…looking right at it [DOT 3/6/20]

& I still can't believe what I'm seeing...

…that thing meg said about somebody needing to save my sanity really wasn’t far off the mark


…it’s been, what…three days since this

…not to mention this


…& some of the shit I’m reading I’m finding hard to believe…like

Army moves 1,600 troops to D.C. area
The Department of Defense moved 1,600 soldiers to the Washington D.C. area in response to the growing unrest and protests, according to the top Pentagon spokesman.

“The Department of Defense moved multiple active duty Army units into the National Capitol Region as a prudent planning measure in response to ongoing support to civil authorities operations,” Jonathan Rath Hoffman, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, said in a statement.

Trump said on Monday he’d use the U.S. military to stop the nationwide riots sparked by the death of George Floyd.

The troops,16th Military Police Brigade headquarters from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the 91st Military Police Battalion from Fort Drum, New York, were relocated to military bases in the National Capitol Region by military aircraft within the last 24 hours, the statement said.

The brigade provides a command and control element for the battalion, which primarily provides military police and engineering capability.


…or…can they seriously have released the guy driving that truck with no charges?


…to be even a little bit honest with you I feel like I’m hanging on to my last vestiges of sanity with a grip that could hardly be more precarious if the precipice I feel like we’re all looking down were as painfully real as the scenes being played out on streets across the US night after night


…& on screens around the world all around the clock


…so if these all just pile up in a block & some of them are a little stale or turn out to have made previous appearances…I’m sorry


…in fact, even if they don’t you can be pretty sure I’m still going to be feeling plenty sorry


In the universe of false online information, Mr. Floyd remains alive and George Soros is to blame for the protests.


“I’ve really never seen anything like this”: Reporters and news photographers describe being roughed up, arrested and shot with projectiles while covering demonstrations across the country.

A serious divide exists among Trump advisers over how to address nights of protests and riots in US after Floyd’s death


William Barr’s State of Emergency








Misinformation about the extent of unrest in Washington, D.C., surges across Twitter

How Your Phone Betrays Democracy


How Trump’s Idea for a Photo Op Led to Havoc in a Park

‘The focus on the protesters’ assaults on persons or property takes our attention away from the police killing of hundreds of black, poor and working-class people.’




Destructive Power of Despair








America, Inflamed. Join Us for a Special Conversation About Race.


…journey of 1,000 steps


…yadda yadda


…but every little helps


Steve King, House Republican With a History of Racist Remarks, Loses Primary



  1. this is from me post yesterday

    i am having angers…..also dont watch that if you dont want to ruin your day….or are squeemish….or something…..its some disgusting shit

        • …umm…try to take it as a compliment, I guess?

          …but maybe don’t accept any suspect packages you weren’t expecting?

          […sorry…that’s twice now I’ve made puns I’m mildly ashamed of…hope KC appreciates the effort, paltry though it may be]

  2. I can’t get over the comparison between guys with assault rifles protesting the covid lockdown screaming in the cops face and them just standing there to what they are doing at the demonstrations against police brutality. Oh, say, maybe not prove to everyone that you are murderous mf’ers at the protests against you being murderous mf’ers. I can’t get Neil Young’s song Ohio out of my head. We’re just going backward and backward. I remember having an argument with a cheeto supporter in 2016 about this mythical time when everything was so great. Is this the great he had in mind?

    • The fact that Trump encouraged the storming of state capitol buildings and is urging attacks on peaceful protestors should be enough for people to see what is actually going on, but nope.

    • …honestly not sure who could look at what I’m looking at & be inclinced to say it was going great…well, anyone I’d be inclined to respect more than I do people like Steve Bannon, anyway

      …but the dichotomy between not only those previous protests but hawaiian shirts wearing assault weapon brandishing white guys merrily wandering around amidst the current protests unimpeded by law enforcement while stationary, unarmed people literally on their knees are getting teargassed & pepper sprayed & otherwise assaulted is…viscerally fucking appalling to even see let alone be any part of

      …so you’re not the only one who finds the strains of “Ohio” echoing here & there?

    • I see the size and discipline of the protests as a sign the going backward has stopped, to be honest.

      This is not going the way Trump wanted. He wanted teevee images of armored up robots swarming outnumbered cowardly looking skeevy anarchists and stereotypical inner city youths and quickly restoring order while adoring crowds of red hats chanted his name.

      People aren’t having it, and he is getting this instead:

      I fear that he will double down, because Trump always doubles down. We may see something that makes Kent State look like nothing. But we will not see Jackson State, the massacre at the HBCU which happened at the same time as Kent State but was largely ignored. The country is watching him, and he is not winning.

      • …I share your fear about the doubling down…& right along with it I fear the malicious effect of those who have been quite literally begging for an opportunity to subvert exactly these kinds of events for sickeningly irredeemable ends

        …much has been made of how we all live in our little echo chambers & a population under varying degrees of lockdown & quarantine has been steeping in that effect long enough that somehow even now for every thing I manage to find that makes me hopeful there’s another that screams that the people that need to get it still don’t

        …the feedback loop between the two is all some people seem to be taking away from all this & at some level it’s those people who the rest of us most desperately need to see these things for what they are

        …so when I say I hope you’re right about that last bit I don’t really know how to stress how much without admitting that I’m considering praying to a god I’m not at all sure I believe in to begin with just to keep my bases covered

        • Something big is happening. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know where it is going.

          But this is not the reality show story that Trump wanted to script. We have been living in a world too long where everything is so easily scripted, and people are now changing the channel in numbers that hasn’t happened in years.

