Melvin Gordon’s New Deal Makes the Texans’ Trade for David Johnson Even Worse

From the “sorry Texans fans, yes, it can be way worse for y’all” file comes news that former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon has signed with the Denver Broncos on a two year, $16 million deal with $13.5 million guaranteed. Details aren’t entirely known right now, but Gordon will make something in the realm of $8 million a year.

Like Johnson, Gordon has been hampered by injuries which slowed his production. Unlike Johnson, Gordon still managed to score 8 touchdowns rushing and 1 receiving touchdown, to go along with 612 rushing yards, after missing nearly half the season.

If the Texans (read: Bill O’Brien) had managed to hold onto their wad a little longer, they could’ve had a running back who is two years younger (which is like two decades in running back years) and is coming off a relatively productive season, and had him for cheaper, and kept DeAndre Hopkins around. Hell, if they wanted a broken down running back with basically zero shot at productivity, they could’ve gotten Todd Gurley for cheaper.

Instead, they traded a player who is in his prime away for a player who got replaced by a fuckin’ Miami Dolphin. Bill O’Brien is playing real life Madden like a YouTuber who’s trying to make Madden’s franchise mode more challenging, and all he did was make it harder for DeShaun Watson to drag his sorry ass to the playoffs every fucking year.

Here’s a fun fact; despite winning the AFC South almost every single year, since hiring O’Brien, the Texans are the only team in the division to not go to a championship game. The Colts, the Jags, and the Titans have all gone, and I just had to expend a tremendous amount of brain power to even remember the Titans are a thing.

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