Meltdown May [DOT 1/5/21]

'Mayday, mayday, we have lost control.'

It’s May first, and you know what that means – Meltdown May! Spring fever is in full effect.

Up first, this teacher in New Jersey who lost his shit on his students. He mentions he daughter doesn’t speak to him. I wonder why?

Bet Trump is having a meltdown over this…

Biden cancels border wall projects Trump paid for with diverted military funds

I mean we knew this is what it was going to be…

Josh Duggar arrested, indicted on child pornography charges


Spurred by Thierry Henry, English soccer social media goes dark this weekend to combat racism

This made me laugh harder than it should have…

Who you got for Meltdown May?



  1. I am a rare Twitter lurker, and had to Google Meltdown May. Thank goodness for my friend @MegMegMcGee, keeping me pop culturally relevant! 

    • I’ve also never heard of it.

    • That’s ok. I’ve had to googe josh duggar a few times in the past couple days and still don’t know who he is.

      • I know who he is and wish that I did not. So there’s that. 

  2. Rats, did that sound snarky? I was being sincerely appreciative, @MegMegMcGee always is on point with what is going on.

    • well, that was an amusing read, thanks for linking to it, I went and bookmarked it.  (also, that sub-heading: “Because Future Generations Are Gonna Think We Made All This Shit Up” really says something)
      I’m wondering if that person maybe seen an advertisement for vegan beer or vegan wine?  I think it’s more common in wine, but at some stage towards the end of fermentation, sometimes a floculating agent is added to get all the yeast and… stuff? to settle out.  I think one of the commonly used ones is made out of fish swim bladders – isinglass?  so, it’s super minor, but I guess technically not all beer/wine is vegan.

  3. In the spirit of Meltdown May, old Florida retiree with dementia wanders around in a hotel whining to anyone who will listen about the election that was “stolen” from him. 
    Meanwhile, at Mar-a-Lago …

    • All Golf and No Work Make Trump A Loser

    • @Farscythe, thank you so much! I shared the photo with our family bubble today, all were impressed! 

      • O.o…i considered not sharing it coz with all the mud and grey skies and no getting close it was kind of a mediocre flower field
        but you know….the power of an elliecoo request compelled me

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