Manic Mondays [NOT 26/7/21]

Hi, friends!

I’m writing this Sunday night since I will be meeting with a local group on Monday night when I would normally write and post a NOT.

How did your Monday go? I have 2 meetings scheduled for Monday that might go over really poorly depending on the attitude some folks bring, so fingers crossed!

Also friendly reminder that I will be out of commission for NOTs from this Friday through next Sunday. Elliecoo and Keitel have offered to cover some days, but if anyone else wants to do some posting, here’s your chance!



  1. @brightersideoflife – I can do a NOT or two. My time just got more free (see below). What nights are available/needed?
    As for today, my mood is glum. I’ve been working my ass off on the “promise” of a promotion. Last week, not only do I find out I’m not getting promoted, I’m getting transferred involuntarily to another department. It’s not all bad — I like my new supervisor and my team comes with me, but I’m pissed at the broken “promise” (which, to be perfectly fair, was not articulated as a promise — more of “I know you’re working hard and it will pay off for you”). So I got suckered. 
    Needless to say, I do not plan to work nights, weekends, and holidays like I have for the last year and a half. Nope. Come to work, do my shit, go home. What I have to do now is control my temper, because I have the strong urge to 1. tell some motherfuckers off and 2. quit and storm out. These are not sensible plans under the circumstances. 

    • Yeah, that’s a sucky turn. There’s a lot bosses can do to be better than that.

    • @Bryanlsplinter, ouch…I am sorry your efforts went unrewarded. Trite but true, the best revenge is living well. Anytime you see the prior duplicitous boss, big smile! You are happy, thrilled with your new team, appreciative of the work/life balance. It will drive him mad!

    • @bryanlsplinter The promise was implied. That was a lousy thing to do. I’m sorry.

    • Been there.  Sorry to hear that you had your chain jerked around.
      Three years ago last month I nearly quit my current job because I felt insulted/infuriated after I was told that I was returning to the production floor and rotating shift from my “temp” assignment as a Project Manager (office hours) on three days notice.
      I almost felt like going on a rampage of telling various folks to go fuck themselves starting with my manager and then dropping a resignation letter on her desk.
      Despite whatever fantasies I had, I remembered I had to eat and pay my bills.
      For a few weeks I was whistling the “Halls of Castamere” trying to process my rage and keep my sanity.
      Admittedly, I rage quit another Gawker exile on-line community because I felt I wasn’t allowed to rant and scream while certain other members could do so with annoying abandon.  Don’t regret that though.

    • That’s fucking bullshit and I’m sorry they screwed you like that. I’ve been through that before at work and honestly there’s no rebuilding trust with management after that. 

    • that sucks, I’m sorry.
      I’m still really mad about how I was treated at my prior job.  I should have handled it better, but things went south quickly (or, maybe not quickly, and I just noticed suddenly?), and I put off handing in my two-weeks-notice about as long as I could (maybe a month?).
      I had nothing else lined up, and it almost killed me.  literally, I was about a month away from homelessness when I got my current job offer.  Current job has turned out pretty well so far, but I’m still really mad about how I was treated.  I probably won’t ever not be mad about that…

      • but I’m still really mad about how I was treated.  I probably won’t ever not be mad about that…

        I feel you on that. Honestly, Me Too and last year’s mass workplace racial reckonings have made me think back on so many previous situations and seethe all over again. To be a working person/have been a working person (outside of scions benefitting from nepotism) is to deal with so much shit and be asked to tolerate another heaping of it. 

    • UGH, I’m sorry they did you like that. It’s not right. 

  2. I would normally volunteer for some NOTs, but I will be out next week as well, and will be in the wilds of Wyoming, so I am unlikely to log in for a bit. Hope your time off is similarly fun, @brightersideoflife.

    • Ohh fun!!! Glad you’re getting some time away for fun, too!

  3. monday went fine here…survived work then spent a quiet evening watching the protestors/rioters all over europe coz most of europe is going to require vaccination for having a social life soon
    im normally at the very least siding against the gubment in favour of a good riot for whatever…but these anti vaxxers/Qspiracy nuts can go fuck themselves

  4. Monday: found out data I’ve been waiting on was sitting in someone’s inbox since July 6th. Now I have to scramble to get it out the door by Thursday. Started compiling invoices myself because @#$%^& won’t answer my emails.
    Tuesday: woke up to skunk in the neighborhood smell, cat puke and all the email notifications I sent Monday kicked back as undeliverable. Now I have to call people on the phone and I hate calling people on the phone.
    Also Monday: bought a huge dustbin type thing for cleaning up yard waste. I love it! So easy and back friendly!

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