…maybe tomorrow? [DOT 19/1/20]

…sunday morning…traditionally a time of peace & calm…hell, even Omar took his grandma to church on a sunday

…come the morrow, though, there’s a lot to get back to


…& you know what that means to someone who doesn’t know what that means?


…naturally his fatuousness’ legal wizards* had a snappy comeback (per The Guardian)

“This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election, now just months away,” the lawyers said on Saturday, also claiming the charges against the president were invalid as they did not concern a crime.

…which is quite literally laughable on a number of levels even as it will no doubt serve perfectly as grist to the mill that continues to grind out a counter-factual counter-narrative for those that like their cognitive dissonance in small chant-able phrases composed of what some might call “magical thinking”…or possibly “voodoo politics“?

…either way, as the folks at The Guardian go on to say

Impeachment is a political process, not a criminal one. Under the US constitution, the president can be removed if found guilty of whatever lawmakers consider to be “high crimes and misdemeanours”. Trump is charged with abusing his power and obstructing Congress.

…so the quote might be translated broadly as saying “This is a [transparently legitimate & entirely lawful] attempt to [continue the equally lawful & transparently legitimate process begun in the House to what by rights – & by law – ought to be its lawful & unpartisan conclusion in the Senate]”

…except of course that we all know the odds are – despite an abundance of evident malfeasance on the part of the alleged administration since before the marmalade moron took office – that the GOP contingent in the Senate will continue to pawn their spines in favour of toeing a party line so crooked not a one of them would pass a roadside sobriety test…all in service to getting a 4 year extension on their collective comeuppance

…which is presumably why they found it necessary to crowbar in some election-related whining…because it’s not fair to pin all the shit their guy has done out on the laundry line in an election year, folks – that’s not how the game is played…& they are lawyers after all…so that bit isn’t exactly surprising even if it is pretty much entirely specious

…what gets me is that crack about the 2016 result…I fucking wish this was about overturning the results of the 2016 election…can you even imagine…if convicting the dotard-ed one in the Senate resulted in literally resetting to the status quo prior to Obama leaving office & every act, order, directive, appointment or consequence of the reign of the toddler-in-chief were potentially to be expunged in its entirety there’d be a party fit to make Woodstock look like a retreat at a seminary camped around the Capitol 24/7 until they banged that gavel & pretty much the entire globe could join in to raise a toast to a phoenix of sanity born from the ashes of malignant dumbassery

…now normally I’d think that was hyperbole…but here’s the thing…if anything I’m undercooking it…unless of course you think it’s unreasonable to connect the kind of stuff that this talked about


…with kind of stuff this asshole shouldn’t have talked about


…you know – that last-minute decision to exercise the last-minute option they threw in to round out their list of things they actually expected him to choose between…apparently?

…because it seems weird that those people would have been surprised by that choice


…in fact, it seems like the way that went down & the way they seem inclined to say it went down are roughly as estranged as reality appears to be from the fever dreams of the Republican establishment


…meanwhile, elsewhere…for those quis custodet fans amongst you…ladies & gentlemen, I give you member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes


* [speaking of magic tricks, to give them their due there does seem to be one they successfully pulled thus far…well, one each I guess, strictly speaking

….d’ur Dersh’s wits managed to juggle (more or less in the same breath) that he votes Democrat, will vote Democrat, that an acquittal in the Senate would lead to circumstances he would find uncomfortable as individual, that he wanted the impeachment to fail & that his defense of Dolt45 somehow equated with a defense of the Constitution, that he would never let his “partisan views” impact his constitutional views or his take on what was best for its long-term survival…in short that in his supposedly objective, neutral constitutional opinion IN THE CURRENT CONTEXT taking a position as being anti-impeachment “on principle” is “politically neutral”…& he was not laughed off the air…nor did he implode in a critical mass of densely-packed inherent self-contradiction despite there being enough of the stuff to surely negate his very reality

…but that’s amateur hour compared to our Ken now, isn’t it?

…this is a man who famously wrote a 453 page homework assignment on the premise that the receipt of a single extramarital blow-job was more than ample grounds upon which to convene an impeachment trial of a sitting president & who spent a good deal of the thing pushing pretty hard & oh-so-publicly for the suggestion that he ought to be un-Presidented as a direct result of compounding that transgression by lying in order to facilitate his denial of wrongdoing

…now, without a trace of irony…or an angry thunderbolt from He of the “thou shalt not lie” commandment & used to be all about the smiting according to his PR team…that guy is looking to suggest that an impeachment of Donald “so what if I did?” Trump…who – if we just stick to the prurient stuff – definitely (if indirectly) paid a certain tempestuous temptress a considerable sum of money to ensure that she wouldn’t mention transgressions considerably beyond a mere blow-job which took place while the current first lady nursed his then-newborn child…& whose conduct in office is so overwhelmingly egregious that it may one day prove to be the greatest concerted assault upon the integrity of the Constitution & the institutions & instruments of the federal government ever to be weathered…& nobody seems inclined to ask him how he squared that circle…

…I’ve heard a lot about this newfangled thing they call white privilege…& the patriarchy has clearly been around for a fair old while…& I’m way too confused about how any of this shit can possibly be happening for real in your actual reality to be any kind of an expert or anything…but try imagining the idiots spouting this stuff weren’t white…or weren’t guys…?

…I mean, to me it’s crazy-ass bullshit all day long even when they’re all pale & male & shit but if you look at the seething online maw of bile-flecked invective that inundates women &/or people on the other side of that dynamic when they have the temerity to say things that are demonstrably true matters of objective fact…rather than self-serving verbal contortions that represent an assault of everything from language itself right on up through logic & ethics & morality & principle & abstract concepts like justice or progress or equity in the eyes of the law…it sure starts to seem like that’s the secret sauce?]

…so when all is said & done & all the votes are counted & tallied come november…hopefully there’ll be something to show for this sort of thing


…but if that seems too much like a pipe dream, just drift off blissfully imagining that this was one of the export options being offered in that post-Brexit UK/US trade deal?

MPs call for unlimited fines for those who breach electoral law

…& until then



  1. Bill Clinton’s press secretary from ‘98-‘00, Joe Lockhart, via Twitter:

    “One of my favorite moments of the last decade. A Baylor university trustee cold calls me to see if I’d help their President out- Ken Starr. I ask if he knows who I am. He says I hear you’re the best. I tell him. He pauses and says can we pretend this call didn’t happen“

  2. First time in two years I’ve gotten a cold. Spent most of yesterday evening in bed and coughing. Also contemplating the competency of my idiot carpetbagger mayor who had 4 days to prepare for yesterday’s snow storm and didn’t. Sure, bitch about the carbon tax and MeToo* but not do the fucking job he got elected to do? Okay buddy.

    *he was once leader of the Ontario Conservatives and presumptuous next Premier till he got blindsided by rape allegations. Instead of nursing his wounds, he jumped into a municipal mayor race with only his name, PR team and beat the incumbent (because she didn’t take him seriously.)

    This is the shit cherry on top of a pretty shit week. Someone’s sister died. The idiots at work fired my well respected (but not by management) supervisor. There’s some intense work drama on top of that.

  3. d’ur Dersh’s wits managed to juggle (more or less in the same breath) that he votes Democrat, will vote Democrat…

    I have a Republican friend (though he tries to deny being one) that tried to convince me that the Dershbag was a “never Trumper” and hardcore Liberal. I pointed out he constantly lies for Trump & makes up shit to cover for him. I just watched This Week & almost vomited hearing the new defense for the trial. This will be a shitshow of epic proportions!

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