Let’s Weekend! [DOT 8/5/21]

Is anyone else shocked that’s it’s already May 8th? Just me? Memorial Day is just around the corner. My Tinder profile says “Hot Vax Summer”. It just seems crazy to me.

Also, I’m typing this on my brand new laptop and it looks so pretty! Did I really WANT to spend $1600 last week? No, but the universe had other plans when my old Surface took a straight 4 foot drop onto the floor at such an angle and with such force that I had no choice. The nice man on the phone at Microsoft (no really!) helped me and saved me a bunch of money even. So far, so good.

I mean, is anything surprising at this point?

Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Post reporters’ phone records
The Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Washington Post journalists’ phone records and tried to obtain their email records over reporting they did in the early months of the Trump administration on Russia’s role in the 2016 election, according to government letters and officials.

Did you guys see this yesterday? This was SENDING me. The audacity!
For context, the so-called CEO of the Washingtonian media group wrote a bunch of gibberish about how employees need to be in the office for “culture” or she might as well just make them contractors and save herself the extra $$ spent on things like, oh, health insurance and 401K. She got draggggged, to the point where WAPO even changed the headline to make it more palatable (LOL nice try).

I love mess!


There is no reason for these types of laws to exist other than bigotry plain and simple. Google says that 0.6% of the population identifies as transgender. Surely there are better things that these bumblefucks can focus on.

Montana governor signs bill banning transgender students from sports teams

Stonks! [Crypto bugs the eff out of me.]

Dogecoin up 12,000% since January — here’s how much money you’d have if you invested $1,000 at the beginning of 2021

Watching Ted Cruz try and match wits with Trevor Noah is fun. Bruh.

Careful out there gang, maybe take an umbrella with you this weekend.

I feel personally attacked.

Have a great weekend!



  1. it was memorial day 4 days ago….where we thank….canada
    yeah…take that murica and your revisionist history as tole by hollywood!
    (okay…i guess you helped a little bit…but its mostly canadians,polish and british burried here)

  2. I remember the thing that stuck out to me in reading the article about that dipshit CEO’s op-ed was the part where she mentions talking about this issue with other CEO’s. She didn’t talk to her employees. She talked to a bunch of other ivory tower assholes, none of which clearly have a fucking clue about what it’s like to work for a living. Just a big ol’ mental circle jerk. I hope her entire staff is looking for other jobs right now. 

    • not talking to employees sounds like typical management shit to me…but then…thinking theres added value to being in the office is typical management shit too
      course…i may be a little biased there as i firmly believe the office wonks should just stay the fuck at home and stop complicating my work days

    • Jesus the dipshittery is strong with that one. I’m over here asking our fully vaxed employees who can work from home to start looking at their family obligations and savings on gas and commute times before working out a modified schedule together. These fuckers are out there acting like their inferiors are bound to them by feudal rights or some shit.

    • Having worked in an office for 20 yrs i can guarantee they don’t ask workers about *anything*. Software updates or changes just happen without asking the people who use it day to day, rules and benefits come and go with no explanation. And i get you can’t ask everyone or make everyone happy but a two sentence explanation would go a long way towards morale a lot of the time.

      • The company I work for has a terrible practice of doing just this.  With the software rollouts, it’s particularly bad.  They’ll warn everyone way ahead of time that it’s coming…but they will do absolutely nothing to actually give people the information they need to prep for the change, much less train them on how to fucking use it.  So, the new software goes live and all hell breaks loose.  They never, ever, learn.

  3. Talking about forgetting how to dress or how you are dressed, I worked outside for 3 hours yesterday…in flannel moose-print pajama pants. I looked in the mirror at 10 pm like, I fucking wore these outside?!

  4. I’m thinking of making a $1,600 investment so I am going to go to the bank and ask the new 18 year old teller who mostly just shreds papers for investment advice.

  5. “Office culture” is horseshit.  I refuse to tell people in the office when my birthday is, and quietly take a vacation day every year.  Stop trying to force people to be friends and just let us do our fucking jobs.

    • Agree, the less you know about your coworkers the better. The worse thing about WFH are the mandated department meetings three times a week. On monday everyone talks about what they are working on but wed and fri there is nothing to talk about, that’s when it gets dicey.

      • I mean if the “culture” is organic because people genuinely like each other, I guess that’s one thing.  But I’ve never seen that.  It’s forced camaraderie between people who are talking shit behind each others’ backs on any other day.  Christmas party?  Have fun, I’ll stay back and answer the phones.  Someone has to do it.

        • office culture
          course…its no better down here at floor level
          its just that our backstabbers are extra sad as they think brown nosing will make the office wonks see them as people

        • Yes, I haven’t been to a company function since 2007 when I went to a retirement party for a guy I especially enjoyed working with. When I first started at my job the new CEO tried to change the culture but I think the only way to do that is to start fresh, all the people who had been there forever went through the motions and then forgot about it.

