Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19th! [NOT 11/11/21]

time lapse images of the moon during an eclipse

Hi, friends!

We have a partial lunar eclipse coming up next week.

It will last about 4 hours, start to finish. For much of North and South America, it will be really really early on the morning of the 19th (like 1-4am). Further west folks can start watching it late on the 18th.

I’d love to say I wake up and go check it out, but also I have a really bad track record of seeing stuff like this. Either I forget to set an alarm/sleep through it, or I manage to wake up and drag my ass outside only for it to be completely overcast! 🙂



  1. The chances of being able to see this in November in the PNW is about 4%.  The chances of me staying awake or getting up to see it 0%.  Not looking like good odds to me.


  2. Horoscope says, “They’re thought to hearken a disruptive, but exciting, “rock ‘n roll” energy in which relationships, life, routines, and careers may shift and evolve.” Sounds punk rockish to me.

  3. Way past my bedtime, just like most of the cool stellar stuff.  Once upon a time, when I was still wet behind the ears, I used to stay up all night to watch meteor showers and other stuff, but sleep is more important to me now.

  4. Strange things happen during the lunar eclipse.

    I cleaned up my lawn, mulching/raking my leaves up as my front tree has finally given up the ghost and dropped most of its leaves.

    Also cleaned up most of the neighbor’s lawn too because I’m the asshole neighbor who doesn’t do a good job of keeping his lawn clear of weeds so… guilt.

    It was hard to get up and do the task this afternoon.  Had to rush as it gets too damn dark too damn soon this time of the year.

    If I’m lucky then tomorrow I’ll even go to the gym… Yikes.

  5. i saw a lunar eclipse during an  out door iron maiden concert once…they played fear of the dark after

    have a feeling im not going to top that eclipse in my lifetime

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