Lost that Top Spot [NOT 20/9/22]

Hi, friends!

Sad news! St. Louis lost the ony thing it was ranked top in the country for a few days ago.

No longer the murder capital of the country, New Orleans now claims that top spot.

Any recent changes where you live?



  1. “Milk” is the sponsor on the new Leafs jerseys.

    That’s WAY worse than the rwnj-owned mainstream media allowing a trump-like fascist movement take over Canadian politics.

    Fight me!

    • Milk, like the “Got Milk” conglomerate? Or a local dairy processor? I’m so confused.

      I’ve seen the local dairy company, Prairie Farms, advertising on sports stuff here, but never “Milk”.


    • As if the team isn’t a sponsor enough….I think advertising has really ruined hockey, ads on the boards,the ice, and even an overlay ad atop the crowd for games on TV. Trying to find the puck is hard enough!

      I mean, advertising ruins literally everything tho.

  2. Did my final minor but important home repair for the year.  Put a lot of epoxy repair filler in various surface cracks around my foundation yesterday.  I got very lucky because between Monday and Wed is the only 48 hour period where it is warm and dry (then it’s constant fall rains and the temps drop to the teens in Celsius.)

    I’m sure someone is wondering why the fuck didn’t I do it during the summer?  Who are you, my mom?  I can tell you why… because I’m lazy and didn’t really want to then.  Now I do, okay?  I sound defensive… why the hell shouldn’t I?

    All fake anger/slightly serious defensiveness aside, I’m glad it’s done.

  3. apparently…we now have a walk of fame….every winner of the TT and the world superbikes gets a tile… tho only the first few bronze tiles have been placed…out of about a hundred and some

    thing is….ive not been able to find them yet….this town aint that big…and i walk a lot…

    beginning to feel lied to here

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