Let’s Do This!

I told the guys I was starting to crack today and they came back with “sorry, just like your democracy”. Not. Helpful.

I got some good news though. My oldest godson was accepted into [prestigious school of media arts] for the fall!

Here’s a couple other things that made me happy today…

Nature really is making a comeback:

Fox Steals Phone While It’s Recording, And The Footage Is Extremely Cute

16 hours of music curated by Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti for your entertainment:

Totally worth it – you’re not doing any work anyway:

Please Enjoy Catherine O’Hara Snapping in and Out of Character as Moira Rose For 36 Minutes

Your turn: tell me something good! Please!



  1. For the first few weeks of this I was making myself think of three good things a day, and then that started falling apart a few days ago. It became too exhausting to even think of three good things. So here we go: 1) ate an everything bagel I made by myself for the first time! (recipe: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/bagels-recipe); 2) people in the world are getting their stimulus money and they’re so excited that they’re crashing their bank websites; 3) I officially created a DeadSplinter account today – I do not know what this means but hopefully it’s a good thing?

  2. Two days after laying off most of our staff, we got news we are getting the SBA loan/grant! We brought back the whole staff & let them know before Easter. Wife went from stressed mess to functioning human in nothing flat!

  3. I’m tired. Happy that I’m one of the rare ones working, but really, really tired.

    1.Being able to work, and being able to help people by doing that work.
    2. Aside from things like yeast & distilled water (difficult for manufacturers to ramp up production of quickly!), the stores here–including the one I work at–are beginning to look close to normal again. We’re getting a few cases of rice, paper goods, flour, sugar, etc. in pretty much *every* truck now–meaning manufacturers are getting the goods to our main distribution warehouse.
    3. I was able to get up to my storage unit, so now I have two 32-qt bins full of cotton fabrics, that I can make masks out of 🤗😁 (when i have some time… which may be Sunday at the earliest…🙃)

    Aside–Are there any other ADHD/ASD-havers here?

    And if there are, do any of y’all have any tricks/tips which are helping you navigate right now?

    I’m… struggling…with motivation right now, and pretty exhausted, because “unscheduled time” is about the worst enemy, imo, when you have ADHD.
    There is too little to get into hyperfocus-mode with & burn off energy, compared to the times when I can work with my kiddos, so it’s manifesting in *literal physical exhaustion* right now.

    And because we have all the “stay at home” order stuff going on now, the sloth side of my ADHD is on hyperdrive right now, and manifesting as real, physical, tiredness & heaviness in my limbs & back…

    And I really can’t quite tell right now, if it’s *real* tiredness from my work/sleep schedule being whacked-out, or if it’s just because I can’t focus *for shit* at the moment…

    Which is why I’m kinda wondering how any other non-neurotypical folks are doing right now?💖

    • sorry no adhd experience here… you’re just getting a hug!

      btw, have more stores been able to get stuff from the restaurant/school distribution channel so goods don’t have to be throwm out? or dows such a thing takes much more time to set up?

      • “have more stores been able to get stuff from the restaurant/school distribution channel so goods don’t have to be throwm out? or dows such a thing takes much more time to set up?”

        Tbh, I’m really not quite sure. And this week has been too busy for me to have had time to dig into it… if I can, I’ll try to find out more–but it’ll probably be sunday before I have the chance😉💖

  4. Three items (two kind of backhanded):

    1. My site leadership got their shit together (four weeks late) and started implementing the necessary social distancing measures.

    Lucky no one (we know of) got sick.

    2. Got my review and the 5th year in a row, I pretty much called my review (this time meets expectations) and my performance mark within 15%. I also predicted the bitchy remarks added by the one supervisor (from another shift) almost to the letter. I guess the good news is, the review reads like they wanted to fuck me over but due to the good job I’ve done they couldn’t. Hurrah?

    3. In much better news, I had a FB video conference with good friends for 3 hours. We were supposed to meet up in a actual place and have a beer this weekend, but as we all know SARS-Cov-2 happened. I missed them a lot and it was great to see them.

