Love Is In The Air [DOT 12/2/21]

Or something like that. Maybe it’s farts. It’s probably farts.

Impeachment updates:

Live updates: Impeachment managers wrap up case against Trump, implore Senate to convict to prevent future violence

TIL (Today I Learned about Jackie Speier!)

Congresswoman and Jonestown survivor Jackie Speier: ‘Trump is a political cult leader’

More on cults:
‘I Miss My Mom’: Children Of QAnon Believers Are Desperately Trying To Deradicalize Their Own Parents
There’s a lot of reasons to hate Trump, but the biggest, most personal reason to me is that he took my parents away from me.

[Adjusts tinfoil hat] – I KNEW IT!

Trump was sicker from Covid than the public was told at the time, report says

The Environment:
‘A clear danger’: oil spill in California city revives calls to cut ties with Chevron


Angry customers show up at Robinhood’s headquarters in the wake of GameStop trading chaos

Nice to see her looking so well!

Searching for Shelley Duvall: The Reclusive Icon on Fleeing Hollywood and the Scars of Making ‘The Shining’

I don’t know how exactly she got herself into this mess, and I won’t pick on her for it, but i’m glad it’s over.

Aw dang.

Have a great Friday!



  1. Did any of you ever see a movie from 1992 called “Strictly Ballroom”? I love a good dance sequence to conclude a movie, and this had one of the finest:

    “Slumdog Millionaire” was also tops in this field:

    Happy Weekend to all my Deadsplinter Vantines!

      • …I could be wrong but I think strictly ballroom was a big enough deal in the UK that it caused a big uptick in people learning ballroom dancing & ultimately might well be a major contributor to the reasons strictly come dancing became such a phenomenon…& thus crossed the pond as dancing with the stars?

        • That would make perfect sense. I think it kind of bombed in the US. I found it perfectly charming but none of my friends or coworkers had ever heard of it. And I had forgotten about Britain’s “Strictly Ballroom,” where else could the name have come from? 

        • Since I made up an entirely phony history of what Boursin cheese is and fell for a reddit meme IN THE SAME FYCE POST about potatoes au gratin, of all things, I could do Vantines. “A delightful dumpling that combines the rich flavors of jenever, or Dutch gin, herring, and bitter chocolate, these are commonly eaten at breakfast…” And farcy could sell out his fellow countrymen and vouch for me.
          By the way, à propos of nothing, we are thinking of signing up for a meal kit service, at least temporarily. I want to go with the Martha Stewart/Marley Spoon one, I think. I think they’re a waste of money, but Better Half wants to do it to take  some of the burden off me, maybe learn to cook a little himself without my endless distractionary monologues like, “Did you know that the fork is kind of a modern invention? Yes, people use to pierce their food with knives . If you think about it, the fork is a knife, because you can pierce and sometimes cut food with it, but it’s also a spoon, because it also has a bowl that you can fill with food—”
          Anyway, I’m interested because I’m hoping to learn a few or a lot of things, and everything with Martha’s name on it has a quality level a German precision engineer aspires to. Doubtless these insights will, eventually, make their way in FYCE posts, if we ever go through with this. 

    • I love Strictly Ballroom – whenever I need to yell out encouragement to anyone – I yell ” C’mon couple 100!” no one ever gets it.  And, one of my favorite scenes in any movie is Scott and Fran dancing on the roof to Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.

  2. Schadenfreude is in the air. I just read an article on CNN about how annoyed the former first lady is by the current first lady’s popularity. Naturally none of it is her fault. LOL of the day.

    • ..seems more likely they’re gaming it out…like “who needs the most cover from the stunning dereliction of our duty we’re collectively agreed on…only maybe we should decide who we’re allocating our well-I-tried-but-what-can-you-do points to…because we know you don’t need them mitch…kentucky votes for your corrupt crypt-keeper ass whatever…& most of our supporters paid about as much attention to the case against 45 as cruz & hawley did…but some token votes to convict could help some of us out a fair bit…you’ll explain to donnie we don’t mean nothing by it, right?”

      • John Scalzi wrote a fascinating blog post on what he calls the Republican “But What If We … Didn’t?” school of political thinking. Basically, his point is that Newt Gingrich ushered in an era of contrarian political action, and McConnell is the master of it. Every time they know they should do something, Republicans ask themselves, “But what if we … didn’t?” Pandemic relief – But what if we … didn’t? Say the election was fair and honest – But what if we … didn’t? Vote to impeach a clearly guilty asshole – But what if we … didn’t?
        When I saw the article about them talking, all I could think about was Scalzi’s post and wonder if they were asking: But what if we … didn’t?
        The post is a good read:

    • I think it’s an open — and interesting! — question of how much reality these guys are even exposed to at this point. The right understood that stuff like Rush and Fox were their sideshow act in the ’90s and even ’00s; now, the dealer is pretty high on their own supply. I’m sure some of the older heads are perfectly aware of what’s really going on. Some of the younger, newer types strike me as worryingly big-time True Believers who are so far from reality that the light from it won’t reach them anytime soon.

  3. QAnon is a psyop and much of it has been created by two ex-CIA agents (one being Michael Flynn).  That is not a conspiracy theory, you can actually see it develop in the Vice series on it.  It didn’t start out that way but it was taken over by Flynn and a few others with an agenda.  That is one of the main reasons, just like a cult, these people cannot stop believing it.  According to this Vice series they believe it has 30 Million followers!  That is a crazy number (close to 1 in 10 Americans?)  I hope at some points they investigate and round up some of these idiots that started it and spread it.

    • “It is no secret that the vaccination program was in much worse shape than my team and I anticipated,” he said.
      Joe Biden, demonstrating his mastery of understatement. God, it’s wonderful to have somebody fucking competent in charge of things. 

  4. That HuffPo article on Qanon parents is devastating, and batshit. I am so glad my dad not only hates trump with all his might but is bad at doing online stuff. 

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