Let It Snow! [DOT 29/1/22]

Welcome to the weekend. What’s on your docket?

We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!



Rafael Nadal nears history, with only Daniil Medvedev standing in his way


Mail began to pile up at a home. The local mail carrier noticed and saved a woman’s life


Temperatures — and iguanas — set to plunge this weekend in Florida


Have a great day!



  1. Yes, happy snow day to all who are happily hunkered down with no particular plans. We are well-stocked here at the Casa Encantada so except for mushing Balto the Wonder Dog on his mission to deliver diptheria serum and perform his 4X-daily neighborhood watch checks we are staying in the Fortress of Solitude.

    DC missed/is missing most of this, yes? What you’re not going to be able to avoid is Jeff Bezos plastering his name all over the Smithsonian:


    For some reason last night I was thinking about what a fine idea the United Nations was. All the countries on the earth united in seeking one goal: prosperity and peace for all the planet’s inhabitants:


    I expect great things.


    • “North Korea Named Chair of Undisarmament Conference”

      Fixed that for you.

    • We got a picturesque dusting and it’s freaking COLD. I was thinking about running some errands, but I’m double thinking that now.

    • Also the ‘ew’ face I’m making at the prospect of the Amazon and Space Museum brought to you by Jeff Bezos.

      I hope his ex wife is so happy and healthy  and lives a long long life with her school teacher beau giving away all her money.

      • To be fair, most folks will probably call it the Space Dick Wing of the National Air and Space Museum.


  2. can yous send some snowy winter my way?

    its currently 52f here grey and pretty windy…forecast for the next two week is…pretty much the same…ocassionally interupted by lots of rain

    its meh weather…makes me not want to do anything

  3. Stay safe Northeast Deadsplinters!

  4. Yeah, I don’t believe the media about the snow…

    and today’s anti-vaxxer of the week comes from closer to home…


  5. Iguanas are invasive to Florida. I have no problems with them falling out of trees.

    • They’re nasty, too. Poop all over everything, eat just about any plant.

  6. Also mail carriers are amazing people! At my old neighborhood, Carl the mail carrier would ask people if he hadn’t seen one of the elderly neighbors in a while and check to make sure they were okay.


    • The condo across from me has had two separate residents not pick up their mail in a timely manner so their box overflows. The mail lady certainly doesn’t call anyone. For the first resident, she just stopped delivering altogether until the woman came back from being out of town. The current guy, she just stuck an angry note on the mailbox. And he’s home so idk what his problem is. Funny it’s the same mailbox tho.

    • Amen to that. A couple years ago, our mail carrier let us know there was a gas leak in the building. We were able to get it addressed and fixed by the utility company that evening.

    • my regular mail carrier is mute and deaf and has a wonky leg…i honestly dont know how he makes his rounds every day

      but he does…so more power to him

      makes his rounds on a bicycle i should add

  7. I’d like to say I’m going to drink beer and watch the snow come down all day, but eventually I’m going to have to go out and plow this shit.

  8. Why do I remember thinking Amanda Marcotte was kind of an airhead?  Her stuff lately seems pretty on point.

  9. Tompa Brady no more.

    So long Mr Roboto QB with the biggest horseshoe up his goddamned ass.

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