…late start [DOT 16/5/20]

…there are a lot of things going on at the moment…& some people have some pretty odd ideas about some of it…so I might get around to producing some links to some of that…or otherwise finishing this post

that’s a lot of suppertimes…

…but for now…what are the chances that everyone’s least favorite belligerent malcontent has seen at least one Eddie Izzard show?

that’s how you build empires…


…so…anyway…other stuff has happened that might arguably be of greater note but for now why not just watch a bit more Eddie Izzard & wait for the Brain Drain to hove into view?



  1. i do like eddie
    but today im mostly amused at trump rendering any investigation of pompeo unnessecary
    oh hey im investigating pompeo for abuse of office boof fired
    case closed
    doesnt make anyone look guilty at all.. nope no sirree

  2. …it’s a shame that there isn’t a way to employ Ockham’s Razor on this administration’s actions…the implicit admissions of guilt are quite literally off the scale

  3. oh also… as theres no song festival tonight we’re having europe shine a light instead
    where all this years contestants are going to be singing love shine a light together from their own homes and far as i can tell some other songs from the yesteryears and before too… in case anyone cares… ive no idea where you’d be able to stream it from if it need be.. but its being broadcast in 40 countries im sure a stream is findable if need be.
    anyhoo im pretty sure i still have the lyrics to this one down and i feel like a singalong later

    • …there’s so many things wrong with that I don’t know where to begin…but the bit at the end where she says she’ll stay home & incubate anything she might potentially have caught for half as long as she’d need to for it to be worth doing before heading back to work as a nurse when most likely to be contagious (& possibly pre-symptomatic) is where I think I’d always end up?

      …the hell is wrong with these people?

    • There’s a certain level of comfort in the general public opinion that healthcare professionals will approach this pandemic rationally across the board simply because their education Should make them see this through a lens of science. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. Reference Ben Carson.

  4. Have y’all seen this ad yet?

    I haven’t heard of the group Medias Touch before, and–of course–google keeps trying to give me *Midas*…

    They took TrumpCo’s love of the racist “The Woman and The Snake” and flipped it….

    Can’t tell if Meidas’ is a religiously-affiliated group (the tweet leans religious-y,obviously!), is a political group, or an outside-the-US entity:

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