      • I’ve been super fortunate with my new job because at one point, about six months ago, our boss asked us all which meetings had value and which ones didn’t.  It became more acute to examine this issue once everyone went remote, and it turned out that there were two meetings every week that almost nobody had any use for, so he told all but a couple of senior folks to just drop them from our calendars.  The other meetings we have all have a purpose, and we get shit done.

        The company I work for had always been stuck in this 1980’s management BS of thinking that people couldn’t be trusted to work from home.  Then they got forced into it and, lo and behold, it’s been so successful that they are allowing individual departments to start making decisions about how “back to the office” is going to look for them.  Some clearly need to be on site more than others, due to the nature of their work, but software support people like me have literally zero reason to be there all the fucking time.  If it was up to me, I’d stay 100% WFH, but it’s not so my hope is that I only have to go in one day a week.  If I can do that, then it makes economic sense to drop the subsidized train pass.  If they want me in even two days a week, then I have to keep dropping $300/month for that shit.

  6. I’ve worked at a company that is fully WFH since 2012. A bonus to this is that we can hire on skill as opposed to geography. Even with a totally remote staff, people are still annoying :). But the daily commute downstairs to let the dogs out, and then herding us back upstairs to my office, it is pretty darn nice.

    As for the health insurance threat…I have been in either a role or within fiscally transparent work places to see the exorbitant, annually increasing costs of health insurance to any business – far, far beyond the employee-paid portion. It is unconscionable, really. If that CEO and her buddies are so bent out of shape about insurance then they should be LEADING the charge for universal health care.

    Anytime you want to set me off, bring up gun (lack of) control and universal (lack of) health care.

    Happy Saturday!

    • one of my office wonks gets a free hour just so he can go home to walk his doggos
      its not even his lunch break
      dude earns enough to pay a doggy walker…how come i dont get a free hour to walk me kitties?
      (i mean…asides from trying to walk them ending in disaster…unless its after dark…then they follow me around the block…its cute)
      anyways…he should work from home…for his doggos …and for efficiency
      also coz i hate him

  7. Does that CEO know that contractors make like 3x what a regular employee makes for exactly the reason of making up lost benefits? She’s going to pay for it either way, unless she’s just going for the Uber model of hiring.

  8. MEG!!!!! You mentioned Umbrellas, and then you *didn’t* link the video?!?😉😁💖

    It’s the 4th anniversary of ☝this☝ recording of Umbrella–quite possibly an even more iconic version than the Divine Ms. Rih’s *original* version😉, and one which I AM obligated to spam y’all with, since that is *THE RULE* of the Iconic “Tom Holland Does the Rihanna Umbrella Lipsync,” whenever it crosses one’s Twitter timeline😁
    This was actually how it crossed my timeline today, and if you like Theater Geekery, the article linked in the thread is a GREAT read!;
    and Tom talking about it in an interview;

      • That IS an excellent version!
        But sadly, no… not the same😉
        My guess is that if one were to google the terms  “Tom Holland” “Umbrella” and “Lip Sync” together, you may just find a version that WOULD play for you😉

        • i dunno? sounds complicated
          as im in holland ill just youtube tom here and see what happens

          oooooo stuff ive never heard before!
          its not bad either…lol

          • Just be careful of which computer you’re on, if you happen to throw *other* country names in there, if you’re searching Tom’s😉
            For example, Tom of *Finland* COULD land you in a bit of a mess, were you looking things up in certain places😆😂🤣
            There was a Tom of Finland clothing line in the late ’90’s/early ’00’s, which got some coverage on a random little fashion/runway show that iirc was on CNN on Saturday mornings.  I was costuming Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamshow one summer, and the TOF  runway show (it might’ve been the one they did with Absolut Vodka?) was covered there… 
            There was a red & white striped “French guy shirt” in one of the scenes of the TV show, and it became the inspiration for the shirts we put on our male actors at one point in the play…
            It wasn’t until YEARS later, that i learned who Tom the artist, who the fashion line was named after was😆😂🤣🤣
            Ironically, it was the actresses’ costumes who created a “tempest-in-a-teapot controversy” during that play😉
            There were a few letters to the editor of the local paper, because some folks who saw it thought we were sending the actresses onstage “Nearly NAKED!!!” during the “dancing corn” act…
            Apparently the locals up there had no idea that “flesh toned” dance leotards & tights exist…😖🤯😱🤣
            Annnnnnd they thought that we had put an entire chorus line of women from their teens-60’s up on stage, with literally just some 4″ wide strips of fabric to cover their bodies!🙃
            They didn’t realize the women were covered from their toes to upper torso, and were MUCH more covered up than any of them would be at any public beach here in the US!😆😂🤣

  9. TIL dunglish is actually a thing
    oh shit…this whole time i thought i made that shit up just to sound like we dont speak some bastard language at home
    i feel like the description is not accurate tho….coal english kind of implies a lack of mastery of a language
    where what we have is mastery to such an extent we can mix and match the fuckers and still be understood

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