…look over there [DOT 7/5/20]

no, wait...over there...

…so, what does today have in store for us?

Germany and U.S. on Divergent Paths to Reopen





…oh, look…it’s a bunch of bullshit

Trump’s New Message: Time to Move On to the Recovery




…hardly surprising some folks are feeling like the people they’re hearing from just aren’t getting with the program…or in touch with reality

The Jobs Numbers Will Be Terrible. Here’s How to Interpret Them.


As Hunger Swells, Food Stamps Become a Partisan Flash Point

…& over here…why it’s a bunch of fresh new bullshit that very much resembles famous masses of bullshit past

Small Businesses Counting on Loan Forgiveness Could Be Stuck With Debt






Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree.

…but…not for nothing…there are folks of all genders I sometimes struggle to believe…if you’ve not been around british(ish) people of a certain vintage you might not be familiar with the phrase “Heavens to Betsy!” but these days I feel like it ought to be more “Heavens to Betsy:” as in “Heavens to Betsy: ‘Knock that shit off, bitch – I ain’t tellin’ you again”



…either way…this is not what I was led to believe was meant when people said “won’t somebody think of the children”



…but then there’s some flat out crazy bullshit



…so…you know…nothing to see here

Firm Set Up by G.O.P. Operatives Under Scrutiny Over Virus Contracts


How Health Insurers Can Be Heroes. Really.

…sure…we can all try to do our bit while we’re stuck at home

The Compost by My Couch: How (and Why) I Started an Odorless Bin at Home

…but some things can’t be left up to a random assortment of self-selected individuals with too much time on their hands & not enough to do

Who’s Up for the Job of Decontaminating Facebook?

…still…at least it’s not all bad news

The F.C.C. levied the largest civil penalty in its history against a conservative owner of local TV stations, scuttling its ambitious merger plans.

…couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of corporate shitheels…probably the best news I’ll hear all day, really


…but feel free to try to top it…the optimism column is looking a little bare of late & top ups are always welcome

Deep in the Cosmic Forest, a Black Hole Goldilocks Might Like


With Crispr, a Possible Quick Test for the Coronavirus


  1. I believe people believe they’re staying home. I have a friend who has only been out, to the grocery store 4 times since self quarantining. She takes it very seriously, wears an N95, disinfects everything. She was telling me she only sees her boyfriend, who only sees his elderly mother, who only sees his siblings, who only see their families, and so on. That’s a lot of contact. Another friend was bitching about people not staying home, then proceeded to tell me she only goes to the grocery store, the pharmacy, and therapy. I get it she needs to do these things, but again, that’s a lot of contact.

    • …that’s just it…even when you do what you can to cut down on interaction it’s nearly impossible for most people to do so completely – I know more than a few people who don’t live in places with larders & pantries & chest-freezers & they can’t just shut the doors & the windows & bunker down for months at a stretch

      …so either it has to be real strictly enforced or it’s more relaxed than it seems to be & hard to maintain control over once you relax it any more…I don’t claim to know the answer but it sure seems to me like the main thing any of us can do is just to not do anything we can avoid that adds to the potential vector tally?

      • I think a rationing system would help. If your last name begins with a certain letter you can only shop on a certain day of the week. That would limit people to the number of times they’re really going to the stores. And protect workers. But that’s never going to happen, at least not in the US where people are waving guns around because they’ve been asked to wear masks.

    • It’s just hard to do stuff like this in a way that works. It’s why contact tracing is so important.

      I know for my wife it’s been hard. She mostly just goes to the grocery store and comes home, but she’ll get really stir crazy and then goes to see her cousins, who have gone to the grocery store and interacted with people. On top of that, I still see a dozen people a day at my job, not including my co-workers, who also have to deal with people who are dealing with more people who are dealing with even more people.

      It’s part of the reason why case numbers keep climbing while hospitalizations and deaths have plateued instead of falling. We convinced ourselves that the mitigation phase was enough to stop this thing, but now we’re at the point where we need to actively suppress the virus. That requires stricter stay-at-home orders that put serious limits on who can and can’t leave. That means that we need to have places where sick people can be in isolation apart from the rest of us.

      It means doing a bunch of shit that Americans have to compulsion to do, if for no other reason than the very smart stable genius President will never, ever say it’s necessary to do so.

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