Memorial Day [DOT 30/5/22]

A-Plus Treatment

I’ve done enough memorializing for the weekend, but I hope you get a moment of reflection before your BBQs today.

I’ll be back in the car today, leaving that mythical place called “Cleveland”.

Oh man I bet she was PISSED.
[PS: when you hang out in Ohio you get to overhear people talking about this like it’s the WORST thing in the world, along with Uvalde being an ’inside job’.]

Pelosi’s husband arrested for DUI

Yesterday I heard someone at a BBQ say they thought it was an inside job. I backed away Homer Simpson in the bushes style.

Bidens visit Uvalde, a city in mourning

Wanna see a deranged Twitter thread? Click on through.


Celtics set up NBA finals with Warriors after holding off Heat in Game 7

The Stonk Market is closed today.

Have a great day!



  1. I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi was pissed but her 82-year-old drunk-driving husband Paul certainly was (in the British sense of the term.)

    A couple of friends of mine are going golfing today, but luckily/unfortunately not in Australia:

  2. I made the mistake of checking my accounts this morning. Hoo boy. That Wall Street bloodbath is just as gruesome as advertised. Better go try to pick up a few hours at the Piggly-Wiggly, like Ann Miller did in one of my favorite parodies:

    • Also LOTS of folks too damn STUPID to remember the old adage “NEVER point a gun at *anything* (or anyONE) you don’t intend to obliterate…

      The fact that it took until tweets 8 and 13 in that thread before I saw *no guns* pointed TOWARD the folks in the pics (although YES, in a few, the folks were sitting/standing *above* the guns!🙃) was asinine & goddamned DANGEROUS🙄🤬😱

      This is sheer fetishism of guns. That’s IT, just goddamned fetishism.

      • …there’s a rhyme…well, a poem really…that begins

        If a sportsman true you’d be
        Listen carefully to me…

        Never, never let your gun
        Pointed be at anyone.
        That it may unloaded be
        Matters not the least to me.

        …it was written by this guy…& also includes a couple of other notes…like unloading a gun before climbing over something “For the greater safety’s sake”…”Never shoot where you can’t see”…&…being mainly about a particular kind of game “All the pheasants ever bred/Won’t repay for one man dead”

        …think it’s called “A father’s advice”…I don’t remember the rest of it off the top of my head…but both your comment & those pictures made me think of it…& I realized I think it’s lurked in my brain since I was a kid & sort of served as a rudimentary baseline for what “a responsible gun-owner” might mean?

        • @SplinterRip, I’ll freely admit that honestly, guns make me TWITCHY!!!


          I’ve simply known (and/or known of!!!) too damn many folks who’ve died from them–in civilian setting, no less🙃

          Ironically, more of the folks I’ve known of who were killed in recent wars? Killed by IED’s and roadside bombs…

          But I can immediately list 7 folks in less than a minute who either died by suicide (2), murder-suicide(1-the perpetrator), murder(3), or an accident while cleaning his gun(1)…. and those are the folks I can list *without* having to think…

          They were all either friends/ acquaintances of *mine,* or friends & family of folks I’ve known well.

          And all those deaths & murders happened *before* I was 38… which is getting ever-closer to a decade ago.

          That’s NOT the guys who’ve had accidents while hunting, additional folks who died of Domestic Violence in my hometown or the other places I’ve lived, folks “in the community” who’ve died from guns, or any of the multitude who’ve died via guns in/near the parts of the various cities & towns where I’ve lived… just the few I can call to mind without any thought.

          Imo, there are just TOO damn many guns around & easily available… to many unsecured, “stored” either loaded, or with ammo *immediately* nearby… too many folks leave their guns & bullets literally laying around (like the former-roommate’s baby brother who would frequently just “forget” and leave ammo in random places around the garage, when he lived with us(🥴), and I firmly believe we need universal background checks (make them FREE, for folks seeking things like transfers of guns within a family, but that you MUST go weather to a Police Department or Gun Shop to do so, etc.), and that we need to raise the age to own a gun to 21–25 for anything that *is* semiautomatic or which can be converted by the owner to semi- (or fully!) automatic.

          I also believe that any gun owner (or tbh, user) should be required to carry *at minimum* liability insurance… we have to have liability insurance as Teachers–even those of us in a teacher-traing program who are simply observing for a semester in the classroom *have to* be insured!!! As do Doctors (yes, I KNOW the issues re malpractice, but they NEED to carry insurance!), and plenty of other areas of our daily lives require it, too…

          It’d be a SIMPLE way to effectively “price out” folks who are irresponsible with their guns, and it’d likely stop a good deal of the fetish-buying/ hoarding of guns, if your liability insurance went up to astronomical levels, because you had a hoarders level of weaponry in your house.


          • …there are so many other things we don’t find it odd to have to, say, qualify for…or get a license for…or have insurance related to…honestly I simply can’t understand how or why anyone would think that devices whose primary function is to kill things would somehow be an exception to that

            …so all of what you’re saying there makes perfect sense to me…& I suspect very possibly to a majority of people even in the US though some of them might be loathe to admit it

            …& yet…here we are…again

            …hoping somehow this time things might go differently

  3. My reaction to the guns guns guns twitter feed.

    It’s more like consumerism meets poor impulse control meets paranoia. You have only have two hands to shoot. It somewhat reminds me of a male friend of mine who can’t/won’t stop buying shoes. The major difference is that I’m not scared of his addiction except if he throws his shoes at me GWB style.

  4. All those gun pics were NOT just shot by the gun owners, they were obviously shot by a professional photographer, looks like the same photographer.  I don’t know anything about that twitter site owner but am guessing the NRA paid all those people.  Also, I was shocked to see multiple ones from Hawaii.  You do NOT see open carry or people with guns in Hawaii.

  5. All the local grocery store bakery options for this weekend were definitely “ah fuck it, just start with the 4th of July decorations now on the cupcakes, etc” which was really unexpected.

    Like I was expecting patriotic colors, maybe plastic flag pieces for decor. Not “GO USA!” and “USA #1!!!” sorts of stuff. I guess they just figured that most people don’t understand why that sentiment isn’t Memorial Day per se.

  6. Okay, I have to ask. How would Uvalde be an inside job? Did one of the other children actually commit the murders and somehow pin it on the shooter? One of the teachers? Oh, I bet they’re saying that the teacher who propped the door open set the whole thing up with a psychotic accomplice who planned to die. That’s it, isn’t it?

    I’d Google but I can’t stomach the thought of that shit in my algorithm.

    • Probably some variation of illegal immigrant or transgender person set up by the left to shoot up a place so they could use the outrage to try to take away guns.

      Or paid by George Soros to be there. Which was something my parents and a lot of other people believed the initial protesters were during the Mike Brown protests in Ferguson, MO.

  7. I’m heading into my little town for the parade right now.  Also, to pick up some brisket at Blue Grass BBQ and some collard greens and maybe pintos at Silver & Salt, the new soul food restaurant in town.  They make those greens with the ham hocks and man they’re good.  I don’t care for their mac and cheese though because I think they put sugar in or something because it’s real sweet.  I usually love soul food mac and cheese, too.  This is the South after all.

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