Loudmouth Racist Asshole Gets the Boot

No, not that one.

Instead, the racist asshole in question is Hockey Night in Canada fixture and wearer of suits that make you check the contrast settings on your TV, Don Cherry.

Cherry went off this weekend on immigrants vis a vis Remembrance Day:

Yikes. Well, it didn’t take long for things to go Tango Uniform for Cherry on this one. I know, right? The guy who has a history of calling Russian players soft and freaking out about how many Europeans/Russians are in the league, as opposed to good ol’ Canadian farmboys? Nah.

Cherry is 85 now, and a relic of a time gone by in the NHL. His loud mouth and louder clothes certainly made for conversation every season, but Cherry’s been leaning into this racism of his for a long time now, and that the bosses were able to tolerate it this long was a testament to how much they valued the eyeballs he brought in. But really, it stopped being Coach’s Corner, and started being Old Man Yells at Cloud Corner a long time ago. The last time Cherry coached, it was 1981. My wife wasn’t even born in 1981. But he had found a way to endure, until finally crossing the line that Canadians all over were clearly unable to tolerate based on the feedback that demanded his removal.

I think we can wager he’s got a nice, cushy spot waiting for him in the Biff administration if he wants it.

ESPN has more details here: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28059815/hockey-icon-don-cherry-fired-immigrant-comments


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  1. FunFact: Don Cherry never served in any of the Canadian armed forces. Never served on a national guard, police force or reserves. I know – you’re shocked.

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