Mayday, Mayday, Mayday [DOT 1/5/20]

'Mayday, mayday, we have lost control.'

Well, I had to take the keys away from Rip for the day after yesterday’s DOT. Maybe he needs to chill with some moonshine. Everything is totally fine. Nothing to see here.

Irregardless, it’s Friday!! I’ll see what I can round up for you, and while I love a good rant, I’ll try and keep it down.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warns US could ‘be in for a bad fall’ if coronavirus treatments don’t work

I do this for a living and I have no clue:

Dow futures fall more than 100 points after Wall Street wraps up best month in three decades

How is this OK?

Oh, ya.

Late night round up:

Late-night hosts discuss Trump’s inability to read coronavirus briefings and the US postal service’s financial emergency

I’m not crying, you’re crying:

Carolyn Hax: As one family abandons a gay teen, another family steps up

So dusty in here…

It me.

I’ll be fine, in the morning.

Have a great day!



  1. Armed white men (if they were POC, what would happen? hmmmm) who storm a state capitol calling the governor a bitch and a tyrant with signs that read, “tyrants get the rope” are “very good people” (dogwhistle translation: *pats backs*) who should be negotiated with.

    I’m internetted out already. Thank fuck it’s Friday!

  2. The thing is, the conservative line for anyone protesting pay and work conditions has always been “just find another job.” I’m with Cuomo; you want to work right now, find another job. Go mop the hallways in the hospitals and nursing homes where this thing is raging. You love veterans so fucking much? Go work in a veterans’ home, where the death toll has been horrific.

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