…let’s hear it for Reggie?

…I mean, it ain’t all easy being a dude called Reggie

somebody might say some shit…

…but I got to hand it to this particular Reggie…he certainly seems to be telling it like it is

Trump’s attacks made a prosecution of McCabe especially complicated. According to materials made public Friday in a Freedom of Information Act case related to the investigation, a federal judge in D.C. warned prosecutors in the case that the public was watching and that comments from the White House were detrimental.

I just think it’s a banana republic when we go down that road and we have those type of statements being made that are conceivably, even if not, influencing the ultimate decision,”

Judge Reggie Walton said.
I think there are a lot of people on the outside who perceive that there is undue inappropriate pressure being brought to bear.

He added later,

I think as a government and as a society we’re going to pay a price at some point for this.”




  1. We’re already paying for it, Reg, and it’s too late.

    He called himself “the King” on Twitter today and retweeted a farting video. He’s going to the Daytona 500 so that he can be cheered for minutes on end. He’s raised up a personality cult.

    And if/when a Democrat becomes president again, they’ll be cleaning up this mess and told to be civil about it.

    I truly don’t know how we go back to “normal” after this. Sure, some politicians will hem close to the old ways but Trump has opened the floodgates. He’s given permission for current and future politicians to act this way. There will be politicians who are just young kids now, who will show up in Congress decades from now believing that Trumpism was good and that we need to spice things up with a return to those “golden years.”

    • “There will be politicians who are just young kids now, who will show up in Congress decades from now believing that Trumpism was good and that we need to spice things up with a return to those “golden years.””


      Years ago, Idiocracy was a satire/farce. It *wasn’t* supposed to be a “how-to” movie, but I can TOTALLY see us ending up with a President President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

      Because we’re ALREADY dealing with corporations being able to basically buy out government agencies that are supposed to be overseeing them (346 dead from the Boeing 737 Max crashes, that *ooopsie!* we now know were apparently pretty avoidable, had ACTUAL oversight of processes happened. See also the current gutting of regulations everywhere in government that protect citizens & public lands from pollution, etc.).

      Pretty soon we’ll all be using services brought to us by Carl’s Junior & TacoBell.

      Welcome to Costco, I love you all😉💖

        • Truuuuuuuueeee THAT!!!

          He may have been a colossal dumbass, but at least he was smart enough to recognize that someone smarter than him running the place would be better for everyone.

  2. Meh. “Golly it sure seems like we’re going to a dark place” is a pretty common take these days. Kinda worrying coming from a judge I guess, but nothing new. Hearing people talk about it and doing nothing is getting so fucking old.

    • fair…though I think to some extent where judges & the like are concerned talking about it might count as doing something…& most days I’m not too sure what might be possible for the likes of me to do to meaningfully counter it…which I guess is part of the point…if not necessarily your point?

      • I didn’t ask you to do anything. I don’t know what you can do, except that you shouldn’t take that comment as a personal criticism because that wasn’t my intention.

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