Let’s Do This! [DOT 27/3/21]

Happy weekend, y’all. If you had a crazy busy week like I did, you’re probably really looking forward to some down time.

Wow, right place at the right time.

An Instacart shopper believed he heard someone loading guns in a bathroom stall. Police arrested a man with 6 guns

Good old homemade Montana meth…

Ban men.

A Minnesota man can’t be charged with rape, because the woman chose to drink beforehand, court rules


RIP to a real one.

Beverly Cleary, beloved author who chronicled schoolyard scrapes and feisty kids, dies at 104

If you need a good follow on Twitter, look no further than George Wallace:

Are they praying to Cheesus?

French monks locked down with 2.8 tonnes of cheese pray for buyers

Saturday morning Brain Drain and a gardening post are coming up…

Have a great Saturday!



  1. soooo what hes saying is that 20 years ago montana science flunkies were much more likely to accidentally kill you with shitty meth and that its much better now that mexican professionals have taken over?
    sure..i guess it sucks for the local science flunkies….but if they really wanted to keep that job they would have made the effort to better themselves

    • I watched Lonesome Dove within the last year or so. I think someone was on about Westerns (Myo? Keitel?) 

      I remembered vaguely when it was Big Deal television!

      • Lonesome Dove was one of the best books I have ever read. I don’t normally read westerns but I was reading through someone’s list of the ten best first pages of a novel and Lonesome Dove was on it. I read the entry got in my car – went to Waldonbooks and bought it. Read it in two days – it’s quite thick. Then, I rented the miniseries. 
        Rest in peace, you ol’ tumbleweed. 

  2. I loved “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” and the sequels. Never got into Ramona, but I did love Ralph S. Mouse. I can’t really be sad — Mrs. Cleary was 104, after all — and she touched a lot of lives. Well done, ma’am. 

  3. As a child my book options were limited…not sure why? I had Nancy Drew and the short stories of H H Munroe. The parental attitude was “if she can read it and comprehend it and it keeps her occupied, read on, child”. I very much liked his story “The Open Window”. A bit of ghost, a bit of showing the way a child/teen could wield power in a secret way under social constructs.

    • Eh, they already do that. There have been failed ballot measures to split California and Colorado. And I live in Illinois. The downstate people are always trying to split off from Chicago.

      • I lived in downstate Illinois for a time. Good riddance to them, it’s a backwards, racist, hellhole and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    • If DC statehood talks go any further, you just know some asshole is going to threaten to split Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

      Perhaps they should…..into the ocean


  4. Kitchen peeps!  How do I clean all this burnt black grease all over my ceramic frying pan?  Kid left it on the stove and forgot to turn the burner off.  I’ve already tried the baking soda thing.  Tried soaking in vinegar, too.  This shit is stubborn.

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