Lazy Sunday [DOT 16/2/20]

Fun Fact: this is the video that propelled YouTube into the megalith we know (and love?) today.

What’s on your dream Lazy Sunday schedule? Cupcakes? Brunch? Movies?

And just HOW lazy are you?

I got “Congratulations. You’re actually a fully functioning human capable of getting out of bed in the morning and cleaning your body in appropriate ways. You may look down upon the people around you.”

I’m not 100% convinced, and I thought it would be worse. I checked off quite a few things including, to my shame, the following:

  • Slept in your bed without sheets because you didn’t put the clean sheets back on?
  • Kicked something under the fridge because you didn’t want to bend down and pick it up? (This is my M.O.)
  • Thrown away a good container because you didn’t feel like emptying it and washing it?
  • Held your pee for an uncomfortable amount of time instead of actually getting up and peeing?

Do tell! And enjoy your Sunday Funday!



  1. I got Kinda Lazy , “managed to find an acceptable level of lazy.“ My dog disagrees since I’m laying here reporting the results of the quiz instead of getting ready to go to the dog park.
    No big plans for the day, I got all my chores done yesterday. I need to go shoe shopping but I’ll probably nap instead.

    • …apparently only 23% of respondents to that quiz report being less lazy than me…& I got Meg’s rating…which I find extremely questionable since in order to fulfil the header criteria I actually went back to bed specifically to fill the quiz out because I was too lazy *to click on the link* until after I got up & had coffee which means I feel like somehow that result is selling short how lazy I’m being?

      …damn it all I’ve put years of non-effort into my idleness credentials & I’m seeing literally no return on that investment, I tell you…it’s a travesty…

  2. i just awoke from a coma… went to bed before midnight rolled out again just before 3 pm…missus was avoiding the bedroom coz she thought i’d died and was waiting till bedtime to make sure….lol
    guess thats weeks of barely sleeping at all catching up to me
    welp..i didnt have any plans but playing the outer worlds some more so we all good here

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