

        But with Lil, he’s in preschool now and definitely struggling a bit socially. Of course, the teacher also told us he’s “very sensory” which is basically code for he might be on the autism spectrum. Which we were already kinda wondering about anyway. So that all compounds with the social isolation and general weirdness of society.

  7. Normally I go to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner but I cancelled on them this weekend because we had some ice forecasted yesterday and today it’s frigid cold and I am of the mindset of why leave the house.

    This has kind of left me at loose ends for the day. Usually I’m trying to do my food prep in the early afternoon so I have meals for the week and then I’m with them for a few hours and then I come home and shower and do laundry right away because my mom is an indoor smoker and I need to wash that smell off before going to bed.

    But yesterday and Friday I did my food prep for most of the week. And I’m doing laundry now. It’s very strange to have the afternoon and evening free.

    • I can relate. I have the house to myself for the next hour and a half. What should I do?

      A. Watch Star Trek: Discovery?

      B. Start reading Children of Blood and Bone?

      C. Doom scroll and refresh DS for the comments?

      Answer: probably C until someone decides for me or my family returns from the park 🙃

      • i’d go with A

        not that ive watched star trek discovery yet

        but….its really nice to be able to watch anything without all the distractions running around

        • Discovery started slow for me but after about 4 or 5 episodes I was hooked. All the Klingon dialogue bored me at first, although I understand why it was cool they used so much.

          • I loved every moment of the Micheal Burnham/Philippa Georgiou dynamic! Started season 4 today and it’s so-so.

            • I don’t have whatever streaming service it’s shown on, so I just wait and buy the seasons when they are available on bluray. 🙂

            • I gotta get back into Discovery. We watched the first season while it was airing, but we waited too long and never got back to it. Still need to watch Picard too, so at some point we’ll get that whatever subscription long enough to watch both, and then cancel it again.

  8. 53 Learn the basics of repairing your clothes.

    Preach! Doing this today.

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