Long Weekend! [DOT 3/9/21]

Hi all! Hope everyone is ready for a nice long weekend.

I was, until someone in my office came back with a positive Covid test. He was doing it so he could travel to Canada for the long weekend to see his family. So we all worked from home and got tested today. Fingers crossed it comes back negative prior to the long weekend. (I feel fine regardless.)

What’s new and exciting??

More than 40 killed in US north-east amid sudden heavy rains and flooding

What a thankless job she has.

It would be a shame if this site was spammed with fake names. I’m in no way suggesting that YOU do that, just saying it would be a shame, theoretically.


Does this legal tactic have other applications, for example banning the 2nd Amendment in a Blue state like NY?

The law was designed to make it much more difficult to bring a pre-enforcement challenge because there are not the usual government officials to hold accountable in court.


Love this exchange…



Friday’s jobs report is expected to be solid, but delta variant raises downside risk

Here it is, your moment of Zen.

Have a great long weekend!



  1. For those who aren’t strong swimmers/backflippers, consider a relaxing rafting trip  (bong/hookah not included):

    By the way, I don’t think the twitterer knows what the word “geezer” means, unless there’s some slang going around that the kids use.

    • Came to post the exact same thing. I know people in the Northeast have no familiarity with retention ponds, but they collect the rainwater runoff here in Florida to prevent flooding. And they are absolutely full of bacteria, sewage, chemicals, gasoline, motor oil, pesticides, fertilizer, algae, and all sorts of horrible shit. Which is why every one has massive “NO SWIMMING” signs. People fish in them but you’re not supposed to eat the fish, so I assume most are doing catch and release. But yeah, I watched the clip and thought “oh, God, YUCK.”
      Plus these are largely roadways, which means they’re saturated with gasoline and oil, which floats to the surface. So you’re getting a nice coating of 40-weight oil every time you break the surface. 

    • No kidding. There is a stream behind my house which not only gets random sewage overflows, all of the un-picked up dog poop from the surrounding park gets washed into it.

    • This was EXACTLY why I literally CRINGED when I realized what he was about to do!!!
      Allllllllll the literal *shit* in that water, plus chemicals and other nasties…. 
      Dude may well need a hospital for that stupid move in the next few days…. in the midst of the damn pandemic!🤢😖😵🥴

  2. Remington has subpoenaed the school records of the Kindergarteners murdered at Sandy Hook.
    There’s theoretically a need for a subpoena of records for a high schooler who is suing a helmet maker for being hurt playing football, but that makes no sense here. There is zero chance of finding anything to shift responsibility to the victims like there might be in a sports accident.
    The attorneys no doubt will plead thoroughness and professional responsibility. But this won’t matter to their defense in the civil suit they are facing.
    What’s most likely happening is they see a client with deep pockets and they’re looking to bump up billable hours and overhead charges for document handling. Or even darker, they’re looking for ways to increase the pain for the plaintiffs to pressure them on settlements.
    And if it means a little more digging at the memories of the victims, well, that’s the biz for you.

    • Or they’re looking for IEP’s & 504’s, to imply that parents of disabled kids shouldn’t be allowed as high a settlement as those of neurotypical kids, “because those kids wouldn’t have made as much of a contribution to society anyway, if they had reached adulthood.”

    • Couple of observations:
      1. What the fuck is up with these right-wing lunatics and zipties? I have to assume they’ve got boxes laying around the house, and based on that I have lots of questions
      2. I have a right-wing acquaintance who flunked out of college while studying biology and interestingly enough, he frequently claims to be a scientist too, even though he sells real estate. 

      • Clarification seems to be in order. Yes, I do indeed have zipties at my house. I have them in various sizes ranging from about 3 inches for computer cables to about 10 inches for larger jobs. 
        I do not have ziptie restraints, which are typically about 30 inches in length, withstand 250 lbs. of pressure, and frequently are double-ended with each end feeding into a central lock. Outside of law enforcement and apprehending suspects, I can think of only one domestic use for such equipment. I would hope that such deployment would be consensual.
        But judging by the number of MAGAts that seem to have ready access to them, I’m starting to think that legitimate law enforcement should search the houses of anyone caught with them in the commission of a crime. I further submit that ground-penetrating radar be used in these people’s yards. I think a few unsolved murders might just get solved.

  3. heres why nobody is taking the gubments rona measures seriously over here
    music festivals…allowed up to 750 visitors..and not allowed to be multi day events as people would be too crowded on the campsites
    todays f1 practice

    70.000 visitors…is a 3 day event , has its own musicfestival and campsites…is allowed
    which is perfect gubment logic and surely nothing to do with money or prince bernhard owning the track

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