          That doesn’t mean the good guys will win. They will have to earn it. But now the bad guys will have to try to earn it too, and that puts them in a hard place with Trump, because that guy has never earned anything in his life.

          • I actually felt that action movie “Fuck yeah” swell when I saw all of those people show up in DC yesterday not afraid to be tear gassed and rubber bulleted. I don’t think the idiot knows what he’s done.

            And, all the reciprocal protests globally – it’s nice to have a little hope for humanity. I’d forgotten what it feels like.

            • I just read an article about Iran, and how even after decades of repression and domination by conservative religious elites, women have been pushing for rights even with the knowledge of how easily they may face arrest, attacks and torture.

              There has been a weird surrender by the US left to the message pushed by the right and reinforced by corporate middle that pushing back is hard and therefore too much trouble. But if Iranian women are willing to stand up for their rights, maybe the US left should stop surrendering before they even begin. We need to accept that we will strike out more than we will hit homers, but we still need to keep swinging.

      • “I fear that he will double down, because Trump always doubles down.”

        Yes. He’s too stupid and disturbed to take any kind of measured position. It goes back to what I’ve been saying: Trump is increasingly rabid, attacking anything that comes into his field of view, regardless of whether or not that’s an appropriate response. I’m afraid he’s going to spark a massacre. I almost said “orchestrate,” but he’s too dimwitted to actually manipulate events. He’s going to make a spur-of-the-moment decision and more people will die.

        • He’s already shrugged off the deaths of 120,000 and climbing from Covid, so it is hard to see him moved by more from bullets. But if he wins in November, it will be in spite of the disasters of 2020, not because of them.

          The GOP, along with large swaths of corporate media and some on the left are still chanting the talisman about Trump’s base sticking with him. Which is true, but Trump didn’t win 2016 because of his base, or even with rigging from the Electoral College and voter supression. He won because he peeled off enough undecided voters to win.

          He may do it again. But people need to stop thinking in such fossilized ways. This year is not going to be 2016, or even 2008.

          • I think he did win because of voter suppression and rigging the Electoral College and think they plan on winning that way again along with help from whatever foreign governments. Why else would they keep shutting down every bill to protect voting and offers to fix voting machines? Look at his margin of victory compared to this info from the link below…

            “The story read like something straight out of Stalinist Russia. But this casualty list was in the United States in the 21st century. Virginia: 41,637 purged. Florida: 182,000 purged. Indiana: 481,235 purged. Georgia: 591,549 purged. Ohio: two million purged.”


            or this…

            Last Vestiges of this Tattered Democracy

            • …I feel like without some or all of those factors he wouldn’t have been able to snatch it last time but I get it when people say they weren’t necessarily the deciding factors

              …it seemed like the loss was by a thin enough margin in 2016 that several things could have conceivably proven enough to have prevented it & it seemed like for a long time people were keen to litigate which set of shoulders that let them burden with the blame for it all

              …but if there’s one thing we seem to be able to say with certainty it’s that in every case we want a result that harms his chances & improves those of his opponent…& since as you say the Senate has effectively nixed some obvious avenues through which some might have been adressed the ones that are left need banging on about

              …stuff like that set of voter-roll purges is less overt than a rubber bullet to the face but it could end up hurting just as bad

              • Yes. Trump’s “victory” (remember, he actually LOST) was razor-thin, and it was the result of a LOT of factors combining together to give him that edge. Could it happen again? Yes, it could. But it’s going to involve ALL of those tactics working again, plus some more. He’s also got a serious uphill battle trying to downplay both COVID and the recession. No, we can’t relax. But it isn’t the time to give up, either.

              • I get it, I just always hear people say things like if the black people would have voted or the Bernie Bros would have sucked it up and voted for Clinton. I don’t believe that was the problem. I have more Bernie supporter friends than anything and every one said they voted for Clinton and will vote for Biden. Black and poor people have to work so much harder to vote than any other group and still may not be counted. If that doesn’t change, along with a way to audit votes, Trump WILL win again no matter how many people think they voted for Biden.

                • …I’m inclined to agree that the tampered-with-by-hostile-interests-in-a-covert-sort-of-way thing was a bigger factor than we seem to be prepared to give it credit for

                  …& all signs point to it being something that the relevant parties have been working to refine, improve & scale up for this run

                  …while the republican party has sought at every turn to do less than nothing about making it harder for it to succeed

                  …I may not be smart enough to tell anyone how big of a difference it’s going to make to the result but I’d argue it tells everyone more than enough about that party to make voting against them a literal no-brainer

                  …what possible reason could persuade a party that is so shrill on the subject of their preferred brand of unproven electoral fraud that they deem mail-in ballots many of them use themselves to be suspect…but won’t hear word one when it comes to getting a single thing done to secure the fidelity of machines they insist those who turn up to vote in person have to use to cast theirs…despite valid research suggesting that perspective has its head entirely up its ass

                  …bad faith doesn’t begin to describe what’s at work there

    • I guess if by great, you mean being a straight white male (and not poor), and reveling in how much worse other people have it?

      I just really don’t get this attitude where people want to strip the rights from others. What is so fuckin broken inside you (general you, not you-you…) that you derive some sort of pleasure from that?

      I noticed on twitter there are a fuckton of idiot regressives calling protestors “insurrectionists”, and calling for their death. These very same people can’t stop waving around a damned confederate flag, yet still call themselves “patriots”

      More people really need to read Terry Pratchet’s Discworld Novel “Night Watch” it’s just too damned relevant to so much of the shit going on right now…

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