1. When I was in college I took a course in later British masterworks. One of the books we read was Frankenstein (excellent). We had to write a paper on one of the books we read so I did a comparison/contrast between the book and the Mel Brooks film. Watched it so many times I memorized the whole thing. So whenever I saw or heard about Cloris that was always the first thing I thought of. 

    • I loved the book and have been tempted to get Starz streaming to watch the series (I mean, I can’t imagine adapting that book to the screen), but everything I’ve heard is: strong start, shit-show soon after.

      • The first season was great, but the second one was so bad I gave up halfway through.
        You could see why the show was headed for trouble in the  first season — the pace was very slow — and it’s pretty obvious why the budget blew up. It was wildly beautiful but really over the top. And the best parts of it were in the smaller scenes rather than the bigger plot.
        They changed writing teams after the budget blew up and they didn’t know how to wrestle it all down to earth or where to go next, and couldn’t adapt to the cast changes.
        But it had great, wonderful scenes, and the episode with Chloris Leachman really nailed a great chapter of the book.

        • That breaks my heart, because I know just watching the first season would NOT do it for me, so I would venture into the rest with new cast/writers/show-runners, and I would most likely be massively disappointed. I mean, just reading about the whole Orlando Jones thing made me sad.
          The whole Note to self: I need to read Anansi Boys this year. 

          • …it’s a real shame on a number of levels since the show had the potential to do something really interesting with a book which, ultimately, was always a little flawed…but what happened with orlando jones is arguably the most shameful thing about it?

            …I’ve been a fan of a lot of gaiman’s stuff for a long time…long enough in fact that he pretty much hadn’t written prose books when I got into his stuff…& for that reason I was willing to cut him some slack when it came to the clumsier aspects of his early efforts in prose but I don’t know that they’ve ever really matched his work in comics?

            …the sandman run is phenomenal…but stuff like violent cases & the  tragical comedy or comical tragedy of mr punch are also things I’d argue show that he’s deft with comics where he’s less so when he forsakes the pictures…& I think neverwhere is maybe the best example…it was ropey as a tv show but arguably that was a lot to do with the BBC not having the budget to do it justice…& it was a little clunky as a novel adaptation…but when they got around to doing it as a graphic novel it was (to me) like it finally “worked” properly?

  2. She was known for her work in comedy but was an amazing dramatic actor as well. She was heartbreaking in The Last Picture Show, won an Oscar for her performance. But she was a hell of a funny lady. I mentioned this on the  DUAN but I’ll repeat it anyway – my brother has a good friend who’s a props master in the film industry. He told my brother several years ago that she was a favorite to work with. That she baked for the crew, remembered everyone’s names, and told the filthiest jokes. 

  3. Oh, fuck. That‘s why somebody on Microsoft Teams posted a GIF of her accepting an Oscar (I thought it was Kristen Bell until I moused over it) as a way of saying hello tonight.

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