  5. Thanks for the second laugh re that first bit.

    That fox video made my day.

    Congrats to your godson!

    O’Hara is a living legend. I really should check out that Schitt’s Creek show.

  6. Good things, hmmm. Yesterday was my dog’s birthday. She’s 3. We couldn’t have a party but she got a toy from her Bark Box and good things to eat.

  7. uhh…im a little low on good things….but im not currently dead…most of time i think thats a good thing
    havent really slept since saturday…kinda hit the point now where everything just hurts..cant get a hold of me gp to get a new bottle of sleeping pills coz rona means the lines are permanently busy…and i dont think im an emergency yet…tho.. a few more days of not sleeping and i might be one…havent hit the hallucinations yet..
    i did finally get me some nose spray that actually works tho…sooo maybe now i can at least breathe normally ill be able to sleep some too….still…the magic knock out pills would have been a nice thing to have…especially now its staying light longer

  8. This is either a good thing or a bad thing. I think it’s bad.

    The slow death of Jezebel. Back in The Golden Age I used to be (under a different account) in the black on Jezebel, Splinter, Deadpan, and The Takeout. Splinter and Deadspin are gone (the reincarnation is a very sad joke that Herb Spamfellow is playing on us but mostly sadly among the employees) and so is my old hard drive, so I had to start anew.

    I don’t care. Being gray offers its own rewards. If you reply to someone and they like your comment enough they’ll haul you out of the Gray Ocean and hoist you into the Black Boat.

    But in the good old days people used to get followed by Gizmodo/Gawker writers. I don’t think they’ve done this to anyone since the Black Hill Gang, or whatever the VC firm is called, took over. Kinja, of course, is kinja, so even if you wanted to read everything anyone posted you can’t.

    I was on Jezebel today, I read it daily, and it’s very sad. The stories are ever-more sophomoric. They garner 2 comments, 5 comments. This at a time when we’re all trapped at home with hours to be futzing around online. I thought there’d be a huge spike but the opposite seems to have happened. Every so often they dare post something political, usually about pro-choice setbacks, but not always, and that generates views and comments, but the non-pro-choice political stuff reminds me of why I don’t talk to teenagers about politics.

    Very disheartening and such a waste of potential. They’re young-ish, they’re smart in a “I went to a really expensive private college/grad school but I suffered” kind of way…I don’t know why I bother anymore. Maybe I won’t. Life is too short, as we see now and has always been the case. Maybe I’ll hang out with you guys more and bore you with TL;DR screeds like these!

    • Certainly not TL;DR! Screed away and we’re happy to have you around.
      It’s unfortunate what they’ve done over there. I saw the numbers for Deadspin recently and they somehow managed to get LESS clicks with the re-launch than the dead site. How?!?!

    • …you’re right…I thought jezebel & the root would prove more resilient but the former seems to be pretty much on a nosedive kind of trajectory & the latter (at least below the line) seems different in ways I wouldn’t really call good
      …all in all what was done to kinja remains an object lesson in how not to serve an established audience & the fact that they have to be seeing a steady downward trend in their revenue doesn’t really make up for it so we (well, I for one & I suspect others) would be entirely delighted to see more folks hereabouts with whom to wax nostalgic…& as for the TL;DR bit…they put up with me so I expect you’ve got a good bit of leeway left on that score?

  9. Meg, hang in there! Loveshaq, congrats on your work! Welcome, Jen Factorial.
    Good thing: got Violet Chihuahua’s ACTHstem test results and the vetyrol is controlling her Cushing’s disease. Needn’t return to the veterinarian till September.
    And hello all ya’all, your participation in Deadsplinter is a very good thing and I appreciate you!

  10. Late again, but I have an excuse. We got another dog yesterday. This has been a long, long process due to the dog’s past (abuse) and resulting overarching timidity. We started this back in January, so now that it’s happening in the midst of a pandemic is weird. Anyway, Huck is with us and we will hopefully get him acclimatized as soon and as best we can. Right now, if it were up to him, he’d stay in his crate 24/7